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Early Education Newsletter
January 2018
The CASY office will be closed
Monday, January 15th
in observance of Martin Luther King Jr. Day

The United Way of the Wabash Valley has awarded a total of $8,915.47 through its latest cycle of open grants supporting early childhood literacy projects. Success By 6, an area of focus for the United Way, mobilizes community resources to ensure that young children are provided with nurturing learning environments during the critical development years of birth to 6.

The 2018 Early Childhood Literacy grant recipients include:
Becky Malone - CRADLES of Clay County - Brazil
Michelle Sullivan - Davis Park Elementary Pre-K - Terre Haute
Kim Guy- Hamilton Center Early Headstart - Terre Haute
Mavis Russell - ISU Early Childhood Education Toddler Center - Terre Haute
Tiffany Cherry - ISU Early Childhood Education Preschool - Terre Haute
Sara Flak - Kid Logic Daycare and Preschool - Terre Haute
Christina McKeehan - Sprouts Childcare - West Terre Haute
Carrie Molinder - Tender Moments Preschool and Play House & Preschool -Terre Haute
Cynthia Walls - Valley Child Development Center - Clinton
Michelle Cassagne - West Vigo Elementary Pre-K - West Terre Haute

The application process will open again in the fall of 2018.
If you have any questions, please contact Mark Johnson, Community Impact Director, United Way of the Wabash Valley at 812.235.6287 or by e-mail at mjohnson@uwwv.org.

CDA Renewal Amnesty Program
Deadline Extended 

Exciting news is coming to everyone from the National CDA Council!
The CDA Renewal Amnesty Program deadline has now been extended to March 30, 2018. For additional information on this, feel free to visit www.cdacouncil.org. For individuals hoping to get their CDA for the first time, the council has raised the fee to $500 for mailing applications in. For people who submit their CDA application online, they will only pay $425. Remember, there is the TEACH Scholarship that will help pay 80% if you qualify based on income.
To sign up for the CDA newsletter please email newsletter@cdacouncil.org.

Don't miss the next webinar in this great series!

Safe Sleep Corner

Remember to always keep infants safe when sleeping.  Any device attached to a pacifier, cords or wub-a-nubs, must be removed when a child is put down to sleep.  These devices put infants at risk of choking or suffocating.  Bibs must also be removed as they pose a choking hazard as well.  Another choking hazard are Amber necklaces.  These necklaces can not be worn in child care settings according to licensing regulations.  

If you have any questions or need assistance, contact Jill at ext. 34.

How Caregivers Can Boost Young Brains

Ordinary back-and-forth interactions between a caregiver and child, called "serve and return", can shape  brain architecture in powerful ways, creating a strong foundation for future learning. Here are five simple ways for parents, caregivers, and early educators to practice these interactions.


Empowering Students to Curb Bullying

In 100 years, we may not be remembered by the subject matter we taught, but those generations of young people will remember whether they felt like they belonged, whether they felt safe and included, and whether all aspects of their identity could be shown in school and elsewhere. We can stop bullying once and for all by creating a compassionate cadre of allies among our students.
For tips on bullying prevention, read more here.
When A Child Says "No" with Dr. Dan Siegel

When a child says "no", what is their brain doing?

Did you know that there are 2 basic states our brain could be in? And I’m not talking about Montana or New Jersey! 
One state is “fight or flight”; the other is “open, connected, and resilient”. 

Watch this webinar with Dr. Daniel Siegel about these 2 different brain states.

The Gift of Wonder

Wonder makes life such a magical experience. Extinction, on the other hand, drains the magic from our everyday lives. Wonder takes us to the core of our existence; it enriches our souls. Extinction leaves a sense of emptiness and impoverishes our spirits.
But wonder and extinction are more than words or concepts to be played with in our minds. They’re serious realities that shape our experience of being alive.  Read more about the importance of wonder here.
Wonder is the beginning of wisdom
 - Socrates