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May 2023, Part 2

This issue of Purdue Agriculture InFocus is devoted to celebrating the 2022-2023 award winners within our college's departments and units. 

Congratulations to all!  

Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Klein Ileleji: Indiana and Great Lakes Region Exporter of the Year by the U.S. Small Business Administration

Nadia Gkritza: Appointee to the Transportation Energy Committee of the Transportation Research Board of the U.S. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering and Medicine

Shawn Ehlers: Outstanding Teacher Award for Clinical Faculty & Lecturers, College of Agriculture

Robert Stwalley: PK-12 Faculty Sustained Impact Engagement Award

College of Agriculture Millionaire's Club: 
Mohit Verma, Kari Clase, William Field, Meng Deng, Sadegh Dabiri, Michael Ladisch, and David Umulis

Diana Ramirez Gutierrez: Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Graduate Student

Agricultural Economics
Carson Reeling: AAEA 2023 Quality of Research Discovery Award 

Nicole Widmar: Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics' Best Reviewer More Than 7 Years Experience

Ken Foster: Spotlight Educator award and the student choice award from the College of Agriculture

Ariana Torres, Michael Delgado, and Maria Marshall: 2023 Matthew Sonfield Research Award for best research article published

Dr. Wajiha Saeed: Agricultural Economics Department's Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation. Dissertation

Haden Comstock: AgEcon Dept's and AAEA's Outstanding Master's Thesis Award 

Shelly Surber: Agricultural Economics Department's Outstanding Service Award

Sarah McFarland: Agricultural Economics Department's Outstanding Service Award

Maria Marshall, Michael Langemeier, and Renee Wiatt: Agriculture 2022 TEAM Award

Jo Thomas: Student Impact Award 

Holly Wang: Agricultural and Applied Economics Association (AAEA) Fellow

Renee Wiatt: Purdue Cooperative Extension Specialists’ Association (PUCESA) Early Career Award

Tom Hertel: Humboldt Research Award by the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation; 
Distinguished Fellow of the Australasian Agricultural & Resource Economics Society 

Tor Tolhurst: AAEA Outstanding Published Paper 

Jayson Lusk: AAEA's Publication of Enduring Quality Award; AAEA Choices Magazine Outstanding Article Award

Promoted to Full Professor of Agricultural Economics
Joe Balagtas

Todd Kuethe

APEX Award
Gustavo Acosta-Garza
Christina Welch
Mesbah Motamed

Distinguished Ag Alumni 
Randy Kron
Paul Patterson

22-23 AGEC Department's Outstanding Undergraduate Students
Freshman: Nicholas Neuman
Sophomore: Olivia Reynolds
Junior: Abby Meier
Transfer: Joshua Bailey
Senior: Halee Fisher

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Faculty Awards

Sarah LaRose: Teacher Educator Award, North America Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Neil Knobloch: Teaching Scholar Award, North America Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Hui Hui Wang: was named a 23 PAIR award winner by Biocrossroads

Graduate Student

Miranda McGuire: Graduate Student Award, North America Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture

Faculty Awards
Lowell Hardin Award - Mitch Tuinstra
IPIA Travel Grant Award - Mohsen Mohammadi
University Faculty Scholar - Cankui Zhang
Murphy Award - Laura Bowling 
Teaching Academic Fellow - Laura Bowling 
2023 Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) Mildred Dresselhaus Medal - Melba Crawford

Undergraduate Awards 

Agronomy Outstanding Student 
Freshman: Kaitlyn Hofmann
Sophomore: Joshua Havron
Junior: Claire King
Senior: Isabel Gordon

Agronomy Outstanding Transfer Student - Katelyn Smith
Agronomy Outstanding ASA Senior - Josh Adams
M.O. Pence Award (Undergrad) - Ella Robinson

Graduate Awards 

Agronomy Excellence Award: Outstanding Extension - Ana Morales Ona
Stanley A. Barber Memorial Scholarship in Soil Fertility & Plant Nutrition - Ana Morales Ona
Gerald O. Mott Scholarship for Meritorious Graduate Students in Crop Science - Ana Morales Ona
Agronomy Excellence Award: Outstanding PhD Research - Chance Clark
M. O. Pence Memorial Scholarship - Brendan Hanson
Agronomy Excellence Award: Outstanding MS Research - Hannah Levengood
John Axtell Graduate Student Award in Plant Breeding & Genetics - Nate Bowser
Joe L. White Graduate Student Award in Soil Chemistry and Mineralogy - Elijah Openiyi
Dr. Jerry V. Mannering Award in Soil Conservation & Management - Rose Mumbi
Dr. Wyman E. Nyquist Scholarship - Maliheh Shaltouki Rizi, Nathan Smith
Dow AgroSciences Graduate Student Scholarship [plant breeding agronomy] - Sujata Bogati, Binod Gyawali
Bilsland Fellowship - Samira Safaee
Ross Fellowship - Binod Joshi
Purdue Doctoral Fellowship - Trever Thurgood
CAPES Purdue PhD Fellowship - Túlio Iglésias Machado
ARGE Diversity Assistantship - Jhacolby Williams

Animal Sciences
College of Agriculture Outstanding Students
Erica Long, Outstanding Sophomore
Jenna Boha, Outstanding Junior

Outstanding Servant Leadership Award, College of Agriculture
James Krotz

Department of Animal Sciences Outstanding Students
Bella Taylor, Outstanding Freshman
Erica Long, Outstanding Sophomore
Jenna Boha, Outstanding Junior
Emma Zaicow, Outstanding Senior
Grace McGlothian, Outstanding Transfer

2023 AgSEED Recipients
Dr. Tom Cully
Dr. Tim Johnson
Dr. Brad Kim

2023 American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Fellow Award for Research
Dr. Layi Adeola

2022 Gary L. Cromwell Award for Mineral Nutrition, American Society of Animal Science
Dr. Layi Adeola

2022 National Turkey Federation Research Award, Poultry Science Association
Dr. Marisa Erasmus

2023 Midwest Sections Animal Science Young Scholar Award
Lauren Brizgys

2023 American Meat Science Associations Distinguished Teacher
Dr. Stacy Zuelly

2023 Learning Community Student Impact Award
Dr. Marcos Fernandez

Black Graduate Student Association Distinguished Service Award
Dr. Candace Croney

