Do you get a spinning circle when you sit down to watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime?

November Newsletter | Networking

Sluggish Internet Service

When you open your favorite app or sit down to watch a show on Netflix, Hulu, or Amazon Prime do you get a spinning circle instead? UGH!‚Äč

This breakdown in the connection is caused by an overworked network; which usually happens when everyone is home, streaming on their own devices. And it is only exacerbated if your children have friends over who are also connected to your Wi-Fi.

There is no getting around it: you need a dependable and well-functioning Internet connection. Your phones, tablets, gaming devices, TVs, cameras, garage-door openers, security system, smart locks—all require Internet access. And, the reality is your Internet Service Provider can only deliver a fixed amount of bandwidth to your home. 

Good News: There is a Solution!
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Be Sure Your Holidays are Full of Cheer
Before friends and family arrive, make sure your home is ready for entertaining.

Do you need music throughout the house or a security camera so you can see who is at the door and when packages are delivered?

Call Buday’s and discover how easy it is to upgrade your home’s technology. The automation and entertainment systems we install are high-quality, easy to use, and can be accessed via your smart phone and computer—even when you are not home!

Treat yourself this holiday season! Call 269-492-1008 or 
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In case you missed the "Fresh Pressed Juice" newsletter article:
Bigger, Badder, Better
Size matters; just ask your…. cruise ship company. Bigger is just more fun.  It’s the same for image sizes in your home theater. Larger pictures just have more of, well everything, really. We tend to think of the “big stuff” when it comes to why we’d rather experience our movies and sports on a large screen: more impact, greater excitement. Sometimes though, it’s the small stuff that really makes the difference. Say what?

It’s often the subtlety of an actor’s performance that draws you in and creates a veil of believability that makes cinema such a compelling art form. The emotion created there is difficult if not impossible to convey on the postage stamp of a 55” or even 65” TV, especially at the viewing distances typically employed. Sure, they make 85s now, but that’s better for your man cave/sports bar than your theater. We’ll get to why in a minute. 

To really experience all a performance offers requires those aforementioned subtleties be on full display and conveyed effectively to you, the viewer. Part of that equation is flat lost when watching on a mere mid-sized screen, and that’s a shame. Actors pour heart and soul into their performances, and one needs an adequate vessel to convey it.
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