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    September 2018

Understanding and Improving Your Credit Score

Your credit score has a huge impact on some of the biggest aspects of your adult life. You’ll likely need a decent score if you want to rent, lease or finance a car, open a credit card account, and of course, buy a home. Even potential employers can check your credit to screen applicants who may be a theft or fraud risk to their company.
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Decisions Regarding College Funding

Don’t let the high cost of a college education prevent you from developing an effective strategy to deal with those costs.  Before you can determine how much to save for your children’s college educations, there are several decisions to make.
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A Portfolio Tune-Up

Over time, the weighting of the asset classes in your portfolio can change. After spending a great deal of time to develop an asset allocation strategy, it can be frustrating to see these changes.  However, a simple rebalancing of your portfolio may be all that is needed to get it back in line.
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Time — Friend or Foe?

Here’s when time is your foe: when you have only a couple of years left to work and don’t have enough accumulated to retire. And here’s when time is on your side: you start saving in your twenties, save every month, and keep saving until you retire. That’s when you’re putting the power of compounding to work for you.
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Credit Issues as You Age

While obtaining credit can be just as important for older individuals as it is for younger ones, older individuals often have unique credit issues.  For instance, waiting until after retirement to apply for a loan can result in the loan being rejected because your income is much lower.    
[FULL ARTICLE...Credit Issues as You Age]


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