2022-23 Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award
Elizabeth Ragland

2023 National Intercollegiate Dairy Judging Contest
3rd place Team: Josie Burbrink, Miriam Cook, Ryland Nierman, and Breezy Slonaker
3rd place Individual: Breezy Slonaker
10th place Individual: Josie Burbrink
10th place reasons individual: Miriam Cook

North American Intercollegiate Dairy Challenge – First Place Team
Tobyn Smith, Lane Bollenbacher, Chad Patterson and Miriam Cook

Tri-State Dairy Nutrition Conference
3rd Place, MS Student Competition: Kyrstin Gouveia

2023 Spring Undergraduate Research Conference
1st place STEM Award for Undergraduate Research Conference, Serena Wesley, Collette Plue, and Isabelle Taylor
1st place in the College of Agriculture poster category, Serena Wesley, Collette Plue, and Isabelle Taylor
3rd place in the College of Agriculture research talks category, Taylor Moore

Faculty Awards and Honors

College of Ag Outstanding Mentor and Teacher Award
Dr. Natalia Dudareva

Distinguished Professor of Biochemistry
Dr. Andrew Mesecar

American Association for the Advancement of Sciences (AAAS) Fellow
Dr. Beth Tran

University Faculty Scholar
Dr. Jennifer Wisecaver

MOSAIC R00 Award from NIH
Dr. Kyle Cottrell

Inducted into the National Academy of Sciences
Dr. Clint Chapple 

Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding TA in Biochemistry
Isaiah Mensah

Beach Family Travel Grants
Debasmita Saha
Kedric Milholland
Ji Hee Lee

Henry Weiner Travel Grant
Isaiah Mensah
Subhransu Sekhar Sahoo
Sarah Stanhope

Henry A. Moses Award
Sarah Stanhope

AK Ball Award
Andrew DeMarco

Ross-Lynn Research Scholar Award
Isaiah Mensah

Don Carlson Award
Xingqi (David) Huang

Undergraduate Awards

The Bernard Axelrod Memorial Scholarship
Joseph Rice
Kendra Burgei

Ray W. Fuller Memorial Scholarship
Alice Westermann Villwock

Dr. Stephen P. and Chrlotte A. Coburn Scholarship
Alli Horton
Caroline Chandler

Edwin T. Mertz Memorial Scholarship
Bryn Yoder
Chloe Chui
Payne Turney
Hern Tan
Clara Shoopman
Megyn McCoy

The David and Mary Scheible Scholarship in Biochemistry
Jenna Schoonmaker
Grace Estep
Nathan Tuchscherer
Joshua Kaluf

The Patrick C. Matchette Scholarship
Mindy Navarette

Kwok Yip Tso Scholarship
Owen Booth

Zhao-Herrmann Scholarhip in Biochemistry
Paige Edens

Donald and Rita Weeks Scholarship 
Kaaya Sharma

The Zygmunt Family Scholarship in Biochemistry
Noelle Naughton
Martin Emerson
Tommy Sheeley
Mario Perez-Ahuatl
Amirah Haweit
Adam Meroueh
Mark Kelley
Nick Roberts
Lonnie Schwartz
Caslyn Whitesell
Addison Hill
Isaac Lee
Miray Simsek
Joshua Stephenson
Jarah Hassett
Ethan Tuttle

Honor Society of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Karlie Tischendorf

Biochemistry Outstanding Students
Freshman – Alice Westermann-Villwock
Sophomore – Shelby Sliger
Junior – Noelle Naughton
Senior – Katelyn Macknyk
Botany and Plant Pathology

Bill Johnson: 2022 Corinne Alexander Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award

Darcy Telenko: 2022 Eric G. Sharvelle Distinguished Extension Specialist Award and 
Faculty Engagement Scholar Award

Tom Creswell, Director of the Plant & Pest Diagnostic Lab: PUCESA Leadership Award

Christian Cruz: 2023 AgSEED Recipient with the project Leveraging transdisciplinary capabilities to provide a proof-of-concept for a next-generation epidemiological system capable of simulating infectious disease epidemics on corn.

Cathie Aime: Millionaire’s Club

Citation Increase by Rank: 
Jin-Rong Xu, Full professor
Zhixiang Chen, Full professor
Cathie Aime, Full professor
Damon Lisch, Associate professor
Scott McAdam, Assistant professor

H-Index Increase by Rank: 
Jin-Rong Xu, Full professor
Scott McAdam, Assistant professor
Darcy Telenko, Assistant professor

COA Teaching Awards:
Dr. Scott McAdam, BTNY Nominee David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor
Dr. Yun Zhou, BTNY Nominee Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher
Dr. Scott McAdam, BTNY Nominee Kohls Early Career Teaching Award
Darcy Allen, BTNY Nominee Outstanding Service to Student Award
Dr. Jin-Rong Xu, BTNY Nominee Outstanding Graduate Mentor and Teacher Award

Graduate Students

Weier Award Winners: 
Outstanding PhD Students: Cade Kane and Xiaohui Li
Outstanding Graduate Leadership: Mariela Fernandez Campos

Santiago Franco Lopez: 2023 Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award from the Center for Instructional Excellence.

Denise Caldwell, PhD student in Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi’s lab: 2023 CoA Graduate Student Mentoring Award.

Jeff Stallman: 2022 recipient of a grant from the College of Agriculture’s D. Woods Thomas Memorial Fund, allowing him to visit Honduras to survey tropical mycology for baseline data on novel fungi (Leotiomycetes). Jeff studies in the laboratory of Dr. Cathie Aime.  

