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March PCC Meeting
Mark your calendar for the next Purdue Communicators Council meeting. You can attend this meeting in person at the Convergence Innovation Room or virtually on Microsoft Teams. 
Date: March 26
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.  
Meeting Link: Microsoft Teams Meeting
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Key content
Cummins CEO Jennifer Rumsey on Her Boilermaker Journey and Leading a 105-Year-Old Company Toward a Greener Future 
In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to Jennifer Rumsey, Chair and CEO of Cummins Inc.
Jennifer discusses her experience as a Purdue mechanical engineering student and how that led her to four internships with Cummins during her Boilermaker journey. Her story is unique because not many people can say they interned for a company and later served in the most senior role — CEO — of that same company. 
Hear her share the importance of leading a 105-year-old company into the future and the long-lasting legacy she hopes to leave at Cummins. This includes Cummins’ Destination Zero strategy to go further, faster to reduce the greenhouse gas and air quality impacts of its products. 
You’ll also hear her biggest lessons and advice for fellow women in STEM and why she believes inclusivity and representation are necessary for shaping our society for the better. Plus, Jennifer shares what it means to see her own two daughters follow in her footsteps and pursue degrees in mechanical engineering at Purdue. 
Don’t miss Jennifer’s incredible story of how she climbed the ladder from intern to CEO and the role Purdue has played in her life. 
Jennifer R.
Communicators' Tip of the Week
Book Your Next Flight with the Purdue University Airport
Save time and transportation costs by flying locally. The Purdue University Airport is your local connection to the world, offering 24 weekly round-trip flights from West Lafayette to Chicago and over 240 connecting destinations. Tickets are available now for flights beginning May 15.
Commercial Flight
Day in the Life as a Student at Purdue University in Indianapolis
Find out how a Purdue computer science and mathematics student in Indianapolis spends the day at Purdue University in Indianapolis in this YouTube short. Learn more about Nikhil Anand Dhoka on The Persistent Pursuit.
Visit Campus Content Package Now Available
One of the most important influences in an admitted student’s decision to choose Purdue is their campus visit. To generate students’ sense of enthusiasm around scheduling their visit, we’ve made multiple assets available for all campus entities to use to encourage their admitted students to visit. View the content package
Visit Campus
Brandon Spaulding | Editor
Brandon’s love for stories started in elementary school, when he created his first book for a class assignment. His excitement for that project evolved into making his own short stories, neighborhood newsletters and sports publications at home in his free time. What he didn’t know as a kid was that his passion for storytelling and print media would drive him to his career as an editor for Purdue. 

In his first full-time editing role, Brandon is excited to join the Purdue community to ensure Boilermaker stories are told at their best. He looks forward to collaborating with writers to present a clear and effective message to readers.  

When he’s not editing, you can find him reading, hiking, playing ultimate frisbee or perfecting his home cooking. 
Instagram Experiments With More Frames Within Carousel Posts 
Instagram is experimenting with broader carousel posts, with some users now able to add up to 15 images to their IG carousel uploads, an increase from the current limit of 10 posts within a carousel

While expanding carousel length could get overwhelming, an additional five frames feels relatively safe and should provide extra space as needed. It could also facilitate more context on product announcements and listings. Be wary of sharing too much in a single update, but the additional slots could be helpful in certain circumstances.
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