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  April 2018

Investing Before and During Retirement

There are two phases in the life cycle of a retirement portfolio: the time when you’re contributing to it and the time when you’re using it to cover your living expenses. During each phase, the basic challenge is deciding how to invest your nest egg, and there are three common approaches…
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Should You Stay or Should You Go?

Does your retirement plan involve long days of golf in sunny Arizona? Perhaps you’re dreaming of a beachside condo in Florida. Or maybe you want to explore life in a foreign country. The options are endless and overwhelming.
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How to Measure Your Investments' Performance

Your work has just begun once you have invested your money. You now need to monitor the performance of your investments to assess the progress you are making toward your goals.
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Part-Time Retirement

People are starting to redefine retirement from a time of total leisure to a time for more leisure while work still occupies part of their time. Some continue working out of financial necessity. Others work to keep busy or because they enjoy working. If you’re retired and considering going back to work, answer these questions…
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Distributing Personal Possessions

Organizing and planning an estate is not a simple process. After deciding who should receive major assets like your house, business, investments, and retirement accounts, you may need to use a variety of vehicles to distribute those assets, such as wills, gifts, and trusts. Dealing with major assets may be so time-consuming that you don’t even think about your personal possessions, leaving distribution decisions up to your heirs. But disputes over personal possessions are more apt to cause conflict among heirs than disputes over money. 
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