North Central Weed Science Society (NCSSS) Annual Contest
First Place Graduate Team Award – Jesse Haarmann, Matt Osterholt, Claudia Bland, and Lucas Maia 
First Place Top Graduate Individual and Winner of the Written Calibration Section – Jesse Haarmann
Second Place Top Graduate Individual – Matt Osterholt

Cade Kane, a Ph.D. candidate in Purdue Botany and Plant Pathology: Fulbright Program Fellowship to study how deciduous forests and leaf lifespan will respond to climate change at the University of Tasmania. He's using Tasmania’s climate as a proxy for what Indiana may be like 100 years from now.

Lucas Maia, PhD student with Bryan Young: First Place at the 5th College of Ag Graduate Student Plant Science Symposium contest (3 Min video) on 11/18/23

Sandra V. Gomez-Gutierrez: Corteva DELTA (Developing Emerging Leaders and Talent in Agriculture Grant, the College of Agriculture Bayer AG and Bayer Crop Science Plant Breeding Travel Award, and the Purdue Office of Interdisciplinary Graduate Program (OIGP) travel award

Spring Travel Grant Recipients: 
Samira Fatemi – PhD student, Cathie Aime
BeKa Leuschen-Kohl – PhD student, Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi
Juan Diego Rojas Gutierrez – PhD student, Chris Oakley

Years of Service Awards
10 years – Lisa Gross, Cathie Aime, Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi
20 years – Amy Deitrich, Baofang Fan, Zhixiang Chen, Guri Johal, Bill Johnson, Tesfaye Mengiste
25 years – John Cavaletto
30 years – Cindy Myers

Undergraduate Students

Benjamin Binstock, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Senior 
Keila Jellings, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Junior
Morgan Murff, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Sophomore
Elizabeth Schillinger, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Freshman

Faculty Awards

Krystal Hans: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Early Career Award; Member, American Board of Forensic Entomology (ABFE)
Brock Harpur: USDA AFRI Competitive Grant; Foundation for Food and Ag Research New Innovator Award
Christian Krupke: Dean’s Fellow, Resilient Agriculture
Dieudonne Baributsa: Faculty Engagement Scholar, Office of Engagement
Laramy Enders: AgSEED recipient 2023
Elizabeth Y. Long: AgSEED recipient 2023

Staff Awards

Tammy Luck: Outstanding Service Award in Entomology
Krispn Given: Roger A. Morse Outstanding Teaching/Extension Service/Regulatory Award

Graduate Student Awards

Outstanding PhD Student in Entomology
Olivia Gearner
Outstanding MS Student in Entomology
Zihan (Lilac) Hong

Garett Slater: American Association of Professional Apiculturists (AAPA) Exceptional Student Award; 2022-2023 Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award
Zihan (Lilac) Hong: Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) Travel Grant; ESA 2nd Place - Oral Presentation; Overseas Chinese Entomologist Association (OCEA) at ESA 2022 - 1st place Student Oral Presentation; 2022-2023 Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award
Teomie Rivera-Miranda: 2022 North American Forensic Entomology Association travel award; Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) travel award; 2022-2023 Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award
Christine Elliott: Frederick N. Andrews Environmental Travel Grant Award; Andrews Fellowship
Olivia Gearner: Professional Grant awarded by Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG); Travel Grant awarded by PGSG
Connor Sturr: ESA 10-minute paper - 2nd place
James Abendroth: 2022-2023 Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award
Thorsten (Thor) Hansen: 2022-2023 Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Award
Lide Bi: Departmental Travel Award
Dylan Ryals: Ross Fellowship; NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program (GRFP) Honorable Mention
Riley Shultz: Departmental Travel Award
David Stanford-Beale: Departmental Travel Award
Makani Fisher: Dave Mueller Entomology Travel Award; Semifinalist for the 3-minute thesis competition 2023
Hannah Kernen: Virginia Ferris Memorial Endowment Graduate Student Research Award

Undergraduate Awards

Outstanding Freshman in Entomology
Conner Chipps
Outstanding Senior in Entomology
Maya Fulton
Outstanding Sophomore in Entomology
Brianna Gast
Outstanding Junior in Entomology
Dane Stahlhut

Colleen Murphy: Grand Lodge of Pythias; Frank O'Bannon Honors HEA; Federal Suppl Ed Opp Grant; Boiler Affordability Grant
Elliott Masterson: Purdue Undergraduate Research Conference: Best Abstract in the Life Sciences
Makani Fisher: Purdue Graduate Student Government (PGSG) travel award

Food Science

Dr. Christian Butzke: 2022 United States Department of Agriculture Excellence in Extension Award – North Central Region; 2022 NACTA - Teaching Award of Merit

Dr. Amanda Deering: 2022 Butler Center Faculty Leadership in Action Award

Dr. Bruce Hamaker: 30 years of service

Dr. Kee-Hong Kim: Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award - Department of Food Science; 15 years of service

Dr. Steve Lindemann: 2022 Cereals and Grain Association Young Scientist Research Award; Appointed Philip E. Nelson Endowed Chair in Food Science; Outstanding Graduate Educator Award - Department of Food Science; Showalter Faculty Scholarship

Dr. Dharmendra Mishra: Jack Long Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award - Department of Food Science

Dr. Haley Oliver: 150th Anniversary Professor, honored at the Purdue University Named Professorship Ceremony; 2022 United States Department of Agriculture and the Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) Regional Teaching Award; University of Florida College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Teaching Enhancement Symposium Keynote Speaker

Dr. Lavanya Reddivari: Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Research Trust Award, Showalter Trust

Dr. Deandrae Smith: Office of International Programs in Agriculture (IPIA) International Travel Grant 

Cory Brenner: Outstanding Service Award - Department of Food Science
Dr. Young Hee Cho: 10 years of service
Julie Hancock: 5 years of service
Tyler Kallis: 5 years of service
Allie Kingery: Outstanding Service to Students Award - Department of Food Science
Betty Lewis: 25 years of service
Ben Paxson: 20 years of service

Postdoctoral Researchers

Dr. Clay Swackhamer: USDA-NIFA postdoctoral fellowship

Graduate Students

Harrison Helmick: Certificate of Excellence: Office of interdisciplinary graduate programming Spring showcase

