Purdue Agriculture InFocus

May 2020, Part 2

From the Dean

Karen Plaut
This is Part 2 of Purdue Agriculture InFocus, devoted to celebrating all our 2019-2020 award winners in the College of Agriculture in our units and departments.

Congratulations to all of our award and recognition recipients at all levels, and thanks to all of those who supported our winners in the classroom, put together award nominations, or were involved in the recognition process in some way. 

All the best,
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Purdue Extension
Director's Award
Teresa Rogers, Ag Administration
Outstanding Extension Faculty/Specialist Larry DeBoer, Agricultural Economics

IEEA Award Winners of 2019  

Bob Amick Award
Tami Mosier, Steuben County  

4-H Individual Award
Jenny Monarch-McGuire, Tippecanoe County  

ANR Individual
Kenneth Eck, Dubois County - Agribusiness Forum Strengthens New Business

ANR Team Award- UAV Signature Program
Mark Carter, Delaware County
Austin Pearson, Tipton County
John Scott, Purdue Extension
Scott Gabbard, Shelby County
Andrew Westfall, White County
Adam Shanks, Clinton County
Jon Charlesworth, Benton County

HHS Individual
Jan Dougan, Youth Worker Café: Reject Documentary

HHS Team – Hidden in Plain Sight
Jackie Franks, Kosciusko County
Allison Goshorn, LaPorte County
Nancy Hudson, Fulton County
Alice Smith, Jasper County
Olivia Western, St. Joseph County

CES Team– Mental Health First Aid
Mark Carter, Delaware County
Kelly Heckaman, Area 11 East District Director
Tonya Short, Vigo County
Curt Emanuel, Boone County
Jane Horner, Cass County
Marilyn Sink, Clark County
Kelsey Meyers,Henry County
Gina Anderson, Floyd County
Marcia Parcell, Dearborne County
Angela Sorg, DeKalb County
Molly Hunt, Area 7 Interim East District Director
Stephanie Woodcox, HHS Assistant Program Leader
Danyele Clingan, Purdue Student

Career Awards
ANR, Steve Engleking, LaGrange County
HHS, Cindy Barnett, Whitley County

Diversity Award
Esmerelda Cruz, Clinton County  

Friends of Extension
Kendell Culp, Jasper County
Cindy Scott, Cass County

Community Development Individual Award
Patty Keating, Porter County

Community Development Team Award- Hometown Collaboration Initiative
Bo Beaulieu, Purdue Center for Regional Development;
Michael Wilcox, Purdue Center for Regional Development;
Maria Wiltse, Purdue Center for Regional Development;
Tanya Hall, Purdue Extension;
Heather Strohm, Purdue Extension;
Tamara Ogle, Purdue Extension;
Steve Yoder, Purdue Extension;
George Okantey, Purdue Extension,
Kris Parker, Purdue Extension;
Patricia Keating, Purdue Extension;
Kristi Whitacre, Purdue Extension;
Crystal Van Pelt, Purdue Extension;
Mary Foell, Purdue Extension;
Nick Held Purdue Extension;
Hans Schmitz, Purdue Extension;
Gina Anderson; Purdue Extension;
Cynthia Barber, Purdue Extension;
Tyler Wright, Purdue Center for Regional Development.

Community Wellness Coordinator, Individual
Caroline Arnett, LaPorte County

Extension Awards

Paul B. Crooks Award
Kathleen Bohde, Hamilton County

PUCESA Awards Team– Succession Planning: 
Renee Wiatt, Agricultural Economics;
Michael Langemeier, Agricultural Economics;
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics;
Craig Dobbins, Agricultural Economics;
Krista Pullen, Purdue Extension;
Paul Marcellino, Purdue Extension;
Ed Farris, Purdue Extension;
Lonnie Mason, Purdue Extension Retiree;
Kelly Heckaman, Purdue Extension;
Linda Curley, Purdue Extension;
Andrew Martin, Purdue Extension;
Jenna Nees, Purdue Extension;
Nicholas Held, Purdue Extension;
Kyle Weaver, Purdue Extension;
Denise Schroeder, Purdue Extension.

Early Career
Ariana Torres - Horticulture and Landscape Architecture, Agricultural Economics
Krishna Nemali - Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Aaron Patton, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Liz Maynard, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

Student in Extension
Danielle Marks, Animal Sciences

John Orick, Horticulture and Landscape Architecture

4-H Youth Development Unit Awards and Recognitions  
National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals (NAE4-HYDP) Past President – Tony Carrell  
National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals Vice President for Finance and Operations – Robby Kelly  
National Association of Extension 4-H Youth Development Professionals Professional Development Chair – Mary Jo Moncheski  
NAE4-HYDP Meritorious Service Award – Carla Kidwell
NAE4-HYDP Distinguished Service Award – Kelsie Mueller
NAE4-HYDP Distinguished Service Award – Jennifer Haynes
NAE4-HYDP Distinguished Service Award – Xiomara Diaz-Vargas
NAE4-HYDP Achievement in Service Award – Mitch Wagoner
NAE4-HYDP Achievement in Service Award – Alicia Criswell
NAE4-HYDP Achievement in Service Award – Julie Wilson  
4-H Youth Development Bob Amick Award- Tami Mosier
4-H Youth Development Individual- Jenny McGuire
4-H Youth Development Team- Danielle Sands, Sam McCollum, Rebecca Wilkins
IEEA 4-H Youth Development Section Successful Program Team Award- Program Development: Chef University: Cooking Up Healthy Eating Habits- Abby Morgan and Monica Nagele- Montgomery County
Ag Information Technology
BRM Institute: Team Award
Kayla Gurganus
Leanne McGiveron
Mark Sullivan  

BRM Institute: Community of Interest Leader
Mark Sullivan  

BRM Institute: Global Impact
Leanne McGiveron  

BRM Institute: Arnie Award (BRM of the Year)
Leanne McGiveron  

Certified Business Relationship Manager® (CBRM®) Practitioner
Mark Sullivan
Leanne McGiveron  

