Purdue Agriculture InFocus

May 2023, Part 1


This issue of Purdue Agriculture InFocus is devoted entirely to celebrating our award winners in the College of Agriculture throughout the 2022-2023 academic year.

This issue features select national, international, university, and college awards. 
The second issue, which you’ll see soon, will contain awards from our units and departments. 

Congratulations to our award and recognition recipients at all levels, and thanks to all of those who supported our winners in the classroom, put together award nominations, or were involved in the recognition process in some way. We work hard to make sure everything is included in these issues, but if we missed any award winners, please let us know!

Thanks very much for all you do to make Purdue Agriculture great. Have a great summer!

Fellows and Select National/International Awards

Layi Adeola Olayiwola Adeola, Animal Sciences: 2023 Fellow Award for Research, American Society of Animal Science
Christian Butzke
Christian Butzke, Food Science: 2022 North Central Region Excellence in Extension Award, Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
Tom Creswell
Tom Creswell, Botany & Plant Pathology: 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award, National Plant Diagnostic Network
Thomas Hertel
Thomas Hertel, Agricultural Economics: Scientific Advisory Board, UN Food and Agricultural Organization
Jianxin Ma
Jianxin Ma, Agronomy: Mid-Career Achievement Award in Soybean Genetics and Genomics, Soy2022 Conference
Zoltan Machaty
Zoltan Machaty, Animal Sciences: U.S. Fulbright Scholar
Haley Oliver
Haley Oliver, Food Science: 2022 Regional USDA Excellence in College and University Teaching in Food and Agricultural Sciences Award, Association of Public and Land Grant Universities
Aaron Patton
Aaron Patton, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: 2022 Fellow Award, Crop Science Society of America
Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran, Biochemistry: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Sciences
Holly Wang
Holly Wang, Agricultural Economics: 2023 Agricultural and Applied Economics Association Fellow
Ashley York
Ashley York, Animal Sciences: NACADA Certificate of Merit, Outstanding Advising Award - Primary Advising Role, 
Graduate Students
Sujata Bogati
Sujata Bogati, Agronomy: 2022 Rockey Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellow
Cade Kane Cade Kane, Botany & Plant Pathology: Fulbright Fellowship at the University of Tasmania
Ruth Martinez
Ruth Eunice Centeno Martinez, Animal Sciences: 2022 Rockey Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellow
Rose Mumbi
Rose Mumbi, Agronomy: 2022 Rockey Foundation for Food & Agriculture Research (FFAR) Fellow
Undergraduate Students
Avery Hurst Avery Hurst, Biochemistry: Fulbright Scholarship to conduct academic research at the University of Crete
Noelle Naughton
Noelle Naughton, Biochemistry: 2023 Goldwater Scholar

University Awards and Recognitions

Jay Akridge
Jay Akridge
, Agricultural Economics: Trustees Chair Professor of Teaching and Learning

Dieudonné Baributsa Dieudonné Baributsa, Entomology:  2023 University Faculty Engagement Fellow Award
Laura Bowling Laura Bowling, Agronomy and Natural Resources & Environmental Science: Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Amanda Deering
Amanda Deering
, Food Science: 2022 Butler Center Faculty Leadership in Action Award

Paul Ebner Paul Ebner, Animal Sciences: 2023 University Faculty Engagement Scholar Award

Gebisa Ejeta
Gebisa Ejeta, Agronomy: Presidential Fellow for Food Security and Sustainable Global Development
Jessica Gurevitch
Jessica Gurevitch, Forestry & Natural Resources: Distinguished Professor
Bruce Hamaker Bruce Hamaker, Food Science: 2022 Morrill Award
Linda Lee
Linda Lee, Agronomy: Distinguished Professor
Andrew Mesecar
Andrew Mesecar, Biochemistry: Distinguished Professor
Aaron Thompson Aaron Thompson, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Experiential Education Champion
Lavanya Reddivari Lavanya Reddivari, Food Science: 2023 University Faculty Scholar
Joshua Widhalm Joshua Widhalm, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: 2023 University Faculty Scholar
Jennifer Wisecaver Jennifer Wisecaver, Biochemistry: 2023 University Faculty Scholar
Cankui Zhang Cankui Zhang, Agronomy, 2023 University Faculty Scholar
Gary Burniske
Gary Burniske, International Programs in Agriculture: 2023 Outstanding Leadership in Globalization Award
Jeff Fields
Jeff Fields, Animal Sciences: MaPSAC Excellence Award
Alyssa Powers
Alyssa Powers, Office of Academic Programs: PACADA Outstanding New Professional Award 
Undergraduate Students
Courtney Rodkey
Courtney Rodkey, Agricultural Economics: Spring Commencement Student Responder
Olivia Wyrick
Olivia Wyrick, Natural Resources & Environmental Science: Cordova Leadership in Action Award