Connor Horn: 2022 Agriculture - Engineering Collaborative Projects Competition for his proposal “Pioneering a Data-Driven Approach to Cellular-Based Meat Food Safety” 

Gurpreet Kaur Chaggar: B.J. Liska Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award - Department of Food Science (Fall 2022); Dr. Ron Schmidt Student Travel Award; Selected Ph.D. Student for presentation at 2022 North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture Conference, Ohio; Treasurer and Recipient of Graduate Organization Grant Allocation Award (GSOGA); Food Science Graduate Student Excellence in Teaching Award

Trevor Lim: International Society of Beverage Technologists (ISBT) Scholarship

Vignesh Bose Nathan: BJ Liska Outstanding Teaching Assistant Award - Department of Food Science (Spring 2022)

Undergraduate Students
Chenhai "Steven" Li: Undergraduate Research Expo - 2nd place Research Talk
Leah Keesling: Academic All-Big Ten Honors

Forestry and Natural Resources
Undergraduate Student Awards

Outstanding Freshman, Purdue FNR - Alex Early
Outstanding Sophomore, Purdue FNR - Allie Johnson
Outstanding Junior, Purdue FNR - Alex Dudley
Outstanding Senior, Purdue FNR - Madison Kresse

Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation 2022 Wildlife Leadership Award - 
Evan Kinnevan and Jade Stuber
Stanley Coulter Leadership Award - Gretchen Weliever
L. David Mech Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award - Summer Brown and Amanda Herbert
Undergraduate Engagement Award - Gretchen Weliever
Undergraduate Research Award- Summer Brown
Great Lakes Research Award - Rachel Kraus
Forestry Leadership Award - Eric McDonald
Forestry Sophomore Academic Merit Award - Maggie Oliver
Forestry Junior Academic Merit Award - Alex Dudley
Forestry Senior Academic Merit Award - Joseph Dreiman
Aquatic Sciences Leadership Award - Kirsten Adams
Aquatic Sciences Sophomore Academic Merit - Alexis Snook
Aquatic Sciences Junior Academic Merit Award - Emily Troisi
Aquatic Sciences Senior Academic Merit Award - Phoebe Soldi
Wildlife Leadership Award - Ashlanna Murray
Wildlife Sophomore Academic Merit Award - Alyssa Johnson
Wildlife Junior Academic Merit Award - Anne Talbot
Wildlife Senior Academic Merit Award - Julia Godsey
Durward Allen Memorial Award - Alex Dudley
William A. Rafferty Award for Wildlife Leadership and Citizenship - Gretchen Weliever
Society of American Foresters Senior Award - Joseph Dreiman
Aquatic Sciences Outstanding Camper Award - Chase Spaw
Forestry Outstanding Camper Award - Levi Ralston
Wildlife Outstanding Camper Award - Evan Kinnevan
Undergraduate Extension Poster Competition 1st Place - Alex Dudley and Summer Brown
Undergraduate Research Poster Competition 1st Place - Greenley Goedde
Undergraduate Research Poster Competition 2nd Place - Grace Estep
Undergraduate Research Poster Competition 3rd Place - Evan Kinnevan

The Wildlife Society Quiz Bowl, 3rd Place – Oct. 2022
Purdue FNR team of Alex Dudley, Evan Kinnevan, Anne Talbot, Ashlanna Murray and Lauren Wetterau

Most Active Student Subunit Award, North Central Division of the American Fisheries Society - Purdue Student Chapter of the Society of American Fisheries

Undergraduate Student Scholarships

Glenn R. Allison Scholarship - Maggie Oliver, Madison Parr and Emily Troisi
Claude M. Gladden Memorial Scholarships - Keegan Abeson, Elena Boughton, Grace Brown, Liam Gogel, Autumn Hall, Maggie Hunt, Ian Hyde, Hannah Kaluf, Amanda King, Maggie Oliver Alexis Proudman, Ruby Sanders, Jonathan Shimizu, Kaitlyn Sinclair, Emily Troisi, Joshua Zeilman and David Zis.
John Oliver Holwager II Memorial Scholarship - Sydney Gilbert, Emily Ragsdale and Zane Smoldt
Joshua William Beam Memorial Scholarship - Liam Gogel
John Senft Endowed Scholarship - Lucas Wilson and Brendan Paquin
Don Bickel Memorial Scholarship, Coal Creek Pheasants Forever - Evan Kinnevan 
Ewbank-Bishop Scholarship - Kathryn Buckles, Alex Dudley, Emma Engel, Leah Griffin, Amanda King and Alexis Snook
Roy C. Brundage Memorial Scholarship - Ruby Sanders, Allie Johnson and Alex Early
Pike Lumber Company Scholarship - Emily Lesinski
Indiana Society of American Foresters Forestry Summer Practicum Scholarship - Liam Gogel, Leah Griffin, William Herrell, Maggie Oliver
Graduate Student Awards

Exemplary Graduate Student Service Award, Purdue FNR - Les Warren
Margaret A. Davidson Graduate Fellowship, NOAA Office for Coastal Management's Natural Estuarine Research Reserve System - Mary Strickland
Indiana Lakes Management Society Scholarship - Erin Christian
Materials Innovation Award, Governor Cup industrial design competition of Guangdong Province in China - Jue Mo
Kirkpatrick Memorial Graduate Student Award - Zackary Delisle
Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award, Purdue FNR - Aish Chandrasekaran
Graduate Extension Poster Competition 1st Place  - Francis Asare
Graduate Research Poster Competition 1st Place - Jinyuan Shao
Graduate Research Poster Competition 2nd Place - Elias Gaffney
Graduate Research Poster Competition 3rd Place - Alex Fields
Graduate Research Poster Competition Honorable Mention - Jue Mo and Spencer Gardner

Graduate Student Scholarships
Charles H. Michler Scholarship for the Outstanding Graduate Student Researcher in Forest Biology - Lindsay Darling and Bowen Li
Fischer Forestry Fund Graduate Student Scholarship - Kelly French and Brianne Innusa

