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The Sentinel • June 22, 2020

Chair’s Corner

Stacey Baisden
June is the month of transition. MaPSAC’s new members start their term and I move from being vice chair of MaPSAC to chair. For the past year as vice chair I have listened, taken notes, and learned — now it is time to lead.

I have received quite a bit of training in my career, but none of it involved how to lead an organization remotely due to a pandemic. Nor was I trained on how to lead after hearing about the death of George Floyd due to police violence. As leaders we are unable to plan and train for everything that happens in our lives. However, we have the power to educate ourselves. We have the power to listen to each other. We have the power to reflect and think about how we move forward in this moment in time.

I would like to highlight the “web letter from the Office of Provost – June 2020” and share again the diversity and inclusion resources available for faculty, staff and students at Purdue University.

Taken from the “web letter from the Office of Provost – June 2020:”

As the nation is experiencing a mobilization of people and movements in response to the deaths of George Floyd in Minneapolis and other race-related deaths and injustices, faculty and staff are inquiring about relevant resources available to the University community.

The Division of Diversity and Inclusion is continually pulling together information and resources and identifying needs for faculty, staff and students to talk about issues on racism, anti-racism, inclusion and diversity,” said John Gates, vice provost for diversity and inclusion. “As we speak, we are working with groups around campus to provide resources and support to make Purdue welcoming to all.

The provost’s letter also links to a variety of resources available for faculty, staff and students.

As I reflect on MaPSAC’s purpose, it is important that we as leaders connect with our areas of membership and help all voices to be heard. The purpose of MaPSAC is to serve as a two-way conduit between management and professional staff and the senior administration. As such, MaPSAC serves two distinct areas, each with the need to hear the other and to be heard by the other.

One of MaPSAC’s goals is to improve the University system as a whole through engagement and dialogue. I will encourage MaPSAC members to reach out to their area of membership often and listen to staff’s thoughts on campus. I encourage you to learn who the MaPSAC members are for your area by viewing our members page on our website. When you have a compliment, a concern, a question, an idea, or a solution we want to hear from you.

Stacey Baisden
Chair, Management and Professional Staff Advisory Committee

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 Talent Sharing Program needs call center supervisors, agents for COVID-19 Information Center

Purdue Together: Talent Sharing Program
More than 30 positions, requiring a six- to nine-hour commitment per week, are available in the Purdue COVID-19 Information Center, facilitated through the University’s Talent Sharing Program.

Employees who are interested or supervisors who have employees with capacity can find more information at the Talent Sharing Program website, and supervisors can submit employees via the Talent Share Match survey.

Positions for both call center supervisors and agents are available. See this Purdue Today article for complete details.

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