BRM Certificate of Experience In Leading and Implementation of a BRM Program 
Leanne McGiveron  

Bravo Award
Kayla Gurganus Marvel
Tom Pluimer  

Thumbs Up
Aanya Jambhulkar
Lowell Williams  

Agile Alliance: Certified ScrumMaster
Lowell Williams  

Purdue: 15 years of service
Lowell Williams  

HDI-DAST (Desktop Advanced Service Technician)
Carol Reisert
Dio Chavez
Aaron Parrish
Jon Green
Jessica Reno
Daniel Newman
Michael Wilkins
Johnny Carroll
Justin Bryant
Ryan Stremke                   
Agricultural and Biological Engineering
Faculty and Staff Recognitions/Awards
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher – Agriculture: John Evans
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Department Teacher – Engineering: Mohit Verma
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Department Counselor: Al Heber
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Teacher Award for Clinical Faculty: Bob Stwalley
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Graduate Mentor and Teacher Award: Nate Mosier
2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Service to Students: David Wilson
2019 Faculty Excellence Award for Early Career Teaching: Abby Engelberth
2020 Faculty Promotions: Jiqin Ni – to Full Professor; David Umulis – to Full Professor
2020 Teaching for Tomorrow Fellowship Award: Kevin Solomon
2019 Early Career Award from Department of Energy: Kevin Solomon
2019 Educator Award at the North American Colleges and Teachers of Agriculture (NACTA) annual meeting: Dennis Buckmaster
2019 ADS/Hancor Soil and Water Engineering award at the ASABE meeting: Bernie Engel  

Undergraduate Scholarship/Award Recipients
Alumni & Friends of ABE Scholarships
Sofia R. Alfieri, Biological Engineering
Josephine M. Bauer, Biological Engineering
Zachary J. Bebar, Biological Engineering
Sonya A. Dervishian, Biological Engineering
Olivia R. Didat, Biological Engineering
Alyssa N. Easton, Biological Engineering
Sydney E. Fisher, Biological Engineering
Mari E. Leland, Biological Engineering
Emily T. Lintott, Biological Engineering
Kevin T. Massa, Biological Engineering
Marina Mehling, Biological Engineering
Julia E. Mollenhauer, Biological Engineering
Allison A. Murray, Biological Engineering
Lauren E. Novak, Biological Engineering
William F. Schmitt, Biological Engineering
Gabrielle M. Selvia, Biological Engineering
Peyton J. Shafer, Biological Engineering
Kunming Shao, Biological Engineering
Taylor M. Sorrell, Biological Engineering
Sangavi Subramani, Biological Engineering  

Bartlett Family ABE Scholarships
Chase R. Gripp, Ag. Systems Management
Xinhe Xie, Agricultural Engineering  

Bridgestone/Firestone Scholarship
Morgan I. Burgett, Agricultural Engineering  

Jason and Jenny Brown Scholarships
Emily M. Engle, Biological Engineering
Laura E. Flandermeyer, Biological Engineering
Kasey M. Martineau, Biological Engineering  

John R. Brubaker Scholarships
Clare M. McNicholas, Agricultural Engineering
Daizong Wu, Agricultural Engineering  

Bill Carteaux Scholarships
David M. Clark, Ag. Systems Management
Justin R. Johnson, Ag. Systems Management
Clare M. McNicholas, Agricultural Engineering
Daizong Wu, Agricultural Engineering  

CNH Scholarships
Austin A. Conrad, Ag. Systems Management
Kyle R. Fishburn, Agricultural Engineering
Hilal Kesim, Agricultural Engineering
Brooks A. Royal, Ag. Systems Management  

Consolidated Grain and Barge (CGB) Scholarships in Ag
Trenton Howard, Ag Systems Management
Hunter A. Magiera, Ag Systems Management  

Decker Family Scholarships
Allison A. Biddinger, Biological Engineering
Morgan N. Callin, Biological Engineering  

Bernie and Andrea Engel Scholarships
David M. Clark, Ag. Systems Management
Grace I. Filley, Agricultural Engineering  

Brad and Brenda Fife Scholarship
Austin D. Erdman, Ag Systems Management  

GEAPS Scholarships Brandon W. Apple, Ag Systems Management
Bryce L. Oliver, Ag Systems Management  

Jill & Michael Gough Scholarships
Clare M. McNicholas, Agricultural Engineering
Daizong Wu, Agricultural Engineering  

Larry & Lola Huggins Scholarships
Ziyuan Cheng, Agricultural Engineering
Mason C. Johnson, Ag. Systems Management
Justin W. Lammers, Ag. Systems Management
Samantha J. Logan, Biological Engineering
Sean J. Renwick, Biological Engineering
David J. Taylor, Ag. Systems Management  

Gerald W. and Phyllis J. Isaacs Scholarships
Andres A. Dextre, Biological Engineering
Grant T. Springer, Biological Engineering  

G.W. Krutz Scholarships
Daniel G. Foley, Agricultural Engineering
Chase R. Gripp, Ag. Systems Engineering
Zifeng Huang, Agricultural Engineering
Garrett J. Illa, Agricultural Engineering
Brittany E. Kent, Agricultural Engineering
Cassidy R. Lurk, Biological Engineering
Trevor W. Magaha, Agricultural Engineering
Qingzhuo Qi, Agricultural Engineering
Garret I. Smith, Ag. Systems Management  

Michael and Christine Ladisch Scholarships
Katherine R. Krick, Biological Engineering
Jacob A. Renfrow, Biological Engineering  

Ray Lien/Gary Krutz Legacy Scholarships
Shiying Chen, Agricultural Engineering
Nathan C. Sprague, Ag. Systems Management  

Larry and Molly Loehr Scholarships
Kate M. Sorg, Biological Engineering
Miles A. Thompson, Biological Engineering
Matthias A. Voglewede, Biological Engineering  

Bruce A. McKenzie Scholarships in Agriculture
Joel M. Huff, Ag. Systems Management
Mason C. Johnson, Ag. Systems Management
Justin W. Lammers, Ag. Systems Management
Grant W. Miller, Ag. Systems Management
Garret I. Smith, Ag Systems Management  