Staff Awards

U.S. Forest Service Cultural Diversity Award
 - Dr. Shaneka Lawson
Outstanding Service to Students Award, Purdue College of Agriculture - Julie Pluimer
Women of Color Outstanding Achievement in STEM as a Technology Rising Star, Career Communications Group - Dr. Shaneka Lawson
Presidential Safety Award, Purdue Radiological and Environmental Management - Dr. Shaneka Lawson
Outstanding Administrative/Professional Staff Award, Purdue FNR - Charlotte Owings
Outstanding Clerical/Service Staff Member Award, Purdue FNR - Theresa Baker
Team Excellence Award Finalist, Purdue Office of Diversity, Inclusion and Belonging - Illinois-Indiana Sea Grant Team

Faculty Awards

Joseph Grinnell Award, American Society of Mammalogists
 - Dr. Rob Swihart 
Woman Ambassador Creating the Future of Wood Science, Society of Wood Science and Technology - Dr. Eva Haviarova
John T. Taylor Excellence in Teaching Innovation Award, Purdue College of Agriculture - Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty
E.B. Knight Journal Award, North American College and Teachers of Agriculture - Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty
Bayou Bill Conservation Award, Hoosier Outdoor Writers Association - Dr. Rod Williams and the Help the Hellbender team
William L. Hoover Faculty Service Award, Purdue FNR - Dr. Doug Jacobs
Unsung Diversity Hero, Purdue College of Agriculture - Dr. Zhao Ma
Distinguished Professor, Purdue University - Dr. Jessica Gurevitch
19th Class of LEAD 21 - Dr. Zhao Ma
Human Dimensions of Global Change Specialty Group Research Excellence Award, American Association of Geographers - Dr. Zhao Ma

Faculty Promotions 
Dr. Paris Collingsworth to Associate Research Professor
Dr. Elizabeth Flaherty to Full Professor
Dr. Mike Saunders to Full Professor

Horticulture and Landscape Architecture


Ying Li - 23 Pair Award, BioCrossroads, Indiana; and Millionaire’s Club, College of Ag, Purdue University and Teaching Impact Award, HLA, Purdue University
Liz Maynard recognized for the College of Agriculture Faculty Millionaire’s Club
Yiwei Huang - Department nominee for The Richard L. Kohls Early Career Award 2022-23
Krishna Nemali - Bravo Award
Peter Hirst and Kathryn Orvis, members of Purdue Apple Crunch Team: PK-12 Team Impact Engagement Award


Rajeev Ranjan, postdoc - elected as the postdoc ambassador for the Botanical Society of America (PUI Section) last semester
Mearaj Shaikh, postdoc - “CPB research symposium 2022” 1st place in poster presentation; and First Place PostDoc Winner for 3-Minute Talk at Corteva Symposium

Graduate Students

Antonio Verzotto - Second place for his poster titled "Kentucky Bluegrass Response to Summer Irrigation Frequency" at the Turfgrass Water Conservation Award during the 2022 ASA, CSSA, SSSA international annual meeting conference held in Baltimore on November 8, 2022.
Jeanine Auxiliador Arana Cordonero - First place in the 3MT® competition at the 10th Annual Agricultural and Biological Engineering Graduate Industrial Research Symposium "Reshaping the Future through Science and Technology"; and Frederick N. Andrews Fellowship; Student Unsung Diversity hero award; College of Ag Graduate Spotlight; Outstanding MS Graduate Student from the Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Christian Salinas Castillo - Andrews Fellow Research Assistant, HLA; President, Colombian Student Association at Purdue - CSAP; and President, IGP Ecological Sciences & Engineering Graduate Student Organization - ESE GSO

Undergraduate Students

Shangzhe Cai - Honor Award, Grassy Creek Corridor Plan (Planning & Analysis Category)
Garrett Vinyard - Merit Award,  Indianapolis Parks Expansion (Planning & Analysis Category)
Jacob Battista - Merit Award, PIRO’s Eastern Edge: Protecting & Promoting Pictured Rocks National Lakeshore ((Planning & Analysis Category))
Yuan Zhang - Honor Award, Building on Abandoned Farmland: Community Permaculture Park at Southwestway (Design Works Category)
Michael McNulty -  Merit Award, Carpenter Nature Preserve (Design Works Category)
Lauren Chapman, Harland Nadeau, Molly Wimberg, Bryan Stapleton - Honor Award, Sustainable Practices and Urban Agriculture: A remedy for Food Insecurity and Crime in U.S. Cities (Collaboration Category)
Nicholas Cook - East Arm Little Calumet River Master Plan (Award of Excellence)

College of Agriculture Outstanding Undergraduate Nominees
Freshman: Ren Rund
Sophomore: Grace E. Wagner
Junior: Anna D. Hildebrand
Senior: Lucas K. Bleyle

Outstanding Students in Horticulture
Freshman: Nathan M. Grant
Sophomore: Lauren R. Harmon 
Junior: Stephen C. Mills 
Senior: Ian J. Kelly 

Outstanding Students in Sustainable Food and Farming Systems
Freshman: Ren Rund
Sophomore: Camille A. Kristinik
Junior: Faith M. Hartman
Senior: Lucas K. Bleyle

Outstanding Students in Turf Management and Science
Freshman: Gavin W. Kenning
Sophomore: Brody W. Piel
Junior: Jacob E. Tower
Senior: Emma C. Seward

Outstanding Students in Landscape Architecture
Freshman: Nathan M. Grant
Sophomore: Grace E. Wagner
Junior: Anna D. Hildebrand
Senior: Kayla R. Kramer

ASLA Honor & Merit Awards
Harland Nadeau
Chris Curnell
Kayla Kramer
Autumn McNinch
Olmsted Scholar
Harland Nadeau

Excellence in Design Awards
Junior: Anna Hildebrand and Raphael Rose
Sophomore: Samantha Barton
Freshmen: Katie Wilson

Best Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
Tess Eppert

Best Undergraduate Researcher
Lauren R. Harmon

Best Undergraduate Leadership
Brody W. Piel

Best Promoted of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Initiatives
Wil Grimm-Brown

