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We are not quite half way through the 16 days that comprise any given Olympic Games, and there have already been numerous nail biting experiences. The Games provide an opportunity for a myriad of experiences; athletes who have trained their whole lives towards the single pursuit of perfection; coaches, families, and friends rooting for the home team; new events (long-track speed skating anyone?); and countries both exhibiting their unique abilities and joining in the commonality of the competition. As the world comes together again for two weeks in the name of sport, we celebrate those pushing the limits. 

Week in and out, our Life Science Institutes exhibit their own unique prowess in a collective race to the top.  During the week of March 19th, we will do it together. Each day will showcase some of the different strengths of our life science community.   Keep an eye out for the full lineup of events.  Go Team Science!       

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Purdue Institute for Drug Discovery

In response to the suggestion of additional training opportunities in preclinical testing raised during the Institute for Drug Discovery’s Town Hall last semester, we have invited Bryan Norman (Independent Consultant, Retired Eli Lilly and Company) to give a special seminar on preclinical safety assessment and mitigation strategies on Monday, March 5 at 11:00 a.m. in the DRUG Lobby Conference Room. Additionally, to continue the expansion of drug discovery capabilities at Purdue, the high-throughput/high-content chemical genomics screening facility is exploring the purchase of a Hamamatsu FDSS Functional Drug Screening System.  This system will bring a new capability to campus by allowing the measurement of fast kinetic cell properties using "flash" fluorescence or luminescence.  This type of instrument has been used for studying the kinetics of and identifying modulators of GPCRs and ion channel drug targets.  This instrument will be demonstrated on February 21 and 22 in the HTS facility (DRUG B047). If your lab is interested in this system or would like to run samples during the demonstration, please contact Lan Chen for more details. 

  • The Center for Comparative Translational Research offers several ways to support and assist in research.  Visit them at CTR for more information.

Purdue Institute of Inflammation, Immunology and Infectious Disease
cells confocal image

Dear PI4D community and colleagues, we want to make you and your postdoctoral research associates aware of an excellent funding opportunity called the Indiana CTSI Postdoc Challenge that can be found here. The opportunity is designed to allow postdocs to apply for $5,000 to use Indiana CTSI-Designated Core Facilities and also participate as reviewers in an NIH-style review session.  Applicants can be reviewers too and I urge you to take advantage of doing both because the experience is invaluable. 

Wishing you much success,

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Upcoming events: 
  • PI4D Seminar - Ronald Hann Jr., Director, Chemical and Biological Technologies Dept. at Defense Threat Reduction Agency, will provide a seminar on Feb 21st entitled “Doing Business with the Defense Threat Reduction Agency (DTRA)”.
  • PI4D Distinguished Lecture –  On April 4, 2018 Dr. Eckard Wimmer from Stony Brook University will be visiting campus to present a seminar and meet with faculty.  More information will be coming. 

Purdue Institute for Integrative Neuroscience

Greetings! This week we continued the Spring Brain and Spinal Cord Injury Seminar Series with Dr. Daniel Suter, Professor of Biological Sciences. Please join us on February 28th for our next installment. This semester PIIN is also sponsoring the Special Lectures in Neuroscience, please be sure to attend Professor Philip X. Joris from the University of Leuven, Belgium public presentation on February 22th in MRGN 121. Dr. Joris will be presenting on “In-vivo electrophysiological and neuroanatomical approaches to studying rapid temporal processing for sound localization and spatial hearing in mammalian brainstem neural circuits”.  Finally, registration is now open for the Greater Indiana SfN Annual Meeting hosted at Purdue on March 23, 2018—please register asap here ! Abstract deadline is February 16th.  

Friendly reminder: please contact to contribute research highlights for our website.

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Purdue University Center for Cancer Research
cancer cells

The Purdue University Center for Cancer Research (PCCR) was established by the National Cancer Institute as a basic science cancer center in 1978. As such, the PCCR’s mission focuses on basic discovery - discovery that is the foundation through which the PCCR fosters innovative cancer solutions. Your membership and contributions are key to fighting cancer! Please find updates below; you can always reference information on our website

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Recent News:
  • Congratulations Michele Forman, member of the Purdue Center for Cancer Research, on being named Distinguished Professor of Nutrition Science.  Read about her and others here
Upcoming Events:
Up next in Cancer Center Seminar Series

  • February 22 - Dr. Leifu Chang, PhD, will be giving a talk titled “Cryo-EM as a mainstream technique for structure determination of macromolecular complexes” at 11:30 AM in the Drug Discovery Conference Room.
  • March 1 -  Dr. Andrew Mugler, PhD, will be giving a talk titled "A physics perspective on cancer cell migration and metastasis" at 11:30 AM in the DRUG Lobby Conference Room. 
  • Walther Oncology Physical Sciences & Engineering Research Embedding Program Request for Embedding Project Proposals Tier One Due Dates -  March 26, 2018
The following Cancer Center internal funding opportunities were released February 1; visit our internal funding page for more information: 
  • Jim and Diann Robbers Cancer Research Grant for New Investigators, $30,000
  • Summer Undergraduate Research Program, $3,000 with $1,000 PI match
  • SIRG Graduate Research Assistantships, 1-year award
  • Miles Graduate Scholarship Award, $1,200
  • Phase I concept Award (Cycle 3), $15,000
  • Shared Resource Projects (Cycle 3), Varies
  • Phase II Mature Awards (Cycle 2), $40,000
  • Challenge Research Award, $50,000
Link to calendars for Seminar, Internal and External Funding Opportunities and Events
Regenstrief Center for Healthcare Engineering

The Regenstrief Center will host a workshop in support of Purdue’s Data Science Initiative on February 27 from 2:30-3:30 pm.  The workshop will be held in MJIS 2001.  The purpose will be to discuss funding opportunities in data science in health and to obtain faculty input on this topic in order to develop an RFA that will be released in March.  The workshop is open to all faculty.  For additional information, please contact Regenstrief Center director, Paul Griffin, at

Recent News:
  • The Regenstrief Center received renewal funding from the Regenstrief Foundation for the period 2019-2024 in support of the Center’s activities.  We are excited at the opportunities this funding presents for us, and will provide further details in a future newsletter.
  • William W. George Chair and Advance Professor Pinar Keskinocak from the Stewart School of Industrial & Systems Engineering at Georgia Tech will be giving a seminar on February 28 from 2:30-2:30pm in STEW 206.  Further information may be found at

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