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“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.”  ~ Benjamin Franklin  

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“Never argue with an idiot, he’ll drag you down to his level and beat you with experience.” ~ Unknown
Organizations have two kinds of problems – system problems and people problems … and it’s the people who ultimately fix the system problems.  Historically, organizations have been much more successful at solving their systems problems than their people problems.  With system problems, there is the benefit of dealing with objective information, quantified information, and a common frame of reference.  

But, with people problems, managers generally base their actions on much less reliable sources such as observation, opinion, and emotion.  

Observation is problematical because the frenzied, long hours of the disorganized worker can appear more dedicated than the relaxed, even casual, approach of some top performers.  

Advise base on opinion is valid only to the degree that the circumstances and the people involved are the same as the ones of past experience.  

When it comes to emotions, human beings ride the waves of emotion and, unfortunately, organizations, which are made up of people, do no better.  

Bottom line, system problems are simply easier to solve because historically better information is available.  But, that’s no longer the case today.  Organizations are discovering that integrating assessments into the selection process will increase the level of information available for making better decisions.  The question I often hear is, “is more always better?” 
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Is More Always Better?  

If you’re asking about “supersizing” your fast food order, chances are more isn’t better.

Today, information is literally at our fingertips. We can access our checking account with our phone and within seconds transfer money from one account to another. Using a group text, we can instantly reach out to any number of people regardless of where they’re located.  While in a meeting we can access pertinent information real time and share it with the other participants.   

So, is it any wonder that companies want faster ways to process and onboard employees?

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