New Century Scholars Scholarships Funded by Bart and Karen Nelson, John B. Greiner and Alumni & Friends of ABE
Emily E. Aicher, Biological Engineering
Hayden L. Anderson, Ag. Systems Management
Allison J. Ayers, Biological Engineering
Amanda M. Blankenberger, Biological Engineering
Jenna L. Bradford, Biological Engineering
Avery A. Dorsch, Biological Engineering
Haley J. Etheridge, Agricultural Engineering
Blake M. Heath, Biological Engineering
Lillian E. Hough, Biological Engineering
Clayton S. Jarosinski, Agricultural Engineering
Lucas D. Johnson, Biological Engineering
Andrew J. Kelham, Ag. Systems Management
Jacob A. Klein-Cohen, Biological Engineering
Uel P.Kouame, Ag. Systems Management
Benjamin D. La Belle, Agricultural Engineering
Nikira Lane, Agricultural Engineering
Hyunbeen Lee, Biological Engineering
Emme A. Longman, Biological Engineering
Garret C. Manquen, Biological Engineering
Madeline J. Maurer, Biological Engineering
Michael M. McGovern, Biological Engineering
Hannah R. Mitchell, Biological Engineering
Bryce L. Oliver, Ag. Systems Management
Heidi L. Phelps, Ag. Systems Management
Ella L. Robinson, Agricultural Engineering
Natalia Rodriguez, Biological Engineering
Noah T. Spear, Ag. Systems Management
David R. Wagner, Biological Engineering  

Ni Family Scholarships in ABE
Shiying Chen, Agricultural Engineering
Ziyuan Cheng, Agricultural Engineering
Chen Fang, Agricultural Engineering
Zifeng Huang, Agricultural Engineering
Rundong Peng, Agricultural Engineering
Qingzhuo Qi, Agricultural Engineering    

Wen-Han Ni Memorial Scholarship
Brittany E. Kent, Agricultural Engineering  

Martin Okos Biological & Food Process Engr. Scholarships
Victoria A. Granat, Biological Engineering
Anthony P. Hegarty, Biological Engineering
Emma B. Keesling, Biological Engineering
Haley M. Kitchell, Biological Engineering
Jacob N. Long, Biological Engineering
Kathryn A. Myers, Biological Engineering
Rebecca C. Slaughter, Biological Engineering  

Martin Okos Biological & Food Process Engr. Scholarships
College of Agriculture Awardee: Natalia Rodriguez
College of Engineering Awardee: Victoria L. Wendt  

Parker Hannifin Scholarships
Morgan I. Burgett, Agricultural Engineering
Ziyuan Cheng, Agricultural Engineering
Clay E. Hunger,  Ag. Systems Management
Chaela M. Minor, Ag. Systems Management
Nathan C. Sprague, Ag. Systems Management  

Leroy & Mary Joyce Pickett Scholarship in honor of Bruce Liljedahl in ABE
Garrett J. Illa, Agricultural Engineering  

Matthew and Lesa Reynolds Scholarships
Chen Fang, Agricultural Engineering
Qingzhuo Qi, Agricultural Engineering
Eli Robinson, Ag. Systems Management  

Reynolds Field of Dreams Scholarships
Zifeng Huang, Agricultural Engineering
Joel M. Huff, Ag. Systems Management
Justin W. Lammers, Ag. Systems Management
Elyssa M. Lewis, Agricultural Engineering
Rundong Peng, Agricultural Engineering    

Harold Schramm Memorial Scholarships
Austin D. Erdman, Ag. Systems Management
Clay E. Hunger, Ag Systems Management
Justin R. Johnson, Ag. Systems Management  

Spillman ABE Scholarships
Rachel A. Damge, Biological Engineering
Laura A. Libera, Biological Engineering
Emma E. Lietzke, Biological Engineering  

Dr. Mack and Anna Strickland Scholarship
David J. Taylor, Ag Systems Management  
Ed and Pilar Vondell ABE Scholarship
Trevor W. Magaha, Agricultural Engineering  

Ziga Family Legacy Scholarships
Daniel G. Foley, Agricultural Engineering
Lina C. Trigg, Biological Engineering    

2019-2020 ABE Outstanding Undergraduate Students  
Bryce Oliver, Agricultural Systems Management
Lucas Johnson, Pre-ABE
Justin Lammers, Agricultural Systems Management
Nathan Sprague, Agricultural Engineering
Emma Keesling, Biological Engineering
Chaela Minor, Agricultural Systems Management
Brittany Kent, Agricultural Engineering
Marina Mehling, Biological Engineering
Jonathan Neff, Agricultural Systems Management
Adam Hemmelgarn, Agricultural Engineering
Reed Trende, Biological Engineering  

Graduate Student Recognitions and Awards
2019 Andrews Fellowship
Jared Flagler  
NSF Graduate Research Fellowships
Casey Hooker
Val Schull
Danielle Winter  
2019 Ross Fellowships
Josiah Levi Davidson
Daniel Hauersperger  
2019 GW Carver Fellowship
Rachel Scarlett  
2019 IIE Fulbright Fellowship
Camilo Torres Pardo  
2019 Lynn Fellowship
Sajad Jamshidi  
2020 Bilsland Dissertation Awards
Mahmoud Nour
Troy Tonner  
2020 Magoon Award Honorees
Ikenna Okekeogbu
Troy Tonner  
2020 College of Engineering Outstanding Service Award
Danielle Winter  
2020 College of Engineering Outstanding Research Award
Ethan Hillman  
2020 Graduate Teaching Award
Stephen Miloro  
2020 ABE Outstanding Graduate Student – M.S.
Zhengpu Chen  
2020 ABE Outstanding Graduate Student – Ph.D.
Jonathan Overton
Agricultural Economics
Tom Hertel: Lowell Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture; Quality of Communication Award 
Maria Marshall: Distinguished Extension/Outreach Program Award 10 or more years
John Sanders: Lowell Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture     
Farzad Taheripour: Quality of Communication Award

