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“Knowledge is power.” ~ Francis Bacon

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Experience is a wonderful thing. It enables you to recognize a mistake when you make it again.
Knowledge is power. . . and experience is a wonderful thing. What a wonderful way to introduce the main topic of this month's newsletter - Why Use Assessments? How many of us have had the perfect candidate interview and then discovered we hired the employee from hell? And then, despite having believed we'd learn from that mistake, we did it again! If that has happened to you, then you just might find the two topics in this newsletter helpful. 
Why Use Assessments?  

I’m often asked, “Why use assessments?” The answer is simple, when you have the right people fully engaged in doing the right things, everything gets better.  

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Reasons Not to Use Four Quadrant Social Style Assessments for Pre-Employment

Four Quadrant Social Style Assessments (aka DISC type assessments) should never be used for pre-employment (hiring) purposes for the following reasons - they:
  1. Are not validated (meant) for pre-employment purposes,
  2. Are not (reliable) predictive of a person's future behavior,
  3. Are fake-able, and
  4. Present an incomplete picture of a candidate.
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Are you serious about hiring and developing the right candidates?   If so, we’d like to help you.   

For those who call or email, we’ll schedule you to take a complimentary the PXT Select™.  Once you’ve completed the assessment, we’ll then arrange a mutually convenient day/time to meet and review your results with you.

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