The Assure® Program helps support sustainability with advanced chemistries formulated to meet all regulations, plus arrives in recyclable packaging and containers.
Newsletter: January 2019


Will Brake For Food: Minnesota Hotdish

Assure® Program: Ditch the Drums

Belted Tunnel Build...Continued!

Photo: Molly Yeh

Will Brake For Food: Minnesota Hotdish

It’s cold in Minnesota—really cold. This time of year is particularly brutal, but our friends in the northernmost parts of the country have developed a tasty way to warm up: hotdish. Some might try to call it a casserole, but they would be wrong. Proper hotdish is an oven-baked, anything-goes, delicious mess of a meal...with tater tots on top.
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Assure® Program: Ditch the Drums

Take a minute to stop and think about the state of your car wash. Is your back room neat and organized, or do the words “messy” and “cluttered” jump to mind? You don’t have to live with the clutter! Kick off 2019 with a plan to get—and stay—organized and efficient!

Interested in virtually eliminating drums? The Blue Coral Assure® Hyper Solutions program may be for you. Using hyper-concentrated innovative chemistry that provides exceptional performance, you can Assure® your wash results with the right chemistry.

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Belted Tunnel: Progress in Pictures!

We’ve been taking you along for the ride as a new 115-foot belted conveyor wash is constructed. This month saw more progress as it gets closer to completion. Check out the latest images!

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