Turf Bowl Second Place Team, Golf Course Superintendents Association of America
Student Challenge First Place Team, Sports Field Management Association
Jacob Winger
William Myrehn
Drew Coe
Emma Seward

Ag Information Technology
Manager Development (MGRdev) Graduate 
Eric Biggs
Jarrod Doucette
Jessica Reno
Lowell Williams

HDI Manager Certification
Jessica Reno

Top 10 Global BRM
Brandon Reese
Mark Sullivan
Leanne McGiveron

ITIL Foundations V4 Certification
Joe Levell
Mark Sullivan
Leanne McGiveron
Jessica Holsinger
Justin Bryant
Katelyn Herre
Zachary Holt
Corey Letson
Adrianne Mankey
Daniel Newman
Kelly Spoth
Daman Weathington
Michael Wilkins

Master of Business Relationship Management
Mark Sullivan

HDI Desktop Advanced Support Technician Certification
Zachary Hoyt
Corey Letson
Adrianne Mankey
Kelly Spoth

Bravo Award
Justin Bryant
Tom Pluimer

Thumbs Up Award
Justin Bryant

International Programs in Agriculture
2023 Lowell S. Hardin Award
Mitch Tuinstra

2023 D. Woods Thomas Scholarship
Katy Dix
Leah Thompson
Savannah O'Malley

2023 Outstanding Leadership in Globalization Award
Gary Burniske

2023 IPIA Staff Excellence Award
Lonni Kucik

International Agriculture Ambassadors
Mandar Bagade
Ava Baker
Miriam Cook
Andrew Murray
Alexandria Neikirk
Ava Ralston
Holly Shaver

Office of Multicultural Programs

Zachary Brown - PK-12 Staff Emerging Impact Engagement Award

2022-2023 MANRRS National Program Participants and Scholarship Winners

National Officers/Roles
2023-2024 Elected Region V Undergraduate Vice President Drew Parker (Undergrad)
2022-2023 Region V Graduate Vice President Victoria Parker (Grad)
2022-2024 National Secretary Zachary Brown (Advisor)
2022-2024 National Communications Committee Chair Zachary Brown (Advisor)
2021-2023 National Impromptu Public Speaking Contest Superintendent Zachary Brown  (Advisor)

National Contest Placing

2022 Region V Cluster
Elevator Speech Contest – 2nd Place Shreya Gandham (Undergrad)
Impromptu Public Speaking Contest – 3rd Place Disha Lalit (Undergrad)

MANRRS37 National Conference
Graduate Business Pitch Contest – 1st Place Feyisayo Akande (Grad)
Graduate Research Discussion Contest – 1st Place Ronald Smith (Grad)
Advisor of the Year Nominee – Zachary Brown (Advisor)

National Scholarship Winners or Program Participants

Chapter Enrichment Grant ($1,000) - Zachary Brown (Advisor)

Farm Bureau Foundation Fellowship - Hariharan Thirumalai (Undergrad); Benjamin Fakunle (Grad); Favour Ojike (Grad)

Farm Credit VIP Scholarship - Drew Parker (Undergrad); Hariharan Thirumalai (Undergrad)

Cargill Thrive Scholarship - Alex Robinson (Grad); Hariharan Thirumalai (Undergrad); Benjamin Fakunle (Grad)

MANRRS37 Gold Scholarship - Jessica Sotelo (Undergrad)

John Deere Scholarship - Ismael De Lara (Undergrad)

MANRRS NASDA Ag Policy Summit - Ismael De Lara (Undergrad)

Purdue Extension
April 2022
  • Veronica Bullock, Franklin County Educator, was awarded the Growing Together grant to start two community gardens in Franklin County, one in Brookville and the other in Laurel (with CWC Becky Marvel). In addition, Veronica is also part of the Area VII ANR team who submitted a full proposal for a SARE research and education grant.
  • Kenny Eck, Dubois County Educator, is receiving the Indiana Forage Council Maurice E. Heath Click Here for the Qualtrics Form Kenny Eck, Dubois County Educator, is receiving the Indiana Forage Council Maurice E. Heath Award for your outstanding contributions to helping develop and conduct forage educational events in southern Indiana.
  • Ann Kline, Noble County Extension Director, has been selected to receive funding through the College of Agriculture Professional Development Grant
  • Eileen Kladivko, Professor in the Agronomy Department, is being presented with the Spirit of the Land­Grant Mission award.
  • Courtney Schmidt, Miami County Educator, has been awarded funding from Arrow Head Country RC&D to support Junior Master Gardener programming
  • Hans Schmitz is a CoPi on a proposal that has been awarded by NIFA OWHO. The title of the proposal is: Accelerating the Transition to Climate­smart Strategies by Bolstering the Extension to Midwest Climate Hub Connection

May 2022
  • Christian Butzke and Darrin Karcher, both have been selected recipients of the North Central Region Excellence in Extension Award.
  • Darcy Telenko, Assistant Professor and Extension Plant Pathologist, just received the Engagement Scholar Award Darcy Telenko and her team were awarded the following research grants:  A Purdue Rice Grant for “Evaluate and demonstrate the functionality of aerial drone applicators for use in Indiana agriculture”. This grant also included Nikky Witkowski, Bill Johnson, and Gary Tragesser;  A Soybean Phenotyping Endowment Grant for “Developing Novel Vegetation Indices for Early Detection and Classification of Soybean Diseases” in collaboration with Yang Yang.
  • Patrick Williams, ANR Extension Educator in Tippecanoe County, received the following awards the past month: 2022 ANREP GOLD AWARD for Newsletters or Series or Articles: Panhandle Outdoors e-Newsletter. Rick O’Connor, Dr. Andrea Albertin, Jennifer Bearden, Ray Bodrey, Shelia Dunning, Scott Jackson, Molly Jameson, Daniel Leonard, Erik Lovestrand, Mark Mauldin, Danielle 8 Sprague, Carrie Stevenson, Mark Tancig, Dr. Laura Tiu, Chris Verlinde, Kaylen Waters, and Dr. Patrick Williams.
  • 2022 FANREP 1st Place in Newsletters or Series or Articles: Panhandle Outdoors e-Newsletter, Rick O’Connor, Contributors: Dr. Andrea Albertin, Jennifer Bearden, Ray Bodrey, Sheila Dunning, Scott Jackson, Molly Jameson, Daniel Leonard, Erik Lovestrand, Mark Mauldin, Danielle Sprague, Carrie Stevenson, Mark Tancig, Dr. Laura Tiu, Chris Verlinde, Kaylen Waters, Dr. Patrick Williams.
June 2022
  • Tom Creswell, Director, Plant and Pest Diagnostic Lab. 2022 Lifetime Achievement Award by National Plant Diagnostic Network.
  • Marisa Erasmus, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Animal Sciences. Marisa received the received the National Turkey Federation Research Award through the Poultry Science Association (PSA). 
  • Amanda Deering, Associate professor of Department of Food Science. Amanda is part of a group that received a $15 million grant from USAID for the project PERU-HUB. As a CO-PI, Amanda received just under $2 million to support her work in this project.
  • Lais McCartney, Extension Educator/Hancock County. Lais received her Masters from Science, Technology, Leadership and Innovation with a Biometrics concentration from Purdue Polytechnic on May 16, 2022.

