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May 2024, Part 2

This issue of Purdue Agriculture InFocus is devoted to celebrating the 2023-2024 award winners within our college's departments and units. 

Congratulations to all!  

Agricultural and Biological Engineering

Dennis Buckmaster: Exceptional Event Award, Purdue Learning Communities
Shawn Ehlers:
Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
William Field: Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Award, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Nadia Gkritza: Fellow, American Society of Civil Engineers
Klein Ileleji: Finalist, NBA Foundation Pitch Competition
Caitlin Proctor: International Water Association Microbial Ecology and Water Engineering Early Career Award
Undergraduate Students 
Mia Wilhite: ABE Outstanding Freshman
Tyler Kilmer: ABE Outstanding Sophomore
Sarina Lee: ABE Outstanding Junior
Noah Berning: ABE/CoA Outstanding Senior

Agricultural Economics
Kwamena Quagrainie: Fulbright Specialist, United States Department of State
Meilin Ma, Carson Reeling, Megan Hughes, Shalamar Armstrong (Agronomy), Richard Roth (Agronomy): 2023 Outstanding Journal Paper Award, European Review of Agricultural Economics

Tracy Buck: Agricultural Economics Department's Outstanding Service Award
Kim Mullen
Agricultural Economics Department's Outstanding Service Award

Graduate Students

William Wells, Jenisis Moreland and Ariana Lazo (Agronomy): 2nd place, Business PItch Competition (Graduate Level), MANRRS38 National Conference
Undergraduate Students
Reagan Koester: Outstanding Freshman
Nicholas Newman: Outstanding Sophomore
Olivia Reynolds: Outstanding Junior
Elizabeth Peila: Outstanding Transfer Student
Abigail Meier:
Outstanding Senior
Purdue Student National Agri-Marketing Club (NAMA): First Place, NAMA Student Chapter Marketing Competition

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication

Julia Bello-Bravo: ASEC Outstanding Early Career Award
Natalie Carroll: $1M Grant Award (team), USDA
Neil Knobloch: NC AAAE Outstanding Teacher Award; ASEC Outstanding Graduate Mentor Award
Sarah LaRose: ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award
Linda Pfeiffer: ASEC Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award; $1M Grant Award (team), USDA_NIFA      
Mark Russell: 2023 Vision Award, CILMAR; 2024 Unsung Diversity Hero Award
B Allen Talbert: Indiana FFA Distinguished Service Award; ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher Award                                                  
Hui-Hui Wang: NCAAAE Outstanding Researcher Award
Kevin Smith: ASEC Outstanding Teacher Award for Lecturers
Amy Conrad: ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Advising Award
Leslie Fairchild: ASEC Outstanding Service to Students Award

Graduate Students
Favour Ojike: 2024 Unsung Diversity Hero Award
Sarah Thies: Outstanding Master's Thesis Award
Lauren Murfree: Outstanding Doctoral Dissertation Award
Oluwatosin Benjamin Fakunle: COA Pathmaker Award

Undergraduate Students
Camille Thopy: ASEC Outstanding Freshman
Lucas Lyons: ASEC Outstanding Sophomore
Ainsley Kratochvil: ASEC Outstanding Junior
Kayla Bonert: ASEC Outstanding Senior
Erin Anderson: ASEC/COA Outstanding Transfer Student

Eileen Kladivko: 2023 Soil Science Society of America Presidential Award 
Linda Lee: 2023 Soil Science Society of America Presidential Award
Diane Wang: 
Jane Silverthorne Early Career Award, American Society of Plant Biologists
Undergraduate Students
Kaia Wright: Outstanding Freshman
Jason Emsweller: Outstanding Sophomore
Emily Harker: Outstanding Junior
Claire King: Outstanding Senior; Golden Opportunity Scholar, ASA-CSSA-SSSA

