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November Newsletter | Get Ready for the Holidays

Get Your Home Ready for the Holidays
The connected world in which we live—especially our dependence on the internet for fast, uninterrupted service—requires forethought and planning; especially before family and guests arrive for the holidays. 


Avoid the embarrassment of treating your guests to spinning circles instead of smooth streaming movies, sports, and videos.  Nothing is more frustrating or awkward than a connection that doesn’t perform. 

Also, have you considered an alternative to allowing your guests to log-in to your personal network? 
You know anyone who enters your home will expect the password so they can access the wi-fi. Be prepared: contact the professionals at Buday’s. We will make sure your network is performing at its optimum level and is ready to handle the influx of users this holiday season. 

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Check Out Some of Our Latest Projects
Custom-home builders and contractors know how important planning is, which is why they rely on Buday's Home Electronics Simplified when it comes to pre-wiring homes. This photo shows how our professional technicians expertly placed speaker locations throughout the home prior to the drywall installation. 
Custom-home builders and contractors rely on Buday's for their expertise, quality, and reliability. This photo shows how our professional technicians install wireless access points prior to the installation of drywall.
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In case you missed the "Fresh Juice" newsletter article:
Without lifting a finger, you’ll never leave lights on or shades open again. You drive away, and when you get a set distance from your home, your home goes to “away” mode. Your security alarm sets, lights turn off, and shades drop, even if you rushed out to the kids’ soccer practice and forgot. You don’t even have to press a button or say anything. Pretty 21st century, huh?

Really, it is. A new technology called “geofencing” takes care of it all for you. It lets your home control system know when you’ve gone a set distance from your home and take whatever action you want. Left the coffee on again? Not anymore; it’s off, too. It works in reverse too. When you’re arriving home the lights come on, your favorite music plays and welcomes you home.

Heading to the vacation cabin this weekend? Perfect, your lights will be on and hot tub warm and ready when you arrive. It’s perfect for a nice relaxing soak to erase the pressures of a long week. It’s limited only by your imagination. We can help you too, by sharing some of the ways we’ve helped others simplify their lives.

Here are some other cool ways to bring your home into the 21st century.
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