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  December 2017

Should You Save or Pay Down Debt?

Debt can be dangerous to your financial health. Thus, is it better to save or pay down your debt first? The answer depends on a lot of things that are unique to each individual, such as your age, how much you’ve already saved, what rate of interest you’re paying, and more. A review of the basics of financial planning is a good way to approach the subject. Here we outline how you should use income not dedicated to day-to-day expenses, in order of priority.
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Challenges to Your Retirement

We all know saving for retirement is becoming more and more challenging. Longer life expectancies, fewer traditional pensions, and lower investment portfolios are the most obvious challenges. But there are other threats to your retirement.
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Don't Touch Your 401(k) Funds

If you leave your employer, be careful about what you do with your 401(k) funds. Your worst option is to take a distribution, pay taxes and a penalty on it, and then spend the money on something other than retirement. By doing so, you use retirement funds and forego any further tax-deferred growth on those assets.
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Encourage Your Child to Fund an IRA

Once your child starts working, help him/her develop good savings habits by encouraging him/her to fund an individual retirement account (IRA). Even if your child only contributes for a few years, an IRA can provide significant funds for retirement.
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Consider a Bond Tent

The good news is you finally saved enough to retire and now have a large portfolio. The bad news? If the market takes a serious downturn, the impact on your portfolio could be a disaster. The money you thought you would have to live on for the rest of your life could end up falling short.
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