Petite Bordeaux Wine Tasting...
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Kahn's Khronicle
Sale Prices Valid May 2 - May 8, 2018
Upcoming Events
Special Tasting - Taxman Brewing 4 - 6:00 PM 
Taxman Brewing Company will be here pouring their new Cache Flow Blackberry. From their Reserve Series, this Sour Blonde Ale with Blackberries is sure not one to miss. Hidden away in the barrel cache of the Taxman Reserve cellar, our barrel-fermented golden blonde ale lies in wait, collecting fruit as it comes into season. A combination of bacteria, wild yeast and time produced a bright, dry and tart ale ripe for blending. Overflowing with blackberry aromas and tart fruit notes, this crimson sour ale is one to store away or enjoy today.
Weekly Wine Tasting Noon - 3PM
Our weekly wine tasting features wines hand picked by our staff. This week we're featuring petite Bordeaux. Some great wines at great prices = the perfect time to stock up..
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