Animal Sciences

Kolapo Ajuwon: 2024 Animal Growth and Development Award, American Society of Animal Science
Luis Brito: 2024 Early Career Achievement Award, American Society of Animal Science
Candace Croney: 2023 Humane Award, American Veterinary Medical Association
Marcos Fernandez: 2023 Murray Brown NACTA Leadership Award, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
Greg Fraley: 2023 Mark Cook Pullet-izer for Excellence in Teaching, Midwest Poultry Consortium
Darrin Karcher: Dr. Charles Beard Research Excellence Award, USPOULTRY; Maple Leaf Farms Duck Research Award, Poultry Science Association
Elizabeth Karcher: 2023 Novus International Teaching Award, Poultry Science Association; APS Innovative Teaching Award, Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities

Undergraduate Students
Alexis Benson: ANSC Outstanding Freshman
Kylie Bedel: ANSC Outstanding Sophomore
Erica Long: ANSC Outstanding Junior
Shayden Jones: ANSC Outstanding Senior


Mark Hall: 2023 Book of Great Teachers

Undergraduate Students
Alice Westerman Villwock: 2023 ASPB SURF Fellow
Elise Denger: Outstanding Freshman
Caroline Chandler: Outstanding Sophomore
Shelby Sliger: Outstanding Junior; 2023 Goldwater Scholar
Grace Estep: Outstanding Senior

Botany and Plant Pathology

M. Catherine Aime: Josef Adolf von Arx Award, Westerdjik Fungal Biodiversity Institute and Royal Netherlands Academy of Arts and Sciences
Janna Beckerman:
Distinguished Service Award, North Central American Phytopathological Society

Darcy Telenko:
Excellence in Multistate Research Award for North-Central Region Research Alliance on Soybean Diseases (NCERA-137)

Graduate Awards
Brenden Lane: D. Woods Thomas Award, International Programs in Agriculture

Undergraduate Awards
Emmeline Seest: Outstanding Freshman
Jonathan Lu: Outstanding Sophomore
Morgan Murff: Outstanding Junior
Keila Jellings: Outstanding Senior


Ian Kaplan: Teaching Award of Merit, North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture
Krystal Hans: Distinguished Achievement Award in Teaching, Entomological Society of America, North Central Branch

Undergraduate Students
Jacob Nielsen: Outstanding Freshman
Levi Baker: Outstanding Sophomore
Brianna Gast: Outstanding Junior
Meghan Jerke: Outstanding Senior

Food Science

Bruce Applegate: Outstanding Graduate Educator - Department of Food Science
Arun Bhunia: 25 Years of Service
Carlos Corvalan: 20 Years of Service
Amanda Deering: Exceptional Event or Experience Award - Purdue University Learning Communities
Yaohua "Betty" Feng: Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor - College of Agriculture; Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award - Department of Food Science
Bruce Hamaker: Harald Perten Prize, awarded by the International Association for Cereal Science and Technology
Jozef Kokini: 10 Years of Service
Stephen Lindemann: Fulbright Specialist, United States Department of State
Lavanya Reddivari: Jack Long Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award 
Fernanda San Martin: 15 Years of Service

Cory Brenner: 20 Years of Service
Mike Caffee: Outstanding Service to Students Award - Department of Food Science
Tari Gary: Outstanding Service to the Department - Department of Food Science
Brenda Pickett: 15 Years of Service 

Graduate Students
Harrison Helmick: B.J. Liska Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award - Department of Food Science
Anh Nghi Minh Le: 2023 Kirleis Graduate Student Award - Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research
Dongqi Liu: 2023 Kirleis Graduate Student Award - Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research
Busayo Oluyem: Unsung Diversity Hero Award - College of Agriculture; MANRRS Region IV and V Cluster interview contest - 2nd Place
Manoj Sawale: International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) scholarship; Charles R. Stumbo paper competition presented by the Institute for Thermal Processing Specialists 2024 (IFTS) - 1st Place; 2023 Kirleis Graduate Student Award - Whistler Center for Carbohydrate Research

