Many people hope to receive an Amazon Echo this holiday season.

December Newsletter | Alexa

Get The Most From Alexa...

Many people hope to receive an Amazon Echo this holiday season—the most popular voice-control device on the market. 

Although it's true that Alexa can make life easier, if you don't know how to get the most from voice control, you could be missing out. 

Learn how to get maximum enjoyment from your Amazon Echo by contacting Buday's.

We will show you how to combine the right mix of home entertainment and smart devices so you acquire ultimate convenience and control.

Life should be simpler.
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In case you missed the "Fresh Pressed Juice" newsletter article:
How to Get Out of the SLOW Lane
UPDATE YOUR INTERIORSo, the big dude in the red suit risked life and limb scurrying down your chimney to drop a new 4K Apple TV or Xbox One X in your stocking this year. Lucky you! You’ll be rewarded with some pretty spectacular video, and all manner of other great stuff, but…..

Yes, there’s one of those. Come on, you knew there would be. It turns out we were wrong. No, really, it happens occasionally. We’ve blathered on here about your network’s importance over the years, but it turns out we really understated its significance.


Now that virtually every TV is 4K, and many other boxes that plug into it are too, it’s like trying to pour a river through a straw. There’s more 4k content available, with more and more arriving every day. Compounding matters, everything from baby cameras to your Tesla hogs your network’s bandwidth. Then, there’s the pachyderm hanging out on your Florence Knoll…..

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