Graduate Students
Hira Channa: Outstanding Ph.D Dissertation Award
Brittni Echols: Outstanding M.S. Thesis   

Undergraduate Students
Dane Chapman: 2020 France A. Cordova Leadership in Action Award 
Mason Gordon: Commencement Responder:

Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication
Faculty Awards
ASEC Outstanding Graduate Mentor & Teacher Award: Levon Esters        
ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award: Kathryn Orvis             
ASEC Early Career Teaching Award: Linda Pfeiffer             
ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Counselor Award: Mark Tucker             
David C Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award: Mark Tucker     
Outstanding Graduate Mentor/Teacher Award: Levon Esters      
National Mentor of the Year Award: Levon Esters             
Southern Regional Education Board Outstanding Agricultural Educator- NC AAAE: Neil Knobloch 
Distinguished Ag Educator Teacher Award -NC AAAE: Neil Knobloch     
Outstanding Article Award of Journal of Agricultural Education, American Association for Agricultural Education: Neil Knobloch            
Post-Secondary Teacher of the Year, Indiana Association for Career and Technical Education: Allen Talbert                             
Outstanding Service Citation, National Association of Agricultural Educators: Allen Talbert             
Seed for Success Award: Hui-Hui Wang  
Teaching Leadership Award: Hui-Hui Wang          
Purdue University Teaching Academy for Instructional Excellence Teaching Leadership Award: Sarah LaRose           

Staff Awards
ASEC Outstanding Service to Students Award: Amy Conrad             

Graduate Student Awards                          
Outstanding Innovative Poster- NC AAAE: Melissa Grant with Dr. Sarah LaRose   
ASEC Outstanding Thesis: Ashley Rice     
ASEC Outstanding Dissertation: Torrie Cropps    
Hillard-Sizemore Research Course on African Americans and Education: Torrie Cropps     
A.C. T. Future Faculty Program (MSU): Zachary Brown      

Undergraduate Student Awards                              
ASEC Outstanding Freshman: Brittany Gonzales
ASEC Outstanding Sophomore: Grant Sanchez   
ASEC Outstanding Junior: Sohinee Bera 
ASEC Outstanding Senior: Emily Dougherty          
AFA (Agriculture Future of America) Student Ambassador: Grace Hasler 
IAAE-Purdue Outstanding Freshmen: Brittany Gonzales and Connor Wilson             
IAAE-Purdue Outstanding Sophomores: Hannah Mehringer and Kyle Swafford    
IAAE-Purdue Outstanding Juniors: Lauren Jacobs and Melissa Rudolph    
IAAE-Purdue Outstanding Senior: Leah Jacobs
J. Axtell- Meng-Yang Lin, Fabiana Moreira, each $1500
W. Nyquist- Liyang Chen $1500
M. Phillips- Lauren Schwark, Ana Ona, each $1500
J. Mannering- Daniel Welage, $1500
Dow- Richard Roth, Fabiana Moreira, Dakota Miller, each $1500  

Graduate Student Awards
M.O. Pence Award - N.D. Thompson
M.S. Research Award - Lauren Schwarck
Ph.D. Research Award - Rupesh Gaire
Graduate Teaching Award - Shams Ramani
Extension Award - Dakota Miller
Kristof Award - Ana Ona Ohlrogge
Award for Innovation in Agronomic Research -  Pauline Kageha Welikhe  
CoA Excellence in Teaching Award Nomination from Department- Charlotte Lee
Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award (departmentally determined)- Charlotte Lee
G.O. Mott (CSSA, departmentally determined)- Blake Russell.  

Undergraduate Student Awards
M.O. Pence Undergraduate Scholarship; G.A. Ross Outstanding Senior Man - Stephen Schwartz(double major Agronomy and Ag Econ)
ASA Outstanding Senior - Troye Hook
Outstanding Senior - Brooke Schaefer
Outstanding Junior - Audrey Kruse
Outstanding Sophomore - Andrew Thurman
Outstanding Freshman - Breawana Caldwell
Animal Sciences
Dr. Greg Fraley, Associate Professor of Animal Sciences and the Terry and Sandra Tucker Family Endowed Chair of Poultry Science, received the Outstanding Service Award from the Midwest Poultry Consortium for years of service volunteering to teach Physiology for the COE.
Dr. Ron Lemenager, Professor of Animal Sciences, and the Lemenager Cattle Company received the Indiana Forage Council Outstanding Producer Award in February 2020.
Dr. Elizabeth Karcher received the 2019 USDA National Award for Excellence in College and University Teaching-Teaching and Student Engagement Award.
Dr. Candace Croney was appointed a University Faculty Scholar.

Graduate Students
Morgan Thayer was named the Young and Upcoming Leader in Farm Journal Pork magazine.
Conor McCabe received the Lallemand Forward Scholarship-Masters Recipient and Targeting Excellence Scholarship from American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)
Tabitha Steckler received a Targeting Excellence Scholarship from American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)
Rebecca Klopp received a Targeting Excellence Scholarship from American Dairy Science Association (ADSA)
Amanda Botelho Alvarenga has received the Dr. Dagnatchew Yirgou Endowment Travel Award from Purdue University, College of Agriculture.
Danielle Marks received the 2019 PUCESA, Student in Extension Award  

Undergraduate Students
Grace Showalter was named Animal Sciences Outstanding Senior. 
Doria Gilberg was named Animal Sciences Outstanding Junior.
Madeline Milburn was named Animal Sciences Outstanding Sophomore.
Sara Tonissen was named Animal Sciences Outstanding Freshman.
ANSC Senior, Christian Brunner received first team All-American honors in wresting.
Doria Gilberg was named the College of Agriculture’s Outstanding Junior.
Sara Tonissen was named the College of Agriculture’s Outstanding Freshman.

