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June 2022 Newsletter

What is Job Fit and Why is it Important?
There is no greater tragedy in business than hiring competent individuals for jobs in which they’re destined to fail.  When this happens, the cost to both the organization and individual is huge.  When that person leaves or is fired, not only does the organization lose a competent individual, but there is also the cost of turnover to consider.  For the individual it’s been a waste of their potential and hit to their self-esteem.
What is Job Fit?
Job Fit is the concept of identifying the core competencies (characteristics) which are required for an individual to do the job in question.
How does job fit work?
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Mending The Engagement Gap
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Driving Organizational Success Through Employee Engagement
Although employee engagement remains one of the most vexing problems facing organizations today, companies around the US are finding success in boosting engagement using a variety of strategies. Yours could be one of them. In his work on employee engagement, world-renowned HR analyst Josh Bersin lays out five basic conditions employees need met to engage with their work fully.

In this eBook, we examine those five factors, how PXT Select™ helps companies meet them, and what other organizations are doing to engage their employees and beat the odds right now.

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