Undergraduate Students

Talaya Thomas: MANRRS Region IV and V Cluster impromptu public speaking contest - Honorable Mention
Manya Kadiwala: Outstanding Freshman
Natcha Ngaosuphanvongs: Outstanding Sophomore
Ashley Mohammed: Outstanding Junior
Alexandria Neikirk: Outstanding Senior

Forestry and Natural Resources


John Couture: University Scholar; AgSeed Grant Recipient 
Barny Dunning: William L. Hoover Exemplary Faculty Service Award
Songlin Fei: Fellow Award, AAAS
Hardwood Ecosystem Experiment: 2023 TEAM Award

Carolyn Foley: Outstanding Administrative/Professional Staff Member Award
Brian McGowan: Hoosier Wildlife Award, Indiana Chapter of the Wildlife Society
Telaina Minnicus: Outstanding Clerical/Service Staff Member Award

Graduate Students
Katy Dix: D. Woods Thomas Award, International Programs in Agriculture
Jue Mo: Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award

Undergraduate Students
Lydia Pultorak: Outstanding Freshman
Rebeca Applemann: Outstanding Sophomore
Alyssa Johnson: Outstanding Junior
Alexandra Dudley: Outstanding Senior

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Kathryn Orvis: Induction into Purdue Book of Great Teachers; PUCESA Career Award
Mike Dana: Induction into Purdue Book of Great Teachers 
Steve Hallett: Induction into Purdue Book of Great Teachers 
Cale Bigelow: Induction into Purdue Book of Great Teachers; 2023 NACTA Educator Award
Elizabeth Maynard: Outstanding Factsheet Award, American Society for Horticulture Science - Extension Division
Stephen Meyers: Young Weed Scientist - Distinguished Achievement Award, North Central Weed Science Society; Outstanding Young Alumni Award, North Carolina State University Department of Horticultural Science
Celina Gomez and Cary Mitchell: 2024 North Central Multistate Award, North Central Regional Association 

Ashley Adair: Seed for Success Acorn Award 
Jada Powlen: 2023 NACTA teaching awards 
Kyle Daniel: Teaching Award of Merit, North American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture

Graduate Students
Shivika Aggrawal: 1st place winner in the interview contest. MANRRS Regional (IV & V Cluster); 2nd place winner in the USAID - Student Research Seminar Series; 3rd place winner in the Graduate Business Pitch. MANRRS 38th Annual Training Conference & Research Expo; ESE-IGP Travel award and 2024 IASNR Conference Scholarship Award to attend International Association for Society and Natural Resources (IASNR) Conference 

Jeanine Auxiliador Arana Cordonero: 3MT Purdue Graduate School Top 10 Finalist and People’s Choice Awardee; 2nd place for oral presentation at the 10th Annual Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Industrial Research Symposium “Advancing Technology: From Models to Molecules, Machines and More”; PUCESA Student in Extension Award; First place in the North Central Weed Science Society (NCWSS) meeting competition in the horticulture poster section; Dr. Stephen Weller Travel Grant awardee at Purdue University; Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) Travel Enrichment Experience - US North Central Region awardee

Emmanuel Cooper: First place Midwest Cover Crops Council (MCCC) Student poster contest; Dr. Stephen Weller Graduate Endowment for weed science travel award; Third place – WSSA 64th annual conference student Single Slide Talk (SST) contest; First place – Corteva DELTA symposium graduate student poster contest; First place – NCWSS 78th Annual conference student oral contest; Outstanding Graduate MS Research Award – HLA department; First place – MS poster competition HLA Research and Design retreat; First place – poster contest at the Ecological Sciences and Engineering (ESE) Symposium

Wanting Zhang: INASLA Award of Excellence (Planning and Analysis); INASLA Merit Award (Design Works Category); ASLA Honor Award (Communication) 

Dhuha Mohamed: 2nd place in the PhD poster competition, 2023 HLA Research and Design Retreat

Undergraduate Students
National American Society of Landscape Architecture Competition, Student Communication Honor Award + Indiana Chapter ASLA Student Award (Excellence) "Children's Book and Learning Games on Indiana Native Plants and Habitats"
Autumn McNinch, Chloe Kennedy, Molly Wimberg, Kayla Kramer, Wanting Zhang.

