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   May 2018

How to Save More: Step by Step

For many of us, saving money is very difficult. The truth is that most people don’t keep careful track of how much they spend and so don’t do enough to find ways to save. If that describes you, here’s an eight-step program to help you find more savings in your household income.
[FULL ARTICLE...How to Save More: Step by Step]

Keeping Score of Your Financial Progress

Keeping score is important in finances. You only know if you’re making progress toward your goals if you’ve created a plan that tells you where you need to be and when.
[FULL ARTICLE...Keeping Score of Your Financial Progress]

7 Ways to Pay Less for College

With the cost of college steadily rising, students and their parents are looking for ways to ease the financial burden. Fortunately, there are ways to reduce college expenses for your child, even if a free-ride scholarship isn’t a possibility.
[FULL ARTICLE...7 Ways to Pay Less for College]

A Budget for Your College Student

Many students will first handle money without parental supervision during college. To help keep expenses down and avoid conflicts, you might want to develop a budget to guide your child’s spending.
[FULL ARTICLE...A Budget for Your College Student]

The Fundamental Investing Principle

The whole point of an investment program is to accumulate sufficient funds to meet your financial goals. So what is the most fundamental investment principle — selecting the proper investments, accumulating the correct combination of assets, or timing the market to avoid corrections?  
[FULL ARTICLE...The Fundamental Investing Principle]


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