February Newsletter

February 2019 Newsletter

Motorized Lifts That Hide TVs Behind Artwork & Mirrors

Thank You

to everyone who joined us for our Home Theater Extravaganza last week.
We had a great time showing off the latest Home Theater technology. 

If you weren't able to attend our event this year but are interested in scheduling a private home theater viewing at our showroom,
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In Case You Missed It...
Fresh Juice Article: New Technology Is Changing Your Life | CES 2019
Thinking Through Future Tech at CES

Welcome to the new year! We have been through generations of technology cycles with many of you. Perhaps you were one of the few who nostalgically looked at old Nakamichi cassette brochures.

The technology industry just completed its annual pilgrimage to Las Vegas to experience the future… much of this bloated, massive show has not changed, like taxi lines and $288 dollar-per-night Motel 6 prices. We saw full-size $500 K+ John Deere self-driving, self-harvesting smart combines, 8K TVs everywhere, insane speakers, folding phones, modular laptops, and flat-screen displays you could roll up and fit into a tube.  Really!!
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