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 September 15, 2022
Dear Colleagues -

As the semester rolls on, so do we! In case you missed it, we sent out a special edition of our newsletter last week which took a closer look at various aspects of the new Institute. And don't forget, we're looking forward to celebrating our official launch with you on September 21 at 4:30 PM in DLR 131.

Our Biodiversity research community hosted their first callout meeting on September 13 - thanks to all who attended! Three more of our Research Communities and Special Initiatives are hosting callout meetings in the next several weeks, with still more to come. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Congratulations to affiliates Shweta Singh (ABE/EEE) and Carol Song (RCAC) on their $3 million NSF grant, as well as several members of our PFAS team - Marisol Sepulveda (FNR), Jason Hoverman (FNR), and Linda Lee (AGRY & EEE) - on their publication being named one of ET&C's top 10 exceptional papers of 2021.

This week, we're also featuring a section containing useful information for faculty who wish to learn more about undergraduate research opportunities and engagement here at Purdue.

Remember to let us know if you have any work, events, or opportunities you would like us to feature.
Upcoming Events
Institute for a Sustainable Future Launch Party  

September 21 | 4:30 - 6:00 PM | DLR 131

Join us on Wednesday September 21 to celebrate the launch of Purdue's new Institute for a Sustainable Future (ISF). Food and beverages will be provided, and both EVPRP Theresa Mayer and ISF Director Matthew Huber will give brief remarks.

Please RSVP here.
 A calendar invite for the event will be sent to those who rsvp.

We hope to see you there!
ISF Research Community and Special Initiative Callout Meetings

Sustainable Communities
September 28 | 4:00 - 5:00 PM | BRNG 1222 

The sustainable communities research community is holding a callout/initial organizational meeting on Wednesday September 28. Activities and recruitment for the upcoming year will be discussed, and all interested faculty are welcome to attend. For more information, please email co-leads Leigh Raymond or Dan Kelly.

Environmental Stressors
September 30 | 12:00 - 1:30 PM | MANN 203  

The environmental stressors research community is holding an organizational meeting on Friday September 30. Activities include logistics and group needs discussion for the upcoming year, and new member Priyanka Baloni (HealthSci) will give an overview of her work in computational toxicology. Interested faculty are welcome to attend and lunch will be provided. For more information, please email co-leads Jennifer Freeman  or Jonathan Shannahan.

Imagining a Sustainable Future
October 19 | 4:30 - 5:30 PM | WALC 1121  

The Imagining a Sustainable Future special initiative will be holding a callout meeting for interested faculty on October 19, 4:30 PM in WALC 1121. Anyone interested is welcome to attend. Please email special initiative leader Bob Marzec for more information.
Developing Proposals: Problem Statements & Organization

October 17 | 12:00 - 2:00 PM | Whistler 116

This hands-on training session is for faculty and postdocs wishing to increase their effectiveness in developing grant proposals with interdisciplinary teams. Topics covered during this workshop will include aligning ideas to calls, developing effective interdisciplinary teams, structuring proposals, and tips and tricks for writing. Lunch will be provided, please rsvp here to attend

Other Upcoming Events
EEE Topics in Renewable Energy Seminar

September 20 | 10:30 AM

As part of the EEE 6900 seminar series featuring presenters from the National Renewable Energy Lab, join the virtual event and learn more about the rapid deployment of renewable energy technology as well as more information on NREL’s Lifecycle Analysis Integration into Opensource Numerical models (LiAISON) framework. To learn more and receive the link for this seminar, contact nlrobins@purdue.edu
Women's Health Research Symposium

October 31 | 11:30 AM | Stewart Center

Does your research connect environmental factors to women’s health? If so, consider submitting your lab’s research poster to the Women’s Health Research Symposium, taking place 10/31. Then stay for keynote speech by Joshua Rosenthal, Fogerty International Center senior scientist who will be discussing NIH’s recent initiative on Climate Change and Human Health (also available virtually). More information available here.
Newly Awarded Projects 
Incorporating Community Impacts and Equity into the Evaluation, Design and Prioritization of Structural Retrofits to Mitigate Natural Hazards  
PI: David Johnson (Poli Sci/Industrial)  

Sponsor: NSF 

Addressing Tetrachloroethylene Exposure in an Impacted Community    
PI: Sa Liu (HS) and Brandon Boor (CE)  

Sponsor: NIH 
Featured News 
Shweta Singh and Team Receive $3 Million Grant to Explore Zero-waste Sustainable Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

Congratulations to faculty affiliate 
Shweta Singh (ABE & EEE) and her research team - including affiliate Carol Song (RCAC) - on receiving a $3 million dollar NSF grant to explore zero-waste sustainability pharmaceutical manufacturing. Read the article here.
PFAS Publication Named Among Exceptional Papers of 2021

Congratulations to faculty affiliates Marisol Sepulveda (FNR), Jason Hoverman (FNR), and Linda Lee (AGRY & EEE) on their PFAS publication being named one of Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (ET&C)'s editors Top 10 exceptional papers of 2021! Read the article here.