Millionaire’s Club: Clint Chapple; Brian Dilkes
Clint Chapple received the Fellow of American Society of Plant Biologists Award.
Clint Chapple was elected to the Board of Directors for the American Society of Plant Biologists.
Orla Hart received the CoA Outstanding Teaching Award for Clinical Faculty.
Beth Tran was promoted to full Professor  

Joseph Lynch: Linda Siersema Staff Excellence Award
Iskander Ibrahim: Don Carlson Award recognizing post-doc or research staff for outstanding research accomplishments in the lab  

Graduate Students and Postdocs
Trevor Boram: Outstanding Teaching Assistant, Department of Biochemistry
Emma Lendy: PRF Research Award Srishti Chakravorty: Beach Family Travel Grant Trevor Boram: Beach Family Travel Grant
Saleem Dar: Henry Weiner Travel Grant
Kortany Baker : Henry Weiner Travel Grant
Eliana Torres-Zelada: Bilsland Dissertation Fellowship
Steven McKenzie: Henry A. Moses Award
Emma Lendy: Arnold K. Balls Award   

Undergraduate Students
Outstanding Biochemistry Freshman-Caden Tuinstra
Outstanding Biochemistry Sophomore-Clayton Hicks
Outstanding Biochemistry Junior-Ana Pascual-Garrigos
Outstanding Biochemistry Senior-Quin Waterbury  
Honor Society of the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (ASBMB) - Jacob Boyer  
Mortar Board Senior Honor Society - Jacob Boyer  
Graduate Certificate in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology - Kaylen Meeks  
Bernard Axelrod Memorial Scholarship
Rachel Onken
Emily Lloyd  
Dr. Stephan P. and Charlotte A. Coburn Undergraduate Scholarship in Biochemistry - Calvin Schiff  
Ray W. Fuller Memorial Scholarship - Emily Johnson  
Patrick C. Matchette Scholarship in Biochemistry - William Hadjis  
Edwin T. Mertz Memorial Scholarship   
Abigail Sipes   
Nathan Watervoot   
Livia Georgescu   
Jacob Boyer   
Thomas Audley   
Kimaya Bakhle   
Ogechukwu Ezenwa   
Renquiguo Li   
Ana Pascual-Garrigos   
Jocelyn Sheets   
Hannah Blum  
David and Mary Scheible Scholarship in Biochemistry   
Colin Hemme   
Clayton Hicks  
Kwok Yip Tso Scholarship - Adam Schluttenhofer
Donald and Rita Weeks Scholarship - Anna Donnelly  
Zhao-Herrmann Scholarship in Biochemistry - Anna Donnelly  
Zygmunt Family Scholarship in Biochemistry
Benjamin Holland   
Michah Lehe   
Caden Tuinstra   
Krishna Patel
Botany and Plant Pathology
Dr. Cathy Wu, Edward G. Jefferson Chair in Bioinformatics & Computational Biology, University of Delaware, was recognized as one of the Distinguished Agriculture Alumni Award recipients in March 2020.  
Dr. Lynda Ciufetti, Professor Emeritus, Department of Botany and Plant Pathology, Oregon State University, was selected as the 2020 Susan Bulkeley Butler Center Distinguished Women Scholars Award.    

Dr. Bryan Young was recognized as a 2020 Fellow of the Weed Science Society of America (WSSA). The Fellow award is the highest recognition bestowed upon members of the WSSA, and for many other scientific societies for that matter.  Fellows are recognized for their outstanding contributions to weed science through research, teaching, and Extension.   
Dr. Jin-Rong Xu was recognized as a 2020 Fellow of The American Phytopathological Society. Fellow recognition is based on significant contributions in one or more of the following areas: original research, teaching, administration, professional and public service, and/or extension and outreach.  
Dr. Dan Egel was one of the recipients of the Horticultural Conference and Expo outstanding service award.  
Dr. Anjali Iyer-Pascuzzi was recognized as one of the COA’s University Faculty Scholars in March 2020. This program recognizes outstanding faculty members at the WL campus who are on an accelerated path for academic distinction.
Purdue University Years of Service Awards: Nick Carpita (40 years) and Jin-Rong Xu, Bob Pruitt, and Dan Szymanski (all 20 years).  
Dr. Fred Whitford, Clinical Engagement Professor and Director of Purdue Pesticide Programs, was honored as an American Association Pesticide Safety Educators Association Fellow  
Dr. Chunhua Zhang won the Early Career Award at the International Conference on Arabidopsis Research (ICAR) 2019  
The following individuals were awarded 2020 Center for Plant Biology Seed Grants: Jody Banks, Chunhua Zhang, Michael Mickelbart, Gord McNickle  
COA Spring Awards
Dr . Peter Goldsbrough, BTNY Recipient David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor
Dr. Bryan Young, BTNY Recipient Kohls Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher
Dr. Gordon McNickle, BTNY Recipient Kohls Early Career Teaching Award
Lisa Gross, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Service to Student Award
Dr. Jeneen Abrams, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Teacher Award for Clinical Faculty
Dr. Cathie Aime, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Graduate Mentor and Teacher Award
Josh Randall, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Senior
Yufan Zhou, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Junior
Mia Brann, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Sophomore
Brenna Porsch, BTNY Recipient Outstanding Freshman    

John Cavaletto was recognized as the 2020 College of Agriculture Unsung Diversity Hero Award winner.
Dr.  Jeneen Abrams was showcased in American Agri-Womens’ (AAW)  “Women Heroes of Science & Technology” educational program
Cheri Janssen received the Purdue University Years of Service Award for her 30 years of service.  

