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  November 2017

Practical Implications of Investment Theory

Many investment principles used to develop investment portfolios are derived from one investment theory — the Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM). What exactly is this theory and how does it apply to your investments?
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Umbrella Insurance: An Added Layer of Protection

Your standard insurance policies have liability coverage limits. If you’re sued, you could quickly exceed those limits. Umbrella insurance (sometimes called personal liability insurance) is a type of supplemental insurance coverage designed to protect you from that possibility.
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How to Avoid Credit Card Dependence

As of the end of 2016, the total average household debt was over $132,000, which has significantly increased from 2002, when it was just over $88,000. Over the past 13 years, income has grown by 28%, while the cost of living has increased by 30% in that same time period (Source: CNBC, December 13, 2016).
[FULL ARTICLE...How to Avoid Credit Card Dependence]

5 Reasons to Start Saving More

Saving money is a bit like exercising. We all know how important both are, but it can be hard to actually get into the habit of doing either. If you’re interested in getting started with savings or want to save more, here are five reasons to help keep you motivated.
[FULL ARTICLE...5 Reasons to Start Saving More]

Watching Your Stocks

No matter how often you prefer to monitor your stocks’ performance, there are certain items you should consider. Here are five things to review…
[FULL ARTICLE...Watching Your Stocks]


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