First Annual Midwest Climate Workshop

We were pleased to host a poster session for the 1st annual Midwest Climate Workshop. The Workshop brought together climate researchers from universities around the Midwest on the Purdue campus. We would like to thank Dan Cziczo (EAPS) for leading the organization of the Workshop. 

Useful Info for Engaging with Undergraduate Research  
OUR Scholarships
The majority of colleges are still seeking research positions to fill OUR scholarships that are available. If you have a 2022-23 position, you can submit it through OURConnect by September 19.  

Identifying and Funding Undergraduate Research Projects: The Basics
In this online event, representatives from the Office of Undergraduate Research, the John Martinson Honors College and the DP Undergraduate Research Internship program, among others, will provide information and answer questions on ways faculty can develop projects and identify/find funding for having undergraduates conduct research with them/their lab. October 4 | 12:00 PM | Zoom

Fall Undergraduate Research Expo
OUR is hosting an in-person and virtual posters and research talks. This annual event is Purdue's celebration of undergraduate research with presentations from all disciplines. Please consider sharing this information with an interested undergrad. Abstracts due: October 17 at noon.

DURI Program Seeking Spring Semester Faculty Proposals 
Proposals are now being accepted from faculty for Discovery Park District's Undergraduate Research Internship (DURI) DURI supports faculty-led teams of undergraduates to investigate problems in the strategic areas of global security, global health and global sustainability. Faculty project proposals for the Spring 2023 semester should focus on these thematic areas. Interested faculty can submit abstracts for individual projects at the DURI website, using their Purdue career account credentials to log on. The deadline for proposal submissions is Oct. 7Undergraduate students may then apply for one project from Oct. 19 to Nov. 2. Faculty project supervisors will review all eligible student applications before making final selections. The deadline for selecting students will be Nov. 22. 
Funding Opportunities & Workshops
USDA-Forest Service Biological Control of Invasive Forest Pests
The Forest Health Protection (FHP) Biological Control of Invasive Forest Pests Program is a national funding opportunity focused on the development and transfer of technologies aimed at increasing the use and efficacy of biological control for the management of invasive forest pests. Program must contribute to fulfilling the Forest Health Protection (FHP) mission. Deadline: October 14 

Simons Foundation Early Career Investigator in Aquatic Microbial Ecology and Evolution Awards 
The purpose of these awards is to help launch the careers of outstanding investigators in the fields of microbial ecology and evolution in marine or natural freshwater systems, who will advance our understanding through experiments, modeling or theory. Eligible applicants are tenure-track faculty who have carried out research for at least one year but no more than five years (start date between November 2017 and November 21). Deadline: November 4 – LOI; February 17 – Full proposal 

NASEM Gulf Research Program Understanding the Effects of Climate Change on Environmental Hazards in Overburdened and Underserved Communities 
This funding opportunity seeks to advance the understanding of climate hazard (e.g. extreme heat, sea level rise, flooding and extreme weather events) effects on communities that are overburdened by environmental hazards (e.g., heat-related stress, air and water contaminants). Deadline: November 11

EVPRP Workshop: Write Winning Grants 
This workshop will take place on Tuesday, October 25 from 8:30AM to 5:00PM, in Stewart Center, room 302. Dr. John Robertson of Grant Writers' Seminars & Workshops will provide intensive grant writing training interspersed with specific details by agency. Register here.

Corteva Agriscience Pulse Crops for Agricultural Diversity, Intensification & Sustainability
Scientists are invited to submit proposals describing new pulse crops or innovative pulse cropping systems. The pulse could be included in any cropping system type (e.g. a proposal for a double, relay, intercropping, or annual rotational system).  For this challenge we are working with Wazoku Crowd (InnoCentive).  Awards will be made up to $15,000. Deadline: October 3

Forecasted: USDA-Forest Service Special Technology Development Program
The Special Technology Development Program is administered at the national level and funds are provided by the USDA Forest Service Forest Health Protection, Forest Service Research, the Eastern Environmental Threat Assessment Center, and the Western Environmental Threat Assessment Center. Projects submitted to this Program must contribute to fulfilling the Forest Service (FS) Forest Health Protection (FHP) mission: To protect and improve the health of America’s rural, wildland, and urban forests - i.e. must address forest insects, forest pathogens and diseases, and invasive plants.
New Faculty Feature Series  
ISF Faculty Fun Fact Friday   

Our next "Faculty Fun Fact Friday" features Adel El-Shahat (PPT), who has been at Purdue for just over a year now and very much enjoys Einstein quotes. His research focuses on the optimization of energy systems. Welcome, Adel! Follow us on Twitter for ISF updates and features like this one.

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