Which one is best for your home?

March Newsletter | Private Theaters vs. Media Rooms

What is Best for Your Home, a Private Theater
or a Media Room? Let’s Compare! 

A private theater is a dedicated room specifically designed to deliver the ultimate experience—superbly better than what a public cinema or stadium can offer. It is a customized space that delivers subtle audio nuances and stunning, lifelike video. Considerations include:
  • Isolation from outside noise
  • Lighting that can be controlled   
  • Acoustics
  • Seating
  • Sightlines
A private theater transports you and your family into the movie, concert, and program without any distractions (e.g., someone obstructing your view, faulty sound equipment, people talking and walking around, uncomfortable seats, water flowing through pipes or a loud HVAC system). A private theater requires the expertise of a professional and experienced team: a theater designer, architect, interior designer, contractor, audio/video specialist, and YOU. When completed, your private theater becomes a special place where movies, concerts (better than front row seats), and sporting events become memorable experiences. 
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In case you missed the "Fresh Pressed Juice" newsletter article:
My Stuff Stopped Working...It's A Brave, New World
“Hey, my stuff stopped working!”  

We are in a new era in the way things work together…. or sometimes don’t! Your mobile apps talk to your music system, car, thermostats, and even your refrigerator these days.

Nearly everything that uses power has an operating system now, not just your computer. WiFi is pervasive and connects to seemingly everything. While that’s brought unbridled convenience and opportunity, into every life a little rain must fall. 

Control systems manufacturers, software platforms, App developers, and the like must work within this app-enabled ecosystem. All these entities design their creations to work together based on the rules in place at development time; except that sometimes, they don’t.  

Apple, Microsoft, Amazon, and Google want to create a better user experience for the gazillions of folks walking around with their OSs and voice controls. They take no responsibility for any mischief that may arise from said changes, however.  

You know how often platforms change, and each time is an opportunity for some level of disaster. When was the last time your phone updated and created a problem or two? 

It’s the same with your home automation system manufacturers, remote control company, or music app. We’re all just an update from catastrophe… in a first-world-problem sense, of course. When the status quo is maintained, we’re all fine. 
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