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September 2022 Newsletter

“Quiet Quitting” - Everything old is new again!
“Quiet Quitting” is the latest buzz word for what has been an age-old problem for organizations – employees who, when they do show up for work, only do the bare minimum to “get bye”.  For some employees, it means setting boundaries and not taking on additional work, for others it just means not going above and beyond, and some see it as a way to “stick it” to their employers who they believe only see them “as another cog in the machine.”
As so often happens, successive generations seem to have a need to repackage or rename things.  For example, what used to be “stuck in a rut” is now “lifestyle fatigue” and a “lack of engagement” is now called ‘Quiet Quitting”.  According to a new survey from Gallop, “at least half of all U.S. workers now do the bare minimum of what’s required from them at their jobs” while only 32% are engaged at work”. 
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Mending The Engagement Gap
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Driving Organizational Success Through Employee Engagement
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