July 2022
  • Eva Haviarova, Professor and Extension Specialist at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources and Henry Quesada, ANR Program Leader, received a grant from the USDA program Wood Innovations to investigate the potential of using low value hardwoods for the manufacturing of school furniture
  • Brian Bond, Professor and Extension Specialist at Virginia Tech, and Chad Niman, Extension Specialist at the University of Kentucky, and Henry Quesada, ANR Program Leader at Purdue University, received a grant from the USDA program Wood Innovations to investigate the potential of economically producing structural grade hardwood lumber.

August 2022
  • Bryan Overstreet has been elected to vice president of the North American Manure Expo Board for 2023.
  • Elkhart County was recognized recently by the Elkhart County Convention and Visitors Bureau for 15 years of service in support of the Elkhart County Quilt Gardens. Two awards were given: one to the Michiana Master Gardeners Association, and one to the Purdue Extension Office. Jeff Burbrink, Purdue Extension ANR, has provided training for the garden workers and coordinators on many topics including soil fertility, disease management, insect control and design of the gardens, as well as troubleshooting during the growing season.
  • The National AgrAbility Project awarded Paul Jones and Dr. Bill Field two Educational Aids Blue Ribbon Awards from the American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers: AgrAbility Virtual State Fair (in the High Impact Extension Methods category); AgrAbility: Restoring Hope, Renewing Productivity with Doug VerHoeven (in the Electronic Delivery category)
  • Gary Steinhardt received the Honorary Master Farmer Award from Indiana Prairie Farmer and Purdue College of Agriculture.
  • Henry Quesada, ANR Program Leader, just transitioned from President-Elect to President of the Society of Wood Science and Technology for the 2022-2023 period.
  • Agronomy Grad Student: Riley Seavers along with Dan Quinn and Shalamar Armstrong received a North Central Region SARE graduate student grant this month which will provide funding toward Riley’s corn and rye cover crop field research trials.
  • Amanda Dickson, International Extension Specialist, was elected Chairperson for the Globalizing Extension Innovation Network (GEIN).
September 2022

  • Dr. Kathryn Orvis, Dr. Theoneste Nzaranyimana, Nathan Shoaf, Nick Schwaberow, and Aster Bekele have been awarded a USDA-SARE grant titled "Providing minority youth entrepreneurship training to increase employment and food access." The total awarded amount is $256,1116.
  • Darcy Telenko, Assistant Professor and Extension Specialists in the Botany and Plant Pathology Department, has received funding for her Extension efforts to encourage on-farm testing of Soybean Cyst Nematado (SCN) for the last couple of years. The SCN Coalition recently won a Silver Anvil award (Public Relations Society of America) early this summer.
  • Rod Williams and Nick Burgmeier have a project Farmers Helping Hellbenders which has been funded with a $2.7 million grant from USDA.
  • Rebekah Barger just became a County Extension Director in Jennings County

October 2022
  • Dr. Songlin Fei, Professor in the Forestry and Natural Resources Department and Dean’s Chair of Remote Sensing, and his group just received funding through the USDA Smart-Climate Commodities grant as partner of the American Forest Foundation. The total amount is $35 million for this grant and the portion for Dr. Fei’s group is $12 million.
  • Phillip Cox, ANR Educator in Vermillion County, received the Ouabache Land Conservancy’s Marion T. Jackson Conservationist of the Year award at the OLC Annual Celebration on September 15.
  • Rebekah Barger, ANR Educator in Jennings County, became CED in Jennings County. She started on September 1 in this new role.
  • John Woodmansee, ANR Educator in Whitley County, was recently elected to president of Epsilon Sigma Phi in Indiana (Alpha Lambda Chapter), the Extension Professionals’ Association.
  • Gina Anders, ANR Educators, just received the Achievement Award from the National Association of County Agriculture Agents. The award was presented during the 2022 Annual Meeting and Professional Improvement Conference in West Palm Beach, Florida. Gina was one of several honorees who represent the top one percent of the membership selected by their peers. Many of the programs Gina does focus on home horticulture questions, pollinators, and beekeeping. She serves on the Purdue Extension Master Gardener Advisory Committee as well as the Indiana Master Naturalist Advisory Council.