Tri Tran, Graduate Student in the Iyer-Pascuzzi lab was awarded the Student Travel Award as well as the 3rd place- Student Oral Competition Award at the APS North Central Division Meeting in Cleveland, OH.  
In December 2019, the Purdue Weed Science group received several awards at the North Central Weed Science Society (NCWSS) at their annual meetings.  The following weed science graduate students received awards:  ·        
Connor Hodgskiss: 2nd place Poster in Agronomic Crops II: Soybean/Weed Biology & Ecology’ ·        
Matt Osterholt: 1st place Poster in Agronomic Crops II: Soybean/Application Technology and 1st place Paper in Agronomic Crops II: Soybean/Application Technology ·        
Ben Westrich: 1st place Poster in Agronomic Crops II: Soybean/Weed Biology & Ecology and 2nd place Paper in Herbicide Physiology and Molecular Biology
Marcelo Zimmer: 2nd place Paper in Agronomic Crops II: Soybean/Weed Biology & Ecology  
Matt Osterholt received 1st place for PhD poster at Weed Science Society of America (WSSA) annual meeting in Maui, HI (February 2020)  
Josh Kraft, Ph.D. Student, was featured in November 2019 in the Graduate Ag Research Spotlight as an individual who work reflects the COA’s commitment to the six strategic themes that guide Ag Research at Purdue.  
Samira Fatemi was awarded the Andrews Global Environmental Travel Award (Purdue Graduate School) and the Pathmaker Mentoring Award (College of Agriculture) - May 2020  
Teeratas Kijpornyongpan, Ph.D. Student with Cathie Aime, was recognized as the Weier Award for Outstanding Graduate Student in Botany and Plant Pathology. Teeratas received this honor at the 2019 Annual Research Showcase.  
Noel Mano was the 2019-20 BTNY recipient of the College of Ag Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award  
Amanpreet Kaur received the 2020 MGC Maize Annotation Jamboree Award, a scholarship provided by Maize Genetics Committee to participate in the Maize gene annotation jamboree held in March, 2020  
Zhuyun Bian received the 2019-20 PRF Research Grant  
Tiffanna Ross received the American Phytopathological Society (APS) Named Student Travel Award 2020  
Tri Tran, Katherine Rivera-Zuluaga, Amanpreet Kaur, Youngwoo Lee, and Rachel Hiles were all awarded a College of Agriculture Bayer AG and Bayer Crop Science Plant Breeding Travel Award.  
Blaise Jumbam received the Andrews Environmental Travel Award.  
The following graduate students were awarded a departmental travel award: Blaise Jumbam to attend the Mycological Society of America  in Minneapolis, MN
Kliffi Blackstone to attend the Ecological Society of America in Louisville, KY
Cade Kane to attend 4th Xylem International Meeting in Northern Italy
Fanni Lakato to attend International Association for Identification's Forensic Education Conference in Reno, NV  

Undergraduate Student Awards and Scholarships
Krista Johnson was highlighted in the College of Agriculture Envision publication in January 2020.  
Kristin Sauder received the “Best Undergraduate Poster Award” at the Botany and Plant Pathology Annual Research Showcase.  
BTNY Undergraduate Scholarships
BTNY Senior – Josh Randall ($1500)
BTNY Junior – Yufan Zhou ($1500)
BTNY Sophomore – Mia Brann ($1500)
BTNY Freshman – Brenna Porsch ($1500)    
Botany and Plant Pathology Departmental Scholarship
Monica Haughan $2500
Aileen Frazier $2500  
Mitchell Scholarship $2,500.00           
Mia Brann  $1,500.00          
Alex Angel  $1,500.00          
Joey Gerteisen  $2,500.00          
Josh Randall  $2,500.00          
Kristin Sauder  $2,500.00          
Ethan Smiley  $2,500.00          
Isabelle Turner  $2,500.00          
Ben Turner  $2,500.00          
Drew Wennmacher  

Awards from CPB  
CPB Assistantships
Cade Kane
Xiaohui Li
Daniel Cabada Gomez
Noel Mano
Tri Tran  
CBP Ambassadors
Yan Ju
Narender Kumar
Subramanian Sankaranarayanan  
CPB Travel Awards
Daniel Cabada Gomez
Kliffi Blackstone
Rachel Hiles
Tri Tran
Subramanian Sankaranarayanan
Katherine Rivera-Zuluaga
Youngwoo Lee
Yan Ju
Timothy Batz  
Brock Harpur: Entomological Society of America Early Career Award
Christian Krupke: Graduate Educator of the Year  

Mardelle Lorton: Outstanding Service Award in Entomology
Melissa Starkie: ESA 2nd Place - Oral Presentation  

Graduate Students and Post Docs
Ashley Leach: ESA 1st Place - Poster Presentation
Andrew Sweet: Purdue Libraries Open Access Fund
Aaron Ashbrook: NCUE & IPA Travel Award; Robert O. & Norma Y. Williams Pest Control Conference Award; Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Award; Shripat Kamble Urban Entomology Graduate Student Award for Innovative Research; Elanco Animal Health Travel Award
Sujan Dawadi: ESA 1st Place - Poster Presentation
Mathew Dittmann: Outstanding Service to Students in Entomology
Julius Eason: ESA Debate Team - 1st Place
Makini Fisher: ESA 2nd Place - Oral Presentation
Maya Fulton: Outstanding Freshman in Entomology
Sudip Gaire: Travel Award, Purdue Graduate Student Government; Elanco Animal Health Graduate Endowment Travel Award; Outstanding PhD Student in Entomology
Scott Gula: ESA Debate Team - 1st Place
Emily Justus: ESA 1st Place - Oral Presentation
Taylor Nelson: OVEA 3rd Place - MS Paper Presentation
Rajani Sapkota: National Conference on Urban Entomology (NCUE)/ Student travel award; 2019 College of Agricultures Dr. Dagnatchew Yirgou Endowment Travel Award
Christie Shee: Graduate School Excellence in Teaching Award
John Ternest: ESA Debate Team - 1st Place; Outstanding MS Student in Entomology
Jennifer Topolski: Teaching Academy Graduate Teaching Award
Zachary Wolfe: ESA 2nd Place - Oral Presentation  

