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October PCC Meeting
Thank you for joining us for the October meeting of the Purdue Communicators Council. You can download the meeting presentation by
 clicking on the button below or view the meeting recording here.
November PCC Meeting
Mark your calendar for the next Purdue Communicators Council meeting to be held virtually through Microsoft Teams.
Date: November 16
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m. 
Link: Microsoft Teams Meeting
Key Content
'This is Purdue' Podcast 
In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to the new Purdue University Police Department (PUPD) Chief Lesley Wiete. 
Listen as Chief Wiete discusses her transition from attending Purdue as an undergraduate student to working for the PUPD for the past 23 years and her experience as a female leader in a male-dominated field like law enforcement. 
Hear more about Chief Wiete’s goals and what it means to her to be a Boilermaker – and you don’t want to miss the story about how she met her husband, West Lafayette Police Department Lt. Stason Wiete. (It involves the beloved Purdue staple, Harry’s Chocolate Shop.) 
Plus, you’ll hear Chief’s full speech during her official swearing-in ceremony. This episode is full of appreciation for the Purdue community and encapsulates the spirit of Chief Wiete’s dedication to serving it. 
Check out the full episode on our website and follow us on Apple Podcasts to never miss an episode!
chief written
Communicators' Tip of the Week
New YouTube Channels: Purdue University News and Students of Purdue
Purdue University News: On this YouTube channel, hear from preeminent experts at Purdue University about the most recent scientific issues or relevant topics being studied and tested at Purdue.

Students of Purdue: Take a peek into the everyday life of Purdue students with the Boiler Ambassadors on this YouTube channel. Find out what to expect in a residence hall, learn the best places to study and eat on campus, get involved in the most memorable Boilermaker traditions and see what current students are saying about life at Purdue.

Please subscribe and share these channels with your teams!
Purdue news YouTube
Student Profile: Colten Lewis
Please share this new story featuring Purdue Polytechnic High School graduate and Purdue Polytechnic Institute sophomore Colten Lewis. From volunteering in student organizations like Boiler Gold Rush to collaborating in classes, Colten thrives on connecting with others and growing his leadership skills. He discovered his passion for organizational leadership at PPHS.
pphs - Colten Lewis
Experiential Learning Content Package
From internships to study abroad trips and co-op placements across the country, there are a variety of experiential learning opportunities that Purdue offers outside the traditional classroom. Three students  Nick, Pooja and Alexia  share their stories and why they think experience is the best teacher of all. Check out the Experiential Learning Content Package for resources that can be used to emphasize Purdue’s hands-on learning environment where students “learn by doing.”
experimental learning
Finding Fit Majors Content Package
With 200+ undergraduate majors offered at Purdue, students can find a concentration of study that best aligns with their interests. We’ve featured two students, Faith Spencer and Audrèe Nealy, who tell the stories of how they arrived at their chosen majors and the role Purdue played in the process. Check out the Finding Fit Majors Content Package for resources that can be used to highlight two unique paths to finding the perfect major.
finding the right major
Communicators' Tip of the Week
Storytelling Tip
Many of us use data in our stories, graphics and social posts. As college marketers, it makes perfect sense when attempting to connect with prospective students, alumni, donors and other important stakeholders. 
However, we are not the only organization presenting data for our target audiences to interpret. We must keep these audiences’ needs in mind when determining which statistics to present. What do they want to know about Purdue? Which statistic will linger in their memory long after they encounter this content item? How might this data influence them? 
Tailor what you present to maximize impact. As data analytics specialist Cindy Hosea wrote for Medium: “Relevance is key. To make the audience care about our data, we need to make them feel related to the story.” 
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