November 2022
  • Robby Kelly, 4-H/ANR Educator, and Stehele Greybar, 4-H Educator, both working in Elkhart County, have recently received the National Team Periodical Publication Award. The team was honored at the National Association of 4-H Youth Development Professionals Meeting.
  • Eva Haviarova, Professor and Extension Specialist at the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources, is part of a Purdue team led by Tian Li, Assistant Professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering, that has been awarded a ARPA-E grant for $958,000 to develop transformational living wood with the strength of steel, self-healing capabilities, and combined carbon-sequestering benefits from wood and microbes.
  • The Youth Summer Nature Series: Warrick County Conservation Crusaders won the state District Showcase Award from the Indiana Association of Soil and Water District. This is a joint program between Purdue Extension and the SWCD.
  • Jon Charlesworth, ANR Educator in Benton and Warren Counties, traveled with fellow members of the Big Pine Creek Watershed Group to the Indiana Statehouse where they met with Governor Holcomb and received the Governor’s Award for Environmental Excellence. This is Indiana’s highest environmental recognition and is reserved for the most innovative, sustainable, and exemplary projects that positively impact Indiana’s environment and demonstrate measurable environmental, economic, and social benefits.
  • The 2022 Midwest Vegetable Production Guide website, book and online app, received a national award from the American Society of Horticultural Science in the multimedia category of the Extension Division 2022 Educational Materials Awards. Lead editors: Purdue Extension Specialists Dan Egel, Laura Ingwell, Liz Maynard, and Stephen Meyers. Additional contributors from Purdue: John Bonkowski, Tom Creswell, Amanda Deering, Rick Foster, Wenjing Guan, Elizabeth Long, Scott Monroe, and Ed White.

December 2022
  • Help the Hellbender team, led by Rod Williams, professor of wildlife science, has been honored by the Hoosier Outdoor Writers group with its 2022 Bayou Bill Conservation Award.
  • The Midwest Cover Crops Council won the 2022 Educational Outreach Material Award for Short Publication at the American Society of Agronomy conference. This award is for the MCCC series of Cover Crop Recipe publications, intended to provide a starting point for farmers who are new to growing cover crops. Purdue collaborators involved with Indiana recipes include Eileen Kladivko, Shalamar Armstrong, Bill Johnson, Keith Johnson, Dan Quinn, and Ana Morrow.  
  • Amanda Deering, Associate Professor and Extension Specialist in the Department of Food Science, has received the Leadership in Action Aware from the Butler Center.
  • The Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team has been selected for the 2022 Purdue Agriculture TEAM Award.
  • Dr. Christian Butzke has been recognized with the North Central Region Excellence in Extension Award for an individual for his exceptional Extension leadership serving the wine industry.

January 2023
  • Sarah Hanson, ANR Educator in Johnson Co., and Jarred Brooke, Extension Specialist in the Department of Forestry and Natural Resources were selected along with Tanya Hall, Kyli Penrod, Christie Jacob, and Cindy Barber for the National Extension Leadership Development (NELD) program in 2023.
  • Timothy Gibb received the Lifetime Achievement Award from IPLLA (Indiana Professional Lawn and Landscape Association.)
  • Renee Wiatt received the PUCESA’s Early Career Award during the Professional Development Conference
  • Tom Creswell received the PUCESA’s Leadership Award

February 2023
  • Veronica Bullock, Franklin County ANR Educator, has been selected as an awardee of the 2022 Team Unsung Diversity Hero! Award. This award recognizes accomplishments in the field and contributions in the area of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Dr. Keith Johnson was recognized as the Allen Award of Illumination awardee from the American Forage and Grassland Council. This award recognizes those who through innovative approaches, have illuminated in others a greater depth of understanding and appreciation for the many values that forages and grasslands provide to mankind.
  • Darcy Telenko, Assistant Professor in the Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, received the 2022 Eric G. Sharvelle Distinguished Extension Specialist Award.
  • North Central Integrated Pest Management Center Working Group proposal by the North Central Great Lakes Urban Agriculture IPM, has been awarded $19,945 under the USDA-NIFA prime award 2022-70006-38001. Laura Ingwell, Rebecca Koetz, Nathan Shoaf, and Brooke Alford are the members of the team representing Purdue Extension.
  • Purdue Extension Succession Planning Team has been awarded the Purdue Agriculture 2022 TEAM award by the College of Agriculture. The members of the team are: Heather Caldwell, Linda Curley, Miranda Edge, Ed Farris, Kelly Heckaman, Nicholas Held, Michael Langemeier, Maria Marshall, Jenna Nees, Jeff Pell, Krista Pullen, Denise Schroeder, Kyle Weaver, and Renee Wiatt.

March 2023
  • Outstanding Producer Award is given to individuals or farms that show great work in managing their forages to best suit their livestock needs. This year’s award goes to Aaron and Danielle Walker (ANR Educator, Washington County) of Salem, IN for their pasture improvement and management of their sheep flock.
  • The Maurice E. Health Award is given to recognize those whose contributions to soil conservation and/or forage research and educational endeavors. This year’s recipient is Past-President Elysia Rodgers, ANR Educator in DeKalb County, for her endeavors in promoting the forage industry through educational efforts.
  • Help the Hellbender Extension program received two awards. The program is led by Nick Burgmeier, Researcher and Wildlife Specialist and Rod Williams, Professor and Extension Specialists.
  • Budd Denneman Partners in Conservation Excellence Award, Indiana Department of Natural Resources, Division of Fish and Wildlife
  • Friends of Conservation Award, Washington County Soil and Water

April 2023
  • Brooke Jared was part of a team that won the Gold Award for Podcasts from ANREP. Megan Gunn from FNR and Mitch Zischke (former FNR Specialist) were also on the team.
  • CWC Becky Marvel and Veronika Bullock received the $1,500 Growing Together Grant for the Franklin County Community Gardens.
  • Dr. Keith Johnson was awarded the American Forage & Grassland Council 2023 Allen Illumination Award.

May 2023
  • Jeff Hermesch, ANR Educator in Dearborn County, was awarded the Dearborn County SWCD Friend of Conservation award.
  • Purdue Extension Annual Impact Report received the bronze award in the printed annual report category from the American Advertising Federation of North Central Indiana. Agricultural Communication team members were: Abby Leeds, Jessica Kerkhoff, Nancy Alexander, Jillian Ellison, and Ashvini Malshe.
  • Purdue Apple Crunch Team: PK-12 Team Impact Engagement Award - Laura Dodds, Kristen Fitzgerald, Corinne Chatterton, Dr. Peter Hirst, Dr. Perry Kirkham, Dr. Kathryn Orvis