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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” ~ John Quincy Adams, 6th President of the United States

This newsletter, like the last two, focuses on the topic of leadership. As you may recall, last month our lead article was about Donald T. Phillips’ book, Lincoln on Leadership: Effective Strategies for Tough Times. In our review of the book, we shared with you many of Lincoln’s writings and quotations from each chapter of the book. This month we’ll share many of his leadership principles.
Lincoln on Leadership   

In the author’s words, “Why are there so few leaders in today’s business community? The answer seems to be that most managers don’t understand or know enough about the nuts and bolts of skilled leadership. It’s a difficult subject to master because there are no specifics that can be taught. And it is even more arduous to implement because doing so often involves trial and failure, pain and discomfort.” Further, “Leadership is an elusive concept that, at times, can be vague and ambiguous. As a result, there are no set rules or formulas for leaders to follow.  There are only guidelines and concepts, perceptions and ideas, abstractions and generalities. This is why the art of leading people is so difficult to master and teach and why there is such a need for roles models.”

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Ever Had an Unpleasant Meeting with a Key Employee?   

You know the kind, you walked away from that encounter and couldn’t fathom why your planned “Give-and-Take” conversation turned into “Tug-of-War”.  

So, you went back to your office and took out your employee manual and looked under troubleshooting for “Failure to Communicate”.  Oh wait, the human resources department is still working on that part of the employee manual.   

All right, that's a fantasy. No instructions exist for this problem because people are not machines. They’re a complex recipe of nature and nurture, past experience, current needs and desires, and a number of other foreign ingredients that a manager might not even recognize. To complicate matters more, you as the manager need to know how the two of you are alike and how you differ in ways small or large from the other employees you supervise. 

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So, I’ll ask the question again … are you serious about becoming an effective leader as well as helping your organization hire, promote, and develop leaders?  If so, we’d like to help you.    

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