Purdue Agriculture InFocus

May 2021, Part 1

From the Dean

Karen Plaut
This issue of Purdue Agriculture InFocus is devoted entirely to celebrating all our award winners in the College of Agriculture throughout the 2020-2021 academic year.

This issue features select national, international, university, and college awards. The second issue, which you’ll see soon, will contain all the awards from our units and departments.

Congratulations to all of our award and recognition recipients at all levels, and thanks to all of those who supported our winners in the classroom, put together award nominations, or were involved in the recognition process in some way. We work hard to make sure everything is included in these issues, but if we missed any award winners, please let us know!

This has been another highly unusual academic year, but my thanks go to all who have stepped up to make the best of this situation. Thanks very much for all you do to make Purdue Agriculture great. Have a great summer!

All the best,
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Fellows and Select National/International Awards

Mary Catherine Aime
Mary Catherine Aime, Botany & Plant Pathology: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
David Barbarash
David Barbarash, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Excellence in Design Studio Teaching (Jr. Level), Council of Educators for Landscape Architecture
Mary Catherine Aime
Cale Bigelow, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Crop Science Teaching Award, Crop Science Society of America 
Jeffrey Dukes
Jeffrey Dukes, Forestry & Natural Resources: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science
Levon Esters Levon Esters, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Fulbright Scholar Award; 2020-2021 ALP Fellow, Big 10 Academic Alliance
Liz Flaherty
Elizabeth Flaherty, Forestry and Natural Resources: National Institute for Food and Agriculture (NIFA) National Teaching Award; Student Chapter Advisor of the Year, The Wildlife Society
Jane Frankenberger
Jane Frankenberger, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Fellow, American Society of Agricultural and Biological Engineers
Margaret Gitau
Margaret Gitau, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Fellow, Carnegie Diaspora Fellowship Program
Orla Hart
Orla Hart, Biochemistry: Education Fellow, American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
Eva Haviarova
Eva Haviarova, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2021 Distinguished Educator Award, Society of Wood Science and Technology
Klein Ileleji
Klein Ileleji, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: 2020 Award of Excellence, African Network of the American Society of Agricultural & Biological Engineering 
Karen Plaut
Karen Plaut, Glenn W. Sample Dean of Agriculture: Fellow, American Dairy Science Association
Douglas Richmond
Douglas Richmond, Entomology: Excellence in Extension, American Society of Agronomy
Mark Russell
Mark Russell, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Murray Brown Leadership Award, National American Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture
Clifford Sadof
Clifford Sadof, Entomology: Excellence in Extension, American Society of Horticultural Science
Darrell Schulze
Darrell Schulze, Agronomy: Fellow, Soil Science Society of America
Ron Turco
Ron Turco, Agronomy: President-Elect, Soil Science Society of America
JinRong Xu
Andrea Vacca, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: Joseph Bramah Medal, Institution of Mechanical Engineers     
Hui-Hui Wang
Hui-Hui Wang, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Distinguished Early Career Member, North Central American Association for Agricultural Education
Rod Williams
Rod Williams, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2019-2020 ALP Fellow, Big 10 Academic Alliance
JinRong Xu
Jin-Rong Xu, Botany and Plant Pathology: Fellow, American Association for the Advancement of Science     
Graduate Students
Danielle Marks
Danielle Marks, Animal Sciences: Graduate Student Teaching Award, National Colleges & Teachers of Agriculture
Undergraduate Students
Olivia West
Olivia West, Agricultural Economics: National MANRRS Business Pitch Contest Winner

University Awards and Recognitions

Brady Brewer
Brady Brewer, Agricultural Economics: Scholarship of Engagement Fellow
Bo Beaulieu Bo Beaulieu, Agricultural Economics: 2021 Faculty Engagement Fellow Award
Christian Butzke
Christian Butzke, Food Science: Online Excellence in Course Design and Teaching Award
Brian Dilkes
Brian Dilkes, Biochemistry: University Faculty Scholar
Levon Esters Levon Esters, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Jefferson Award
Darrin Karcher Darrin Karcher, Animal Sciences: 2021 Faculty Engagement Scholar Award
Sarah LaRose
Sarag LaRose, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Teaching for Tomorrow Fellow
Jayson Lusk
Jayson Lusk, Agricultural Economics: LuAnn Aday Award
Maria Marshall
Maria Marshall, Agricultural Economics: 2020 Faculty Engagement Fellow Award
Krishna Nemali
Krishna Nemali, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Scholarship of Engagement Fellow
Haley Oliver
Haley Oliver, Food Science: University Faculty Scholar
Aaron Patton
Aaron Patton, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: University Faculty Scholar
Aaron Thompson
Aaron Thompson, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: 2020 Scholarship of Engagement Fellow
Elizabeth Tran
Elizabeth Tran, Biochemistry: Purdue Cancer Research Award
Josh Widhalm Josh, Widhalm, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Ralph W. and Grace M. Showalter Research Trust Award
Kimber Nicoletti-Martinez
Kimber Nicoletti-Martinez, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Jefferson Award
Andy Oppy
Andy Oppy, Agricultural Economics: Purdue Academic Advising Association Outstanding Advisor Award
Jo Thomas
Jo Thomas, Agricultural Economics: Purdue Academic Advising Association Outstanding New Advisor Award
Undergraduate Students
Kyle Albertson
Kyle Albertson, Agricultural Economics: 2021 Tyler Trent Courage & Resilience Award
Johnnie "Junior" Cheng
Johnnie (Junior) Cheng, Animal Sciences: France A. Córdova Leadership in Action Award
Kamryn Dehn
Kamryn Dehn, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2020 Tyler Trent Courage & Resilience Award