Indiana Chapter ASLA Student Collaboration Honor Award. "Carmel Chinese Garden Co- Envisioning."
Autumn McNinch, Chloe Kennedy, Molly Wimberg, Kayla Kramer, Jeffery Tseng, and Wanting Zhang

Outstanding Undergraduates in Sustainable Food and Farming Systems
Freshman: Ella Pegg
Sophomore: Ren Rund
Junior: Camille Kristinik
Senior: Faith Hartman

Outstanding Undergraduates in Turf Management and Science
Freshman:  Abe Tebbe
Sophomore:  Otto Hoehl
Junior:  Brody Piel
Senior:  Jacob E. Tower

Outstanding Undergraduates in Landscape Architecture

Freshman:  Erika Grams
Sophomore:  Danielle Hewitt
Junior:  Serine Kao
Senior:  Yahan You

Outstanding Undergraduates in Horticulture
Freshman:  Cy Wolheter
Sophomore:  Isaac Damer
Junior: Lauren Harmon
Senior: Ian J. Kelly

2023-24 College of Agriculture Outstanding Student Nominees
Freshman:  Ella Pegg
Sophomore:  Danielle Hewitt
Junior:  Lauren Harmon
Senior:  Faith M. Hartman
Transfer Student: Stephen C. Mills

2024-25 American Society of Landscape Achitects (ASLA) Academic Merit Awards: Benjamin Henschen, Gabriela Stephanie Nivar

2024-25 American Society of Landscape Architects (ASLA) Academic Honor Awards: Rachael Herring, Yahan You

2024-25 Olmsted Scholar (Landscape Architecture): Rachael Herring

2024-25 Excellence in Design Awards
Freshman: Gabriela Damiecka, Isabella Thompson
Sophomore: Katie Wilson, Madison Pitts
Junior: Grace Ackerman, Grace Wagner

American Society of Horticulture Science Awards
Collegiate Scholars Award: Blake Belter, Gianna Buono, Lafayette, Aubrey Dague, Jennifer Flesher, Kaylee Guerrero, Lauren Harmon, Faith Hartman, Ian Kelly, Morgan Klein, Camille Kristinik, Stephen Mills, Matthew Smits
Outstanding Undergraduate Student: Lauren Harmon

2023-24 Faculty Nominated HLA Awards
Best Undergraduate Researcher: Ian Kelly
Best Undergraduate Teaching Assistant: Noelle Dennis
Best Departmental Service: Wil Grimm-Brown
Best Promoter of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives: Faith Hartman
Best Undergraduate Leadership: Brody Piel

Natural Resources and Environmental Science

Undergraduate Students

Mia Schecter: Outstanding Freshman
Marley White: Outstanding Sophomore
Abigail Seybert: Outstanding Junior
Kendall Daniels: Outstanding Senior

Agricultural Research & Graduate Education

Millionaire’s Club FY2022-23
Jacquelyn Boerman, Somali Chaterji, Songlin Fei, Mark Hall, Lori Hoagland, Luiz Fernando Brito, Tomas Höök, Jen-Yi Huang, Shihuan Kuang, Dharmendra Mishra, Linda Prokopy, Kurt Ristroph, Gerald Shively, Shweta Singh, Mitch Tuinstra, Ron Turco, Mohit Verma, Vikki Weake, and Gyeong Mee Yoon

Brad Shelton, Feldun Purdue Ag Center: Cattleman of the Year, Lawrence County Cattlemen's Association
International Programs in Agriculture

Jacob Ricker-Gilbert, 
Agricultural Economics:
Lowell S. Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture
2024 Legendary Leaders Award
Colleen Brady, Michael Dana, Barny Dunning, Steven Hallett, Elizabeth Karcher, and Mark Russell