Undergraduate Students
Julia Betz: Outstanding Senior in Entomology
Jack Stevens: Outstanding Sophomore in Entomology
Drew Wennmacher, Outstanding Junior in Entomology
Food Science
Bruce Applegate: Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher  
Christian Butzke: Purdue Ventures AgCelerator Award, Purdue Foundry (2020); Purdue College of Agriculture Millionaire's Club, College of Agriculture.
Amanda Deering: Purdue University College of Agriculture Millionaire’s Club
Yaohua "Betty" Feng: Emerging Faculty Impact Award, Purdue University, College of Agriculture, PK-12 Council; 2019-2020 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow, Purdue University; National Multistate Collaboration Award, the National Extension Association of Family and Consumer Sciences; The National Excellence in Multistate Research Award, The Association of Public and Land-Grant Universities (APLU) and the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Institute of Food and Agriculture (NIFA)
Bruce Hamaker: Innovators Hall of Fame
Jen-Yi Huang: Finalist of Young Food Engineer Award, Elsevier's Journal of Food Engineering, 13th International Congress on Engineering and Food.         
Lisa Mauer: 2019 Institute of Food Technologists Research & Development Award, IFT; College of Agriculture Millionaire’s Club, Purdue University; Purdue Interim Associate Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs
Suzanne Nielsen: Lowell Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture
Haley Oliver: 2019 Corinne Alexander Spirit of the Land Grant Mission Award, College of Agriculture
Yuan Yao: University Faculty Entrepreneurial Scholar  

Erik Kurdelak: Outstanding Service Award 2019  
Katie Barnett: Selected into Indiana Ag Leadership Program Class of 2020
Laurie VanKeppel: Outstanding Service to Students Award 2019     

Graduate Students
Xingjian Bia: Bilsland Fellows Award
Jose Bonilla: First Place in the Global Food Science Student Competition at Jiangnan University, Wuxi, China
Jingfan Chen: PRF Grant Award 
Dennis Cladis: Vitamin World Travel Award for research excellence; Runner-up, ASN Emerging Leaders in Nutrition poster competition (Dietary Bioactive Components Research Interest Section)
Jingfan Chen: 3rd place, 11th Annual Best Student Research Paper Competition 2019, Cereals & Grains Association
Enrico Federici: IFT protein division poster competition 2nd place; ABE Purdue Industrial research symposium Biotechnology, Regulations, Food Processing 1st place (2020)
Anna Hayes: Purdue Graduate Student Government Travel Grant Recipient; Institute of Food Technologists (IFT) Carbohydrate Division, Outstanding Service Award; Phi Tau Sigma Honor Society of Food Science, Dr. Gideon ‘Guy’ Livingston Scholarship Recipient; Society of Rheology Student Travel Grant
Harrison Helmick: Cereals and Grains Student Association Vice Chair, Cereals & Grains annual meeting, Denver   
Morgan Malm: Indiana Statehouse Honoree-Soybean Product Development Award
Cindy Mayorga: Fulbright Scholarship, 2019-2021
Halak Mehta: 1st in IFT Food Engineering Division Competition in June 2019
Natalie Mudd: Ross Fellows Assistantship Award
Carine Nkemngong: B.J. Liska Teaching Award    
Adrianna Pilch: ARGE Graduate Diversity Research Award
Adam Quinn: ARGE Graduate Diversity Research Award 
Monica Richmond: Lynn Fellows Assistantship Award     
Tahrima Rouf: Poster Competition Finalist, Food Packaging Division, Institute of Food Technologists annual meeting, New Orleans     
Maria Belen: Salazar Tijerno International Society of Beverage Technologist (ISBT) Scholarship
Manalee Samaddar: PRF Grant Award
Joseph King: 3rd Place finish of Product Development Competition,  American Society of Baking (group project)  
Anbuhkani (Connie) Muniandy: 3rd Place finish of Product Development Competition,  American Society of Baking (group project)
Julia Schimdt: 3rd Place finish of Product Development Competition,  American Society of Baking (group project)
Merve Yildirim Erturk: Society of Rheology Student Travel Grant  

Undergraduate Students
Joe Brisco: Outstanding Undergrad Recipient – Senior
Erin Sukala: Outstanding Undergrad Recipient  - Junior   
Joseph Gleason: Outstanding Undergrad Recipient - Sophomore
Isabell Mahin: Outstanding Undergrad Recipient – Freshman
Forestry and Natural Resources
Songlin Fei, W. S. Cooper Award, Ecological Society of America 2019
Elizabeth Flaherty, Teaching Leadership Award, Purdue University Teaching Academy and Center for Instructional Excellence; Charles B. Murphy Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award; Inducted as a Purdue Teaching Academy Fellow; Nominee, USDA National Award for Excellence in College and University Teaching in the Food and Agricultural Sciences Program; Teaching Leadership Award, Purdue University Teaching Academy and the Center for Instructional Excellence
Jason Hoverman, University Faculty Scholar
Linda Prokopy, Soil Water Conversation Society Fellow
Eva Haviarova, William Hoover Outstanding Faculty Service Award
Mitch Zischke is the chapter advisor of the Purdue American Fisheries Society which was named as the most active chapter at the national annual conference.
Zhao Ma, University Faculty Scholar  

Dr. Anna Bruniche received a prestigious two-year Carlsberg Foundation Reintegration Fellowship at the University of Copenhagen.  

Rebecca Koetz, 2019 Community Spirit Award presented by APSAC and CSSAC
Andy Coursey, FNR Outstanding Clerical or Service Award
Cortney Mycroft, FNR Outstanding Administrative Professional Award
Megan Gunn, College of Agriculture PK-12 Council’s Excellence Staff Award
Melissa Widhalm of the Purdue Climate Change Research Center was named as a 2020 Hoosier Resilience Hero by the Indiana University Environmental Resilience Institute.    

Graduate Students
Jonathan Knott, 2020 outstanding TA for the College of Agriculture.
Soraida Garcia, Science of Team Science 2019 Community Award for Outstanding Poster.  Engagement Models of Science Communication: Working Tools for Team Researchers at the Micro Level. 
Becca Nixon, 3rd place award, Doctoral Oral Paper Competition, West Lakes Division of the American Association of Geographers at their 2019 meeting.
Brandon Quinby, FNR the Outstanding Graduate Student Award
Aishwarya Chandrasekaran, First Prize poster at the Purdue GIS Day
Logan Billet, Kirkpatrick Memorial Graduate Student Award
Alison Ochs, first place honors, Beijing Forestry University Summer Camp
Taylor Senegal, Best Student Poster Award, International Association for Great Lakes Research.
Geoffrey Williams received a Fulbright Grant.  

