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   July 2018

Myths about College Planning

The college planning, admission, and financial aid process can seem opaque to both students and their parents. And given all the concerns about rising tuition and confusion about how aid is allotted, it’s not surprising that some myths have arisen about the best way to plan for college costs.
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The Downside of Taxes Determining Investment Strategy

While you should always keep the tax consequences of investment decisions in mind, it’s a mistake to let them drive those decisions. Why? Because the goals for each are fundamentally different: the goal of investing is to make money over the long run, while the goal of tax planning is to minimize paying taxes in the short run.
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Expenses Cutting into Savings?

For those who are getting close to retirement years, there are ongoing expenses that put a major dent in retirement savings. There are ways to increase retirement sources without increasing your income, and they have to do with monthly ongoing expenses that can be reduced.
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Insurance Basics

It’s not uncommon to purchase insurance in a haphazard manner. You are offered a policy that seems like a good one, so you purchase it and never review it again. You may buy another policy a couple of years later. In the end, you haven’t systematically evaluated your insurance needs, so you may find yourself overinsured in some areas and underinsured in others.
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A Tax-Planning Mentality

While it can be easy to think tax planning is synonymous with tax preparation, each serves a different function. When you plan for taxes throughout the year, you can make decisions that may save you tax dollars. By the time you get to tax preparation — when it’s time to file your taxes — it’s too late to do much that can lower your tax bill.   
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