Graduate Students
Mary Kathryn "Katy" Dix, 
Forestry and Natural Resources: 
D. Thomas Woods Scholarship
Brenden Lane, Botany and Plant Pathology: 
D. Thomas Woods Scholarship

Undergraduate Students
23-24 International Agriculture Ambassadors

Joshua Hardy, Sydney Hefty, Diana Ikanovic, Matteo Mereu, Andrew Murray, Andrew Parker, Arlene Polar, Ava Ralston, Allison Schimpf, Kylie Soniak, and McKenna Wilson
Purdue Extension

James Wolff, Molley Hasenour, Bryan Overstreet: Distinguished Service Award, 2023 NACAA AM/PIC Conference

Indiana Extension Educators Association (IEEA) Awards

Katie Whiteford, Clark County: Bob Amick Award 
Richard Beckort, Jackson County: Program Area Career Award - Agriculture and Natural Resources
Mitch Wagoner, Knox County: Program Area Individual Award - 4-H Youth Development
Max Fitzpatrick, Johnson County: Friend of Extension Award 

Sheep & Goat Field Day
: Program Area Team Award - Agriculture and Natural Resources 
- Robby Kelly, Elysia Rogers, Mark Kepler

Digital Ready Businesses
: Program Area Team Award - Community Development 
Roberto Gallardo, Emily Del Real, Cheyanna Geideman

Food as Medicine
: Program Area Team Award - Community Wellness Coordinator 
Erin Meyer, Ashlee Sudbury, Katelyn Kutemeier, Annie Eakin, Karina Moore, Maddie Underwood

New Times, New Methods…Delivering Education Through Social Media During a Pandemic and Beyond
: Program Area Team Award - Health and Human Sciences 
Pandora Taylor, Susan Peterson, Mandy Gray, Beth Switzer, Amanda Veenhuizen, Ashley Piland, Kevin Davis, Diana Stone

4-H Camp Counselors Gained Life Skills: Program Area Team Award - 4-H Youth Development
 - Joanne Lytton, Kelsey Holt, Lynn Korniak, Caren Crum, Josh Winrotte, Sara Badger, Kathryn Weiss, Samantha Williams, Megan Skiba, Molly Childers

Indiana 4-H Quality Livestock Care
: CES Team Award 
Courtney Stierwalt, Casey Mull, Colleen Brady, Marisa Erasmus, Stacy Zuelly, John Blanton, Jeff Pell, Mark Kepler, Julie Wilson, Abby Morgan, Rebecca Wilkins, Robby Kelly, Christie Jacob, Cora Reinbolt, Brian Howell, Kyle Weaver

Juntos 4-H: Diversity Award
Heather VonDielingen, Molly Marshall, Richard Beckort, Jennifer Haynes,; Rebecca Koetz, Rachael Smith, Lauren Fenneman, Sthele Greybar, Luis Santiago

Farmer-to-Farmer – Making Baking Flour out of Root Vegetables
: International Award
- Abigail Creigh, Molly Hoag

Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association (PUCESA) Awards

Parents Forever: PUCESA Ann Hancock Award 
Kelsie Muller, Chelsea Brewer, Jo Gilreath, Brooke Goble, Megan Jaspersen, Jamie Jo Lowder, Kristen Lowry, Olivia Morgan, Meagan Salomon, Dana Stanley, and Jennifer Stefancik

Farm Stress Team PUCESA Team Award
Angela Sorg, Richard Beckort, Amanda Bullion, Shannon Chipman, Rachel Dillhof, Jonathan Ferris, Kelly Heckaman, Abby Heidenreich, Jane Horner, Mathias Ingle, Robert Kelly, Emily Kresca, Kurt Lanzone, Kelsey Meyers, Bryan Overstreet, Marcia Parcell, Gail Peitzmeier, Zoe Robinson, Elysia Rodgers, Brittney Schori, Tonya Short, Adam Tyler, and Elisa Worland