Purdue Agriculture InFocus

Fall 2021

Join us in welcoming these new
Purdue Agriculture faculty members.
Julia Bello-Bravo
Julia Bello-Bravo, Assistant Professor, Agricultural Sciences Education and Communication. Dr. Bello-Bravo's research is positioned at the intersection of communication and educational studies with a specialization in communication strategies within developing countries. She comes to Purdue from Michigan State University. Much of Bello-Bravo’s work is focused on Sub-Saharan Africa and developing scalable strategies for education approaches in low-literate areas. She is the co-founder and co-director of Scientific Animations Without Boarders (SAWBO), which creates educational animations that aid in the transfer of scientific knowledge. 
Brenna Ellison
Brenna Ellison, Associate Professor, Agricultural Economics. Dr. Ellison's research focuses on how consumers make decisions surrounding food and how access to information and environmental factors impact these decisions. She comes to Purdue from the University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, where she was part of the division of nutritional sciences. Ellison’s research centers on a number of different specific questions regarding consumer food choices, including how university students make decisions in dining halls, whether or not menu labeling legislation is effective and which production claims (e.g. organic, antibiotic-free) are most important to consumers.
Hana Hall
Hana Hall, Associate Research Professor, Biochemistry. Dr. Hall's research centers on genetic screening and DNA repair. She came to Purdue in 2005 as a post-doctoral research associate in medicinal chemistry and molecular pharmacology. During her time as a post-doc, Hall established a genetic screening facility at the Bindley Bioscience Center and worked in collaboration with five other Purdue laboratories.
Krystal Hans
Krystal Hans, Assistant Professor, Entomology. Dr. Hans’ specialty is forensic entomology. Her chief area of research centers on blow flies, which she studies to better understand how the flies and their larvae behave at certain temperatures, how temperatures influence blow flies and what insect signatures on corpses can tell experts about a deceased body’s geographic movement. Hans has also studied the effect television shows like CSI can have on students’ perceptions of the forensic sciences.
James Markworth
James Markworth, Assistant Professor, Animal Sciences. Dr. Markworth's research focuses on examining skeletal muscle flexibility and how nutritional biochemistry and muscle-immune cells interact to impact this characteristic. Markworth looks at omega-3, polyunsaturated fatty acids and infiltrating blood immune cells to better understand this phenomenon.
Dan Quinn
Daniel Quinn, Assistant Professor, Agronomy. Dr. Quinn began at Purdue in May 2021 as an Extension corn specialist. His research regarding corn and other crops consists primarily of field-scale research conducted at several of the Purdue Agricultural Centers (PACs) and with farmers throughout the state. Quinn also established the website The Kernel, which provides news and information about corn crops as well as up-to-date research findings.
Halis Simsek
Halis Simsek, Assistant Professor, Agricultural and Biological Engineering. Dr. Simsek's research examines systems of waste water treatment, livestock housing, water quality and agricultural waste water management. Utilizing mathematical and numerical modeling, Simsek can better understand the effectiveness of these systems and how they might be improved upon. Prior to joining the ABE department, he was an assistant professor at North Dakota State University.
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