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May Newsletter | Smart Home Automation

Live Smarter

You’ve seen the ads of people controlling the security cameras, lighting, and climate systems in their homes by using their phones or laptops. What isn’t shown is their frustration when the different apps and devices don’t work as promised or expected.

Enjoy the tranquility and ease-of-use of one seamless app that controls shades, lighting, and music throughout your home. 

Automate your Home

Your home doesn’t have to be new to be smart. The reliable, easy-to-use technology Buday’s installs in existing homes is designed to fit your lifestyle. That’s smart. 
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Join Us For The
2018 Grand Rapids Spring Parade of Homes
May 25 - June 9
We are extremely excited to be featured in one of the Whitmore Custom Homes this year for the Spring Parade of Homes. We're featuring easy-to-use, state-of-the-art, smart home technology that provides one-app control for:
  • Door locks and entry cameras
  • Window shades and lighting
  • Music and sound systems
  • TVs-Garage door openers, and more. 
Visit us at the Grand Rapids Parade of Homes and experience today’s technology first hand!

House #7
4050 Legands Woods Lane, Grand Rapids, MI 49525

In case you missed the "Fresh Juice" newsletter article:

Into Every Life, a Little Rain Must Fall

As temps finally start to rise and we leave winter behind (finally!), there are two storms brewing that can put a stick in your power. The first may bring rain drops and maybe a bolt from the sky. The second, well, we are creatures of comfort; as the heat rises (finally) so does AC use in homes and businesses. All that AC use is a massive power grid drain, and can cause issues for your electronics, even if your own AC is working fine.

Death of an $8,000 Toilet

With everything from your cell phone to refrigerator being microprocessor controlled, there is massive potential for one of these power events to affect you. Even construction in nearby buildings can cause problems if the utility or contractor makes a mistake. We just heard a story of a utility getting things crossed up at a job site and frying a neighbor’s $8,000 computerized toilet! Now that’s a calamity!

Unfortunately, the damage wasn’t contained to the the master bathroom. Several of the homeowner’s expensive electronic components were damaged as well. Perhaps their biggest problem was that the home theater was unavailable to babysit the kids during an upcoming fundraising event. 

Planning For The Best
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