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Triskaidekaphobia, also known as the fear of the number 13, comes to us from a long standing belief that 13 is an unlucky number. The exact root of this belief is unclear; while some theories hypothesize that 13 is unlucky due to the number of attendees at the Last Supper, others rely on the fact that 13 is a mathematically irrational number, whereas 12 is considered the number of perfection. Fear of the number 13 has become pervasive enough in our society as to cause a measurable impact in the economy, as well as design decisions (many buildings do not have a 13th floor, there is frequently no row "13" in airplanes). 

How does a belief with no factual basis invade our culture? As with many of these matters, it could be a lack of information. As scientists and engineers, we have a responsibility to measure, analyze, and represent the data, which ultimate evolves the world around us, factually. We further have a responsibility to communicate that information accurately, using the only common language we have, data. 

As a reminder, please join us for our Data Science in the Life Sciences Forum, next Friday, April 20th in Burton Morgan. The full agenda can be found here
Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery

Continuing with our mission to enhance drug discovery capabilities at Purdue, the Institute has purchased an arrayed whole human genome CRISPR library.  This lenti-viral screening library is located in the high-throughput/high-content chemical genomics screening facility and allows for the systematic knock-out of over 18,000 different genes.  If your lab is interested in screening this library or would like more information, please contact the HTS facility director, Lan Chen   

Reminder that PIDD's 2nd HTS facility RFA can be downloaded here.  Applications for this $15,000 facility credit are due by Friday, April 27th.

Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease
cells confocal image

Dear members and friends,

I invite you to attend a special seminar that we are co-hosting with the Department of Biological Sciences, by Dr. Nathaniel Landau  on Wednesday, April 25th at 1:30 PM in CRTN 1011.  Dr. Landau is a Professor in the Department of Microbiology at NYU Langone Health.  His work focuses on HIV replication and AIDS and I know this will be an exciting talk, as outlined in the abstract below.  I hope to see you there!

Sincerely, Richard Kuhn

"Restriction of HIV by SAMHD1:Starving the Beast"  
Lentiviruses like HIV need to evade intrinsic host restrictions that prevent their replication. The collection of restriction factors produced in cells constitutes the innate immune response to viruses. Lentiviruses encode accessory proteins that serve to counteract specific restriction factors. SAMHD1 is one such restriction factor that restricts lentivirus replication in myeloid cells and resting T cells. Lentiviruses such as SIV encode the accessory protein Vpx which induces the degradation of SAMHD1. The talk will discuss the mechanisms by which SAMHD1 restricts lentivirus replication and the mechanism by which Vpx counteracts SAMHD1. The studies have led to a new approach to the development of a therapeutic vaccine against HIV.

Recent News:
  • Arun Bhunia - Researchers find alternate path for Listeria to sicken people 
  • Qing Deng - Neutrophil-specific knockout demonstrates a role for mitochondria in regulating neutrophil mobility in zebrafish
  • Zhongmin Liu - NIH MR-link $228,325 to advance development of its magnetic resonance-compatible bio-recording system
  • Faculty Promotions: Congratulations to our faculty on their recent promotions: Kimberly Buhman – promoted to full professor, Matthew Lynall – promoted to clinical professor, Yoon Yeo – promoted to full professor, Ximena Bernal – promoted to associate professor, Mingji Dai – promoted to associate professor, Libai Huang – promoted to associate professor, Hsing-Yi Weng – promoted to associate professor, GuangJun Zhang – promoted to associate  professor, Mohamed Seleem – promote to full professor
Upcoming events: 
  • The Purdue Lecture Hall Series continues to draw much attention from the local community.  We invite you all, and your high school student friends in particular, to attend our final talk for this season on April 19th in MTHW 210.  We are excited to host Captain Kristi McElmurry from the United Air Force who is pursuing her doctorate in Dr. Daniel Suter’s lab in neurobiology.  Cpt. McElmurry, will be providing at TED-like talk about her life experiences and motivation to pursue research.

Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience

Greetings! This week we continued the Spring Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Seminar Series with Dr. Edward L. Bartlett, Associate Professor,  Biology and Biomedical Engineering. Please join us on April 18th for our next installment. On April 12th Dr. Daniel Polley from the Harvard Medical School presented on "Pathologically over-powered neural amplifiers: the neural circuit origins of disordered perception" as part of the PIIN sponsored Special Lectures in Neuroscience Series.  We encourage the rest of the community to attend the upcoming public presentations on April 19th and May 3rd.  This weekend PIIN will participate in the Spring Fest event by hosting two activities "Chicken Embryology" and "Mind-controlled model car".  Thank you to all the volunteers who will help us this weekend.

Recent News:

To view all the recent news please visit the news section of our website. 

Upcoming events:

Purdue University Center for Cancer Research
cancer cells

The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) was established by the National Cancer Institute as a basic science cancer center in 1978. As such, the PCCR’s mission focuses on basic discovery - discovery that is the foundation through which the PCCR fosters innovative cancer solutions. Your membership and contributions are key to fighting cancer! Please find updates below; you can always reference information on our website

Recent News:
  • The IU Simon Cancer Center is now accepting abstracts for posters to be presented at Cancer Research Day, which will be a two-day event for the first time in 2018. Visit Cancer Research Day for all of the details and to complete the online abstract submission form. The deadline to submit the form is 5 p.m. Friday, April 13. 
Upcoming Events: Up next in Cancer Center Seminar Series

    April 19 - Dr. Zhongbing You, M.D., Ph.D., Associate Professor and Vice Chair for Research, Department of Structural & Cellular Biology, Tulane University School of Medicine, will be giving a talk titled "IL-17-MMP7-EMT Axis as Potential Druggable Target in the Prevention and Treatment of Prostate Cancer" at 11:30 AM in the Drug Discovery Conference Room. 

    April 25
     -  Dr. David Levens, M.D., Ph.D., Senior Investigator, Laboratory of Pathology Head, Gene Regulation Section NIH National Cancer Institute, Center for Cancer Research, will be giving a talk titled "The role of DNA structure and topology in gene expression, at MYC and across the genome" at 11:30 AM in the DRUG Lobby Conference Room. 

Link to calendars for Seminar, Internal and External Funding Opportunities and Events
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

The Regenstrief Center will host the REMEDI 2018 Infusion Pump Collaborative Annual Conference from April 18-20 in the Big Ten Conference Center in Rosemont, Illinois.  The conference brings together pharmacists, nurses, researchers, vendors and others working to improve patient safety and quality through the development and exchange of infusion pump medication administration knowledge and best practices.   Further information can be obtained from Rich Zink, the conference chair. 

Please Hold the Date:  Dr. Padma Raghavan, Vice Provost for Research and Professor of Computer Science and Computer Engineering at Vanderbilt University will give the RCHE Distinguished Seminar from 9:30-10:30 a.m. on April 24th in Lawson B151.  Her seminar is “Rethinking Performance and Resiliency for Massively Parallel Processing of Large Sparse Data Sets.”

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