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Quality, All-Weather Outdoor Speaker System, featuring Terra
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The popcorn is popped, buttered, and salted. The lights are dimmed. You are comfortable and ready to watch a movie. You sit back with the remote. Turn on the TV--and all you see is a black screen! Wait! What? No worries. You have Buday's 24/7 service plan with unlimited support. Contact us today to learn about our service plan options. 
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You Can't Google Your Way Out Of This One
Life’s a balance; an edge between competing interests and desires. How much of one do you want to sacrifice for its brethren on the coin’s other side? We encounter this daily, as folks with beautiful homes wrestle with the question of d├ęcor vs audio-video realism.

What, if anything, do you want to give up in the quest for goose-bump inducing music and media? Must you? As with many questions, the answer boils down to a resounding “it depends”. The question is often followed by variations of “But I’m not an audiophile” or “Wow, that looks pretty good already!”

Compromise is a fact of life, even if you’ve never run for office. The key to success is skewing the balance to deliver the most favorable outcome. Can you have it all? No, but with some learned guidance you can get pretty darned close!

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