College of Agriculture Awards and Recognitions

Kolapo Ajuwon
Kolapo Ajuwon, Animal Sciences: 2022 Agricultural Research Award
Shalamar Armstrong
Shalamar Armstrong, Agronomy: Certificate of Distinction, Purdue Ag Alumni Association
Laura Bowling Laura Bowling, Agronomy and Natural Resources & Environmental Science: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award
Natalie Carroll Natalie Carroll, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: PUCESA Career Award
Natalia Dudareva
Natalia Dudareva, Biochemistry: Outstanding Graduate Mentor/Teacher Award
Shawn Ehlers
Shawn Ehlers, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Outstanding Teacher Award for Clinical Faculty & Continuing Lecturers
Liz Flaherty
Elizabeth Flaherty, Forestry & Natural Resources: John T. Taylor Excellence in Teaching Innovation
Ken Foster Ken Foster, Agricultural Economics: Student Choice Spotlight Educator Award
Krystal Hans
Krystal Hans, Entomology: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award
Bill Johnson
Bill Johnson, Botany & Plant Pathology: Corinne Alexander Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award
Zhao Ma
Zhao Ma, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2023 Unsung Diversity Hero - Faculty
Haley Oliver
Haley Oliver, Food Science: 2023 Agricultural Research Award
Douglas Richmond
Douglas Richmond, Entomology PUCESA Excellence in Extension Mid-Career Award
Darcy Telenko
Darcy Telenko, Botany & Plant Pathology: Eric G. Sharvelle Distinguished Extension Specialist Award
Mitch Tuinstra
Mitch Tuinstra, Agronomy: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award and the Lowell S. Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture
Faculty Promotions
To Professor
Joe V. Balagtas, Agricultural Economics
Dieudonne Baributsa, Entomology
Elizabeth A. Flaherty, Forestry & Natural Resources  
Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi, Botany and Plant Pathology
Elizabeth L. Karcher, Animal Sciences
Yuan H. Kim, Animal Sciences
Kee-Hong Kim, Food Science
Todd H. Kuethe, Agricultural Economics
Kathryn S. Orvis, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Katherine Martin Rainey, Agronomy
Michael R. Saunders, Forestry & Natural Resources  

To Clinical Professor
Bruce J. Erickson, Agronomy
Corey K. Gerber, Agronomy    

To Associate Professor
Jacquelyn P. Boerman, Animal Sciences
Laramy S. Enders, Entomology
Yaohua Feng, Food Science
Timothy Johnson, Animal Sciences
Ying Li, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Scott McAdam, Botany & Plant Pathology
Aaron D. Smith, Entomology
Darcy Telenko, Botany & Plant Pathology
Mohit Verma, Agricultural & Biological Engineering

To Research Associate Professor
Paris D. Collingsworth,
Forestry & Natural Resources  
Staff Awards
John Baugh John Baugh, Dean's Office: Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence
Liz Byers-Doten
Elizabeth Byers-Doten, Office of Academic Programs: Student Choice Outstanding Club/Organization Advisor
James Krotz James Krotz, Animal Sciences: Student Choice Outstanding Servant Leadership Award
Julie Pluimer Julie Pluimer, Forestry & Natural Resources: Outstanding Service to Students Award
Purdue Extension Diversity Liaison Team Diversity Liaison Team, Extension: 2023 Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Staff Team

Members: Caroline Everidge, Veronica Bullock, Allison Keen, Elia Worland
College of Agriculture TEAM Award
Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team

Heather Caldwell, Extension
Linda Curley, Extension
Ed Farris Extension
Kelly Heckaman, Extension
Nicholas Held, Extension
Michael Langemeier, Agricultural Economics
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics
Jenna Nees, Extension
Jeff Pell, Extension
Krista Pullen, Extension
Denise Shroeder, Extension
Courtney Schmidt, Extension
Kyle Weaver, Extension
Renee Wiatt, Agricultural Economics
Graduate Students
Anna Bushong Anna Bushong, Forestry & Natural Resources: Pathmaker Award (MS)
Denise Caldwell Denise Caldwell, Botany & Plant Pathology: Graduate Student Mentoring Award
Ana Morales Ona Ana Morales Ona, Agronomy: Pathmaker Award (PhD)
Elizabeth Ragland Elizabeth Ragland, Animal Sciences: Excellence in Teaching Award
Diana Ramirez Gutierrez Diana Ramirez Gutierrez, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: 2023 Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Student
Undergraduate Students
Alexa Stern Outstanding Senior: Alexa Stern, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Joshua Bailey Outstanding Transfer Student: Joshua Bailey, Agricultural Economics
Jenna Boha Outstanding Junior: Jenna Boha, Animal Sciences
Erica Long Outstanding Sophomore: Erica Long, Animal Sciences
Nicholas Neuman Outstanding Freshman: Nicholas Neuman, Agricultural Economics