College of Agriculture Awards and Recognitions

Laura Bowling
Laura Bowling, Agronomy and Natural Resources & Environmental Science: David C. Pfendler Outstanding Counselor Award
Dennis Buckmaster
Dennis Buckmaster, Agricultural and Biological Engineering: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Teacher Award
Young-Hee Cho Young-Hee Cho, Food Science: Outstanding Clinical Faculty Teacher Award
Amanda Deering Amanda Deering, Food Science: PUCESA Outstanding Early Career Extension Specialist Award
Songlin Fei Songlin Fei, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2020 Agricultural Research Award
Corey Gerber Corey Gerber, Entomology: Student Choice Spotlight Educator    
Mark Hall Mark Hall, Biochemistry: PK-12 Emerging Faculty Award
Bruce Hamaker
Bruce Hamaker, Food Science: Corinne Alexander Spirit of the Land-Grant Mission Award; Lowell S. Hardin Award for Excellence in International Agriculture
Brady Hardiman Brady Hardiman, Forestry & Natural Resources: Richard L. Kohls Outstanding Early Career Teacher Award
Tomas Hook Tomas Höök, Forestry & Natural Resources: 2021 Agricultural Research Award
Linda Lee Linda Lee, Agronomy: Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Faculty
Andrew Mesecar Andrew Mesecar, Biochemistry: Outstanding Graduate Mentor and Teacher Award
James Mintert James Mintert, Agricultural Economics, PUCESA Career Award
Bob NIelsen Bob Nielsen, Agronomy, 2020 Honorary Master Farmer, Indiana Prairie Farmer and Purdue College of Agriculture
Joe Ogas Joe OgasBiochemistry: PK-12 Emerging Faculty Award
Stefan Paula Stefan Paula, Biochemistry: PK-12 Emerging Faculty Award
Mark Russell Mark Russell, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication: Frederick L. Hovde Award of Excellence
Josh Widhalm Josh, Widhalm, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture: Unsung Diversity Hero Award - Faculty
Faculty Promotions
Assistant to Associate
John J. Couture, Entomology
Sadegh Dabiri, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Meng Deng, 
Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Marisa A. Erasmus, Animal Sciences
Jen-Yi Huang, Food Science
Bhagyashree Katare, Agricultural Economics
Stephen R. Lindemann, Food Science
Mohsen Mohammadi, Agronomy
Linda J. Pfeiffer, Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication
Carson J. Reeling, Agricultural Economics
Nathanael M. Thompson, Agricultural Economics
Ariana P. Torres Bravo, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Hui-Hui Wang, Agricultural Sciences Education & Communication
Joshua R. Widhalm, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Gyeongmee Yoon, Botany & Plant Pathology
Mo Zhou, Forestry & Natural Resources

Associate to Professor
Lori A. Hoagland, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture
Jason T. Hoverman, Forestry & Natural Resources  
Michael V. Mickelbart, Botany & Plant Pathology
Jacob E. Ricker-Gilbert, Agricultural Economics

To Clinical Associate Professor
Wenjing Guan, Horticulture & Landscape Architecture    

To Research Professor
Farzad Taheripour, Agricultural Economics
Staff Awards and Recognitions
Cory Brenner Cory Brenner, Food Science: Unsung Diversity Hero Award
Jared Brooke Jarred Brooke, Forestry and Natural Resources: PK-12 Excellence Staff Award
Linda Curley Linda Curley, Extension: Corps of Engagement (Families Together)
Carolyn Foley Carolyn Foley, Forestry & Natural Resources: Unsung Diversity Hero Award
Andy Oppy Andy Oppy, Agricultural Economics: Outstanding Club/Organization Advisor, Student Choice Award
Laurie Van Keppel Laurie Van Keppel, Food Science: Service to Students Award
LeeAnn Williams LeeAnn Williams, Agricultural Economics: Outstanding Servant Leadership, Student Choice Award
College of Agriculture TEAM Award
Tipping Point Planner Team

Kristen Bellisario, Forestry and Natural Resources
Jingqui Chen, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Bernie Engel,
 Agricultural & Biological Engineering 
Brian Miller, Forestry and Natural Resources
Bryan Pijanowski, Forestry and Natural Resources
Kara Salazar, Forestry and Natural Resources
Lydia Utley, Forestry and Natural Resources
Daniel Walker, Forestry and Natural Resources
Graduate Students
Elizabeth Allmon Elizabeth "Lizz" Allmon, Forestry and Natural Resources: 2021 Purdue Agriculture Graduate Student Pathmaker Award, PhD Level
Madeline Montague Madeline Montague, Forestry and Natural Resources: 2021 Purdue Agriculture Graduate Student Pathmaker Award, MS Level
Troy Tonner Troy Tonner, Agricultural & Biological Engineering: 2021 Purdue Agriculture Outstanding Teaching Assistant  
Food Science
Food Science Graduate Student Association: Unsung Diversity Hero Team Award
Undergraduate Students
Claire Fisher Outstanding Freshman: Claire Fisher, Animal Sciences
Halee Fisher Outstanding Sophomore: Halee Fisher, Agricultural Economics
Clayton Hicks Outstanding Junior: Clayton Hicks, Biochemistry
Chaela Minor Outstanding Senior: Chaela Minor, Agricultural & Biological Engineering
Agriculture Students Elected to Phi Beta Kappa
Amanda N. Heltzel
Ally E. Jacoby
Julia P. Schmidt
Emma R. Wade

Kimaya Bakhle
Jada N. Laycock
Serae N. Neidigh
Abigail Sipes