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 July 12, 2022
Dear Colleagues -

As we make our way into the back end of the summer, we have a few items worth sharing in this brief update. Several funded projects have been announced in recent weeks, we've listed those below. There are a few noteworthy news items as well, including articles from Leigh Raymond (PoliSci) and Lori Hoagland (HortLA), and a faculty Fulbright award for Ivan Christov (ME). There are also three free webinars this week that may be of interest to our faculty.

As always, let us know if you have noteworthy pieces of news or upcoming events you'd like us to share!
Newly Awarded Projects 
Mechanisms of Methylmercury Induced Neuronal Toxicity
PI: Aaron Bowman (HHS)
Co-PI: Jyothi Thimmapuram (HHS) 

Sponsor: NIH

Incorporating Equity and Social Vulnerability into the Design of Flood Risk Mitigation Strategies
PI: David Johnson (IE, PoliSci)
Sponsor: National Academy of Sciences 

Indiana Watershed Leadership Academy 
PI: Jane Frankenberger (ABE)
Sponsor: National Aeronautics and Space Administration

Advancing Remote Sensing of the Biogeochemical State of Midwestern Inland Waters
PI: Keith Cherkauer (ABE)
Co-PI: George Zhou (CE, EEE), Cary Troy (CE), and Melba Crawford (Agry, CE, ECE)

Assessment of Harvest Timing, Yield and Quality of Peanut Using Sensor-based System, Field Test and Economic Appraisal 
PI: Suranjan Panigrahi (Engr Tech)
Sponsor: Fort Valley State University

Analyzing Indiana Acoustic Data to Inform Bat Conservation
PI: Patrick Zollner (FNR)
Co-PI: Scott Bergeson (FNR)
Sponsor: Indiana Department of Natural Resources
Webinars This Week 
Society for International Development Webinar: Ecological & Social Resilience

Wednesday, July 13
 | 9:00 AM (EDT) | Free

This free webinar from the Society for International Development is part of their "Responding to the Climate Crisis" series, and will feature a panel discussion of leaders and experts discussing resilience building among ecosystems and communities. Register here.
INSciTS Summer Panel: Team Science Learning in Theory and in Practice

Wednesday, July 13
 | 12:00 (EDT) | Free

This free "Lunch 'n' Learn" webinar from the International Network of the Science of Team Science will cover how scientists learn from each other while working together, including ideas on reciprocal learning in the context of interdisciplinary science and the communication and collaboration process supporting it. Register here.
Science on the Hill: Climate-Smart Agriculture

Friday, July 15 | 12:00-1:00 PM (EDT) | Free

The National Academies of Science, Engineering and Medicine is hosting their annual Science on the Hill event, which will bring together policy leaders and scientists for a panel discussion on the best available scientific evidence about approaches for reducing climate change through climate-smart agriculture. Register here.
Featured News
What Climate Policies do Americans want from their Legislatures?

Leigh Raymond (Poli Sci) had an article featured in The Washington Post last week discussing the U.S Supreme Court's ruling on EPA's power to regulate greenhouse gas emissions. Read the article here. 
Ivan Christov named Fulbright Award Recipient 

Congratulations to faculty affiliate Ivan Christov (ME), on receiving a Fulbright Scholar Award for his research project titled,
“Nonlocal Nonlinear Interfacial Waves.” More on his project here
Leaf Mold Compost Shows Benefits For Tomato Plants in Degraded Urban Soils 

Affiliate Lori Hoagland (HortLA)'s reasearch findings on how leaf mold compost can improve soil properties that influence the health and productivity of plants were recently featured in Seed Today. Read the article here.
Funding Opportunities
Limited Submission: US-Israel Binational Agricultural and Research Development (BARD) Fund 
 BARD supports mission-oriented cooperative agricultural research projects of mutual interest to the United States and Israel. Proposals are expected to deal with an agricultural issue or problem and yield tangible results that could be implemented within a reasonable time after completion of the project. Projects cover all phases of agricultural research and development. Priority areas are listed on opportunity webpage. 
Deadline: September 14 

NSF Paleo Perspectives on Present and Projected Climate (P4CLIMATE)  
The goal of the interdisciplinary P4CLIMATE solicitation is to utilize observational and modeling studies to provide paleo perspectives addressing the two research themes:1) Past Regional and Seasonal Climate; and 2) Past Climate Forcing, Sensitivity, and Feedbacks. OPP will accept proposals to this solicitation A) with and without fieldwork in the Arctic, and B) only without fieldwork in the Antarctic. Proposals that have fieldwork in Antarctica should be submitted to the annual solicitation for proposals that have fieldwork in Antarctica. 
Deadline: October 20 
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