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April Newsletter | Outdoor Living

It's Time To Relax Outside

Is your outdoor living space ready for summer? Plan ahead to get the most enjoyment from your home this year—from creative cooking and dining spaces, entertaining guests poolside or on the deck, and listening to music in the yard while you garden.

Outdoor living is here to stay

Enjoy clear, crisp audio while you move around the yard and sit by the fire at night.

Escape with more than just sound
Weather-proof TVs provide the ultimate viewing experience. Imagine immersing yourself and your guests in a ballgame or music concert in the fresh air...
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In case you missed the "Fresh Juice" newsletter article:
We're Finally Back Outside Again
New Ways to Enjoy Your Outdoor Spaces

Contrary to what some reports indicated recently, the sun rose again this morning. Even better now is that it rose earlier than yesterday, and you know what that means… Summer’s coming! We’ll be blessed with longer days, and more time outside in the yard, on the deck, and around the pool.

Fortunately, that outdoor time can include all the favorite media you love, and you won’t need to jack in some of those infernal earbuds to do it. Besides, music and sports are meant to be enjoyed with family and friends, together. Although people now text (or Snap, depending on their age), instead of talking, yanking those silly-looking dongles from their ears, and throwing on some music everyone can enjoy together really livens things up.

As for sports, gathering outside to enjoy today’s freshly grilled offering while the team’s trying to grind out a win is one of the best ways to cap off a summertime day. Fortunately, summer encompasses plenty of sports watching opportunity: NBA playoffs, Baseball, and the football build up. Let’s get it on!

Like puppies and small children, outdoor media doesn’t stand still. There are some innovative ways to bring your favorite media into outdoor spaces, whether that’s a deck, yard, or outdoor living space (speaking of growing trends).

One thing about the outdoors, it’s wide open. While that’s a big plus for roping and ranching, it can make your music sound, well, a little thin. That’s because inside a room, the low frequencies (bass) are contained, outside they escape.
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