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The Sentinel • April 29, 2020

Chair’s Corner

Danny Vukobratovich
Welcome to spring! We have had a lot going on since the start of the semester. As you all saw in Purdue Today, we have officially changed our name to the Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee (MaPSAC). In the coming months, you will see us work towards rebranding in our communications and website. We are still here to answer your questions, take them to the administration and be a support for you. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to email your MaPSAC member or even myself (

APSAC is becoming MaPSAC

In these trying times, the things we can really focus on are staying positive and improving our self-care, which will allow us to take care of those around us. In a crisis, we can still be the best version of ourselves. We should work towards improving ourselves in ways that allow to us to positively influence and help those around us. We can utilize this time to truly understand ourselves and learn who we are to better help those around us and our environments. Shannon Lee (Bruce Lee’s daughter) has a great Ted Talk on this titled “What Bruce Lee Can Teach Us About Fully Living.” One of these things is being true to ourselves.

“When I look around, I always learn something and that is to be always yourself, and to express yourself and have faith in yourself. Don't go out and find a successful personality and duplicate it, but rather start from the very root of your being, which is 'How can I be me?’” —Bruce Lee

I’d like us all to consider how we can be the truest forms of ourselves, especially in the times in which we are currently living. We can all make a positive impact. Consider how we can each do this in our lives and workplace.

As the warm weather rolls in, we all need to recharge our batteries. We can do this by getting away from your desk or table at lunch, taking a walk, reading a book, listening to music, doing some exercise or any number of things that may help you refill your cup. Find what best fits you and take care of yourself.

As always, I would like to encourage you to learn who the MaPSAC representative is for your area. You can see our current membership here. MaPSAC members are available to hear about the needs of staff members on campus. I encourage all staff to reach out to any MaPSAC representative with questions and concerns that they may have as well as compliments and ideas for improvement. MaPSAC wants to hear from you.

Danny Vukobratovich
Chair, Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee

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 Coronavirus-related news for Purdue staff

 Employee participation needed for talent sharing program

Purdue Together: Talent Sharing Program
As a result of Purdue’s migration to online learning, many departments are experiencing increased workloads. Others have an increased availability and a willingness to step up and serve.

To help bridge that gap, Human Resources has created a program to bolster departments in need and provide opportunities for employees with capacity to grow and advance the mission of the organization. The Purdue Together: Talent Sharing Program launched March 30, and more than 20 positions have been posted.

The Talent Acquisition team will manage the program, working with departments to match current critical needs with internal staff who have available talent to meet those needs. Employees should note that this program will be directed by supervisors; staff will not complete the forms. However, employees are encouraged to review the positions available under Talent Share Openings. If an employee feels they have capacity and can meet one of the available needs, the employee should reach out to their supervisor to submit their name.

“We want to encourage you that while we live in the midst of an ever-changing landscape, one constant remains: our commitment to supporting our valued employees,” said Brenda Coulson, director of talent acquisition in Human Resources. “Thank you in advance for your flexibility and working together to build a stronger community.” is now LinkedIn Learning

LinedIn Learning with content
One of the great perks of employment at Purdue University is unlimited access to professional and personal development tools from Using the friendly and simple interface, provides video-based lessons on hundreds of topics from Word and Excel training to photography and design.

Recently was acquired by LinkedIn, the professional social networking site. Part of this acquisition is the incorporation of into LinkedIn’s list of services. Under LinkedIn’s management is renamed “LinkedIn Learning” and continues to be available as a free resource for Purdue University employees.

For those who are familiar with most Purdue websites and interfaces, and may already be familiar with Lynda, LinkedIn, and the upgrade, accessing LinkedIn Learning is straightforward with the following basic instructions:
  1. Go to
  2. In the “Search” bar, type in “Lynda” and hit “Enter” or  press your keyboard's “Return” key. There should only be a single widget available and it will say “Professional Tutorials Lynda”.
  3. Click on “Start” and follow the on-screen prompts.
You may want to link your new LinkedIn Learning with your pre-existing LinkedIn account. This is an optional step, but makes it easier to share your training accomplishments via your LinkedIn profile page.

In an upcoming edition of MaPSAC’s newsletter, we will link to more detailed documentation with illustrations.
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