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  January 2018

Pump Up Your Retirement Savings

Don’t just give up on your retirement goals if you find you’ve entered middle age with little to no retirement savings. Sure, it may be harder to reach your retirement goals than if you had started in your 20s or 30s, but here are some strategies to consider…
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Should You Consider Incentive Trusts?

You’re looking for an effective way to get your heirs to do what you think is best for them, for the family, and for the world. Is an incentive trust the right vehicle to accomplish that?
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Assessing Your Risk Tolerance

While investors want the highest returns possible, they compensate you for the risks you take — higher risks are generally rewarded with higher returns. Thus, you need to assess how much risk you are willing to take to obtain potentially higher returns. However, this can be a difficult task.
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Tips for Your Asset Allocation

Unfortunately, there is no one asset allocation plan that is suitable for all investors. You need to evaluate your risk tolerance, time horizon for investing, and return needs to determine how you should allocate your portfolio among the various investment categories.
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Keep Track of Your Retirement Plans

Most of us change jobs at least twice before retiring, leaving a trail of retirement nest eggs behind us. Now that defined-contribution plans are much more prevalent than defined-benefit plans, we have more responsibility for financing our retirement. So it’s important to manage our retirement accounts actively. But how can you do that if your accounts aren’t even located in one place?
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