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May 2021 Newsletter

Just Because They Can Fog A Mirror, Should You Hire Them?
The other day I was talking to a neighbor who owns a number of businesses and she was complaining about the difficulty of hiring entry level employees, a common lament many of us hear (or perhaps say) every day.  She went on to say, “It’s gotten so bad that if someone applies and can fog a mirror, we’ll hire them; besides, if they don’t work out, we’ll just let them go”. 
Her comment of course is a common one; but it also begs the question, “Just because they can fog a mirror, should you hire them?” And, no, this article isn’t about ways to find applicants.
In their need to fill open positions, far too many companies fail to consider the high cost of hiring the wrong person.  After all, the cost of employee turnover doesn’t show up on a P&L statement thereby making it easy to overlook this issue when analyzing expenses.  (For a copy of our “Cost of a Hiring Mistake Worksheet” – click here).  When hiring entry level employees for any organization, it’s critical these individuals possess the right core values.
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