Undergraduate Students
The Wildlife Society chapter Quiz Bowl team, first place at the National Wildlife Society Convention.  Team members were Garret Cooney, Amanda Heltzel, Jessa Newby and Tabitha Olsen.
The Purdue student chapter of the American Fisheries Society, most active student subunit of AFS presented by the North-Central Division of AFS, Midwest Fish and Wildlife Conference
Elliott Sass, first place with his team at the Weed & Feed Competition of the agBot Challenge.  

Forestry Awards:
Senior Leadership Award: Kellee Edington
Sophomore Academic Merit Award: Lina Bernabe
Junior Academic Merit Award: Esther Mussman
Senior Academic Merit Award: Kellee Edington
Stanley Coulter Nominee: Cassidy Robinson
Outstanding Camper: Charles Warner  

Aquatic Science Awards
Senior Leadership Award: Tevin Tomlinson
Sophomore Academic Merit Award: Emilie Washer
Junior Academic Merit Award: Logan Halderman
Senior Academic Merit Award: Tevin Tomlinson
Stanley Coulter Nominee: Tevin Tomlinson
Outstanding Camper: Grace Walker  

Wildlife Awards 
Senior Leadership Award: Garret Cooney
Sophomore Academic Merit Award: Jada Laycock
Junior Academic Merit Award: Samantha Smock
Senior Academic Merit Award: Breanne Weida
Stanley Coulter Nominee: Amanda Heltzel
Outstanding Camper: Amanda Heltzel and Sean Fulp
Durward Allen Memorial Award: Amanda Heltzel
L. David Mech Distinguished Undergraduate Research Award: Anna Downing
William A. Rafferty Award: Rachel Brummet  

Margo Taylor, FNR Outstanding Freshman
Emilie Washer, FNR Outstanding Sophomore
Brandon Sosa, FNR Outstanding Junior
Alexandra Verdeja-Perez, FNR Outstanding Senior
Amanda Heltzel, Stanley Coulter Award
Peyton Clark, first place, Indiana Soybean Alliance Innovation Competition                
Horticulture and Landscape Architecture
Faculty/Staff Awards  
Benjamin, Tamara - Purdue Agriculture TEAM Award, Purdue University
Hoagland, Lori A. - Acorn Seed of Excellence, Purdue University; Millionaire Club award, Purdue University; Fulbright Scholar Award, Fulbright and ICETEX
Janick, Jules - Fellow, National Academy of Inventors, National Academy of Inventors; 2020 Lowell Hardin Memorial Award for Excellence in International Agriculture 
Maynard, Elizabeth T. - Career Award, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association
Meyers, Stephen L. - 40 Under 40, Great American Media Services; Geoff Guyton Innovation in Extension Technology Award, Mississippi State University-Extension
Mitchell, Cary A. -HLA nominee for Outstanding Mentor in the College of Agriculture 2019, HLA
Nemali, Krishna - PUCESA Early Career Award, Purdue University; Seed for Success Award, Purdue University
Orick, John - PUCESA Leadership Award, Purdue University Cooperative Extension Specialists Association
Orvis, Kathryn S. - ASEC Outstanding Undergraduate Teaching Award, Dept. ASEC
Patton, Aaron J. - Mid-Career Award, Purdue Cooperative Extension Specialists' Association
Rotar, Sean M. - Outstanding Counselor in HLA- Nominee for Pfendler Award, Purdue University; Outstanding Undergraduate Teacher in HLA- Nominee for Kohls Award, Purdue University
Thompson, Aaron - 2019-2020 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow, Purdue University; Award of Excellence in Analysis and Planning, Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture; Honor Award in Analysis and Planning, Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture; Honor Award in Design Works, Indiana Chapter of the American Society of Landscape Architecture; IMPACT Fellow, Purdue University
Torres Bravo, Ariana P. - PUCESA Early-Career Award, PUCESA; Acorn Award: Seed for Success, Purdue University
Widhalm, Joshua R. - Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture Nominee, The Richard L. Kohls Early Career Teaching Award, College of Agriculture, Purdue University
Zhu, Jian-Kang - 2019 Highly Cited Researcher in Plant and Animal Science, Web of Science, Clarivate Analytics  

Postdoc Awards
Patrick, Ryan - awarded a Post-Doctoral Fellowship from USDA NIFA.  

Graduate Student Awards
Jahed, Khalil - Schmidt Science Fellow Nominee, Purdue University
Meyer, George - awarded a Graduate Research Award from the Center for Plant Biology
Jahed, Khalil - awarded the U.P. Hedrick Award from the American Pomological Society
Powlen, Jada received the Chris Stiegler Memorial Graduate Travel Award and Fellowship from the Turf Science Division, Crop Science Society of America.
Rachel McCoy - Outstanding Graduate Research Award, Ph.D.
Orlando Rodriguez - Outstanding Graduate Extension Award
Ranjeeta Adhikari - Outstanding Graduate Teaching Award  

Undergraduate Student Awards
Daniel Zuercher, 2019 HLA Outstanding Senior
Megan Hedges, 2019 HLA Outstanding Junior
Nicole Achor, 2019 HLA Outstanding Sophomore
Clarissa Simnick, 2019 HLA Outstanding Freshman

Natural Resources and Environmental Science
Outstanding Students
Senior – Kylie Bright
Junior – Mazie Bernard
Sophomore – Serae Neidigh
First Year – Olivia Wyrick  

Citizenship Award
Senior – Ashley Dittman
Junior – Silenze Esquivel-Benjamin
Sophomore – Amanda Heideman
First Year – Zachary Neff  

Ambassador of the Year
Ashley Dittman   Dittmar

Scholarship Recipients
Josie Beach
Katarina Sacksteder
Katey Myers  

Udall Scholar
Grace Johnson