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“He who has so little knowledge of human nature as to seek happiness by changing anything but his own disposition will waste his life in fruitless efforts.”  - Samuel Johnson (1709 – 1784)

The focus of this newsletter is a continuation of the focus of our last newsletter - Leadership.

I recently came across Lincoln on Leadership: Effective Strategies for Tough Times by Donald T. Phillips and found it to be a fascinating read. So, you might ask, what can we learn about leadership from Abraham Lincoln, the 16th president of our country? Well, as it turns out, quite a bit.
Lincoln on Leadership: Effective Strategies for Tough Times   

Only ten days before Abraham Lincoln took the oath of office in 1861, the Confederate States of America seceded from the Union, taking Federal agencies, forts, and arsenals within their territory. To make matters worse, Lincoln, who was elected by a minority of the popular vote, was viewed by his own advisors as nothing more than a gawky, second-rate country lawyer with no leadership experience.  What Lincoln did to become our most honored and revered president is history - but how he can help you to run your organization is not.

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“To See Ourselves as Others See Us”  

Two hundred years ago, when poet Robert Burns penned the words about seeing ourselves through the eyes of others in his famous poem (To a Louse, 1786), he could not have known that they would apply so fittingly today. Today's economy might be very different if only the leaders running some of our most respected organizations were willing to view themselves through the lenses others use.  

As leaders in our organization we must deal with an uncertain national and global economy and now is a good time for us to reassess our priorities and goals. Instead of looking in the mirror and reflecting on whether the hair is combed or the jacket fits well, a wise leader will look beyond the outer image, go beneath the surface. He or she will evaluate and look inside their true self.    

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So, are you serious about becoming an effective leader as well as helping your organization hire, promote, and develop leaders?  If so, we’d like to help you.   

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