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April PCC Meeting
Thank you for joining us for the April meeting of the Purdue Communicators Council. You can download the meeting presentation by clicking on the button below or view the meeting recording here
May PCC Meeting
Mark your calendar for the next Purdue Communicators Council meeting. This meeting will be held on Microsoft Teams. 
Date: May 21
Time: 1:30-2:30 p.m.  
Meeting Link: Microsoft Teams Meeting
Purdue in the News
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Astronaut Panel From the Total Solar Eclipse Event at IMS, Presented by Purdue University 
In this episode of “This Is Purdue,” we’re talking to five members of Purdue’s Cradle of Astronauts: Sirisha Bandla (BS aeronautical and astronautical engineering ’11), Drew Feustel (BS solid earth sciences ’89, MS geophysics ’91), Beth Moses (BS aeronautical and astronautical engineering ’92, MS aeronautics and astronautics ’94), Mark Polansky (BS aeronautical and astronautical engineering ’78, MS aeronautics and astronautics ’78) and Audrey Powers (BS aeronautical and astronautical engineering ’99). 
These five Purdue astronauts came together for the first time at the live “This Is Purdue” podcast panel during the Indianapolis Motor Speedway’s Total Solar Eclipse Viewing Event, presented by Purdue University.  
Listen as this panel of astronauts, which includes Boilermakers with both NASA and commercial spaceflight backgrounds at Virgin Galactic, Blue Origin and Barrios Technology, share what they found most surprising about their personal experiences in space, the specialness behind viewing a total solar eclipse with more than 50,000 people at the iconic IMS and their perspectives on where the future of spaceflight is heading. 
Plus, you’ll hear how the journeys and legacies of past Boilermaker astronauts brought them to Purdue, how their passion for space exploration deepened as students and what it means to them to inspire the next generation to take the leap into space as future members of Purdue’s Cradle of Astronauts. 
Check out this memorable episode — it’s only on “This Is Purdue,” the official Purdue University podcast! 
astronaut panel
Communicators' Tip of the Week
Purdue Plans Groundbreaking for Earhart Terminal, Inaugural Flight of Commercial Air Service
Purdue University will hold a groundbreaking for its new Amelia Earhart Terminal and celebrate the return of commercial flight to Purdue University Airport and Greater Lafayette with a ceremonial first flight on May 14.
Commercial Flight at Purdue
Meet Purdue Global professor Ginger Cameron: ‘Why I Teach Public Health’ 
A Purdue Global professor in public health, Ginger Cameron says she hopes her students learn to not be afraid of mistakes. Read her story on The Persistent Pursuit. 
Cameron Ginger
Accept Your Offer Content Package
Students who are admitted to Purdue West Lafayette or Purdue University in Indianapolis have until June 1 to accept their offer of admission.

This content package includes assets for each campus and is perfect for all schools and colleges as they yield students during the spring semester. It can be used until 11:59 p.m. on June 1. You can choose from social assets, the “All Hail Purdue” video and the “Accept Your Offer FAQs” video.
The Art and Science of Headline Writing
Perhaps technically not rocket science, but headline writing is certainly an art. And often its value is as important, if not more so, than the first paragraph of a news story or feature. So help your own writing or that of your communications teammates by taking this part of your writing assignment seriously. Here a few quick headline-writing pointers to ponder:
  • Like any solid sentence, headlines need a subject and a strong verb.
  • Think of the headline as if it were the book title of your short story.
  • Use active, not passive, voice.
  • Use fresh, inviting language to spark curiosity for reading the full story.
  • Avoid the use of label heads — those that might offer a topic but don’t say anything about it; they’re simply nouns or noun phrases without an action (verb).
  • While you’re at it, avoid gerund-driven headlines, those where the action is not actually a verb but a noun born of a verb by adding -ing to the end.

Here are links to additional tips on how to write ever better headlines:
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