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February 2022 Newsletter

What we wish, we readily believe...
“What we wish, we readily believe, and what we ourselves think, we imagine others think also.”  ~ Julius Caesar

This quote nicely sums up why some of today’s good managers and leaders struggle in their roles.  They wish to be seen as considerate, effective, trust-worthy, decisive, innovative, or open-minded and so they believe others see them that way as well.  They may also think their approach to any given problem is the best of all possible options or they’re stuck in the mindset that “the way things have always been done here” is how things must be done.
As a result, they have difficulty dealing with others who see issues and opportunities from a different perspective.

Unfortunately, these good managers and leaders are often blind to the fact they’re sometimes perceived as rude, abrasive, defensive, or disrespectful.  They may also close their ears to any feedback regarding their proposals and/or procedures which may contain inaccuracies or faulty thinking.  Further, they often make decisions without first consulting their in-house experts or they’re unresponsive to employee concerns   Even worse, they’re often oblivious to the fact they’re the cause of turnover (commonly referred to today as the “Great Resignation”) or a lack of engagement on the part of those who work for them.
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Mending The Engagement Gap
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