October Newsletter- Music & TV Systems

October Newsletter | Music & TV Systems

Meet the Masters
The new Sony Z9F series of XBR flat panel TVs

Just when you think you’ve seen it all—a leader steps up and moves the bar even higher. That’s what Sony has done with its new Z9F series
of XBR flat panel TVs. For homeowners looking to upgrade or add a main viewing TV, this TV is the one to consider.  

The picture-quality enhancements on these models blew my mind—and I’m not easily impressed!  

Ideal for recreation rooms and large, open great rooms, the color accuracy, viewing angles, contrast, and motion-handling capabilities make Sony’s Z9F an incredible TV. No question about it: no matter what you like to watch, the MASTER Series TV delivers the best picture quality.
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In case you missed the "Fresh Juice" newsletter article:

Meet George Jetson

We keep expecting to see George and Jane zip by in a sky car. It’s the future, you know, and many of the Orbit City developments The Jetsons enjoyed have come to fruition, along with a few they couldn’t predict back in 1962, when the cartoon debuted.

You can’t fault Mr’s Hanna and Barbera though; Few could have realized that while we wouldn’t be living among the stars in 2018, we would regularly use technologies they depicted, such as voice control.

With the advent of self-driving cars, albeit in only 2 dimensions, we’re one step closer to realizing their dream. In fact, there are several Jetsons’ (Jetsonz, in 2018?) innovations you’ll likely see in your home soon, if you haven’t already.

Voice Control – George, Jane and the gang regularly took advantage of voice control to direct household chores. We’re not dodging protruding hands folding our laundry and pouring drinks, but we regularly ask Alexa and Google to play our favorite music, close the blinds, and turn on the lights…. and they do!

How About This?

Forget to set the alarm but you’re already in bed? You could just grab your tablet or phone and do it from there, but why? You’d have to put your glasses back on.

Instead, just ask! Your alarm will set, doors lock, shades close, garage doors shut, and lights go to night mode. Oh, and that TV the kids keep leaving on in the play room downstairs